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This is an article about Chill The Fox, a character created by Legorulez49 on 11/10/2013.


Chill is a white furred fox that wears a standard Russian coat and hat so he will blend in with the crowd. He can blend in the snow when he is not wearing his coat.


Chill has an average personality, he often makes remarks about people and is rude to people he dislikes. He is a good dancer.


Chill was born in Russia on 12/6/97. Chill discovered his powers when he was 5 years old, he did so when he noticed when people always told him he body was always cold to the touch. He further realized this when he was able to freeze water in mere seconds when he was playing outside on the playground at his school. Since then, he never told anybody about his powers other than people he trusts. Today he always hosts an ice sculpting competition every year.


  • Ice Shifting
  • Can freeze anything into solid ice

Special Abilities

Chill is immune to the cold, he can survive absolute zero temperature. He can shift ice and make ice sculptures using his mind.


He generally does not have any special skills, he can camouflage himself into the snow but that's about it.



  • "Chill out, winning isn't everything!"
  • "Next time we meet, I'm gonna break your arms!"


  • "Maybe next time"
  • "Maybe we could have some ice cream later?"


Chill is very, very, VERY weak to heat, he will die if he is exposed to temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. He discovered this when he felt sick when he sat on a radiator in his classroom one time. He is also weak to electricity because high voltage melts ice.