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Chimera was created by Dr. Eggman to be a super weapon able to defeat Sonic and his friends. He managed to escape, however, and now has his own agendas. He was fused with the DNA of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Vector and Espio and posses some of their traits. He is the archenemy of Banzai the Monkey . He is the leader of a band of criminals called Evanidus .


Chimera was once a proud yet solitary lion, one of a pack living in Sunset Safari Zone. He was highly intelligent,

Chimera the Forsaken.png

but weaker than the other lions, and they used to poke fun of him for this. this caused him to become a rather solemn individual, seeking ways to gain more power and respect from his peers. One day, a group of hunters came after his pack. Most of them were killed, others were taken away. Chimera was the only one who had survived the ordeal, by cowardly hiding away and waiting for the hunters to leave. After the incident, he felt terrible, useless and weak. He desperately wanted to save his pack and prove that he wasn't so weak, but he was too scared to do so. He soon left Sunset Safari and traveled along the continent, full of regret and hatred towards humans, until he was kidnapped by Eggman and used as a test subject to create a new line of 'super soldiers.' Eggman had the idea of combing all the special abilities of Sonic and his friends into one being, and that was what Chimera was for. Eggman fused Chimera's DNA with that of Sonic and his friends, hoping that he would inherit their powers. This transformed him from a regular lion into an odd mix of the various animals he was combined with. After putting him through a few tests, Eggman was delighted to see that he exhibited the special abilities he had wanted. Shortly after however, Chimera began to rebel against Eggman, angry for all the inhumane tests he went through, and tried to escape. Eggman managed to capture him though, and seal him away in a capsule, where he would remain for 3 years until he was released accidently by Banzai, whom Eggman had kidnapped for similar reasons. Once he had escaped from the scientist's lair, furious at Eggman and humans in general for locking him away and experimenting on him, and based on his experiences in the past, he decided that humans no longer belonged in the world, in 'his' world. He then conformed to do the one thing most villains always desire: to rule the world. Sometime afterwards, he met Nack the Weasel, and, seeing his skills in combat, saved him from some police that were chasing him. He then confronted him and tried to get him to join his conquest. He only agreed after Chimera told him that he would have immense riches when they ruled the world. Later, their group expanded to 6 members, and, with Chimera as leader, named themselves "Evanidus," meaning 'vanishing' in Latin. Only then did he begin his quest to world domination.


Chimera has some of the abilities of all characters' DNA he possesses. He is quite fast (Sonic), has considerable strength (Knuckles+Vector), Can manipulate chaos energy in the form of energy blasts (Shadow), he is stealthy and can turn invisible for short periods (Espio) and can access people's minds by placing his hand on their head (Silver). His most dangerous ability, however, is Chaos Trance. This comes from the combination of Shadow's chaos powers and Silvers ESP. He can only use this ability once he has access to his target's mind by placing his hand on their head. Once this is done, he can either instill his will into them, making them his mind slave, or force them to suffer vivid illusions which he either creates or causes them to experience their worst fears. The only way to free someone affected by Chaos Trance is to use the power of a chaos emerald, or any other source of chaos energy, to negate the negative energy in there mind. Those who possess chaos within them are not affected unless he has at least 3 chaos emeralds to override their energy. With the power of a chaos emerald, he can cast Chaos Trance on someone as long as they are near him. his range extends with more chaos emeralds He is also quite skilled with a sword. The blade of his sword, Pandemonium, is created entirely out of chaos energy by Chimera, and is able to cut through anything. he forms the blade of the sword by running chaos energy through the hilt. He also has more chaos energy in him than Banzai, and can manipulate it and channel it in many different forms. He can also use Chaos Control to teleport, using his own chaos to extend his range. He can also create weak clones of himself out of chaos, however they disappear after a single hit and only have 1/10 of his strength. If they stray too far from him they disappear as well. Since he creates these clones using his own chaos, creating too many tires him. If he has a chaos emerald, he can use its chaos instead, expanding the number of clones he can create.


Reaper Form

Chimera's Reaper form

In this form, Chimera's hair lengthens greatly and obscures most of his face. He also gains two large, black, bone like wings, and his sword turns completely black and turns into a large scythe. He harnesses the negative energy within him an becomes a grim reaper-like entity. He gained this form when he encountered the grim reaper himself, after he was killed by Super Sonic. However, he managed to trick him into giving him some of his power, the power of death itself, in order to carry out some of the reapers work when he needed to.

Chimera's Scythe

In order to attain this form, he must first release all of his life energy, making it seem as if he is dead. Once this has done, the energy returns to him, now tainted with death, and transforms him into his Reaper Form. The only drawback is that he becomes seriously fatigued when he reverts to normal, and he cannot sustain this form for more than a few hours.


Chimera is a cold and remorseless villain. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, no matter what the cost. He can also be very solitary at times, due to his past experiences. He also seems to be a bit sadistic, and appears to enjoy causing pain to his enemies. He is also highly intelligent and cunning, making him a dangerous foe. He always thinks everything through and almost never loses his cool, unless his plans are on the brink of ruin. He also thinks highly of himself, and considers everyone around him as pawns to be used in his plans.


File:Megaman Zero 4: Fate.. Theme of Vile

This is the theme that plays when he is encountered

File:Main theme: Supporting Me

This theme is Chimera's main theme

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