Chihana (血花, literaly, Blood flower) is the 6th head of the Yamata no Orochi and the Head of Poison.


Chihana looks like a young child with long pale lavender hair that ends at her back, pale blue eyes that are slited to look like dragon's eyes, horns on her head and pointed ears. She wears a purople formal kimono with a dark blue obi, tabi socks and sandals.


Like most of the members of the Necks of Orochi, Chihana is very sadistic, evil, cruel and loves to make people suffer. She is mainly seen with a childish grin on her face. Chihana finds her touchering like a game and when her opponent is in pain she would laugh at them. She also giggles after killing her opponents and she often deceives people with her childish appearance.

Chihana also seems to be the most ruthless out of all the members since she will kill without hessitation and when she is bored with her opponent she will kill them quickly or leave them to die. Also she has a habbit of calling everyone by a nic name and example is calling Miles 'Tails' Prower 'Mile-Mile'


Chihana is born from the 6th head of the Yamata no Orochi, it is unknown how long ago she was born.

It is known that at some poin in her life she took the appearance as an ordinary child, using a head band to cover her horns, and going by the name Kaoru. It was at that time that she met and befriended a young Miles 'Tails' Prower. Tails became friends with her and he also introduced her to his parrents Amadeus and Rosemary Prower. Unlike most kids Chihana showed that she trully liked Tails intelligence and she even told him that having two tails shows that he is wise. Both became almost unsepreable and showed to be the best of friends. She even gave him a nickname: Mile-Mile.

But on one fatheful day when night was falling it was revealed that Chihana's intentions were to kill Tails and steal his spirit force before he had awoken his powers. She snuck into his parents house and when she was confronted by Amadeus and Rosemary. Both questioned her why she was here but she asked where was Tails. Rosemary said that he was went with his uncle. Chihana smiled wicketly and she said that it was good that he wasn't here. Then she suddenly stabbed Amadeus from behind with a large claw. It was revealed that Chihana had suddenly gained large dragon wings with sharp claws. She brutally torchered Amadeus cutting him numerous times with her claws that contained a deadly poison. When she grew bored of him she stabbed him in his heart and he died instantly.

Around the same time Tails came back to the house with his uncle only to see the horrific scene of his father's lifeless body and Chihana touchering Rosemary. She drooped Rosemary's body and she turned to Tails with a childish grin on her face. When Tails, horrified and tearful, asked her why she did this Chihana said that it was her job. She told him her real name wasn't Kaoru and that she was sent here to kill Tails and steal his spirit force and eventually find the Kamui. When she was about to kill both Tails and his uncle she was suddenly stopped by a sudden burst of energy that emerged from Tails sub conscious and she had to flee. But she swore that she would return and that next time he won't be so lucky.

Some time later she also attacked Aya, Asami, Ichiro and Takara when they were home alone cause their father had to work late. She threatened them many times and she butally beat Asami and Ichiro. Takara swore that she would protect while holding Aya, and she said that she'd rather lose and arm or a leg than give them up. Chihana grinned and said "That can be arranged'.'

With her large claws she brutaly riped off her left arm and right leg. In a fit of rage Aya unleashed a large blast of spiritual energy that ultimetly forced Chihana to pull back from the sudden force and when Ichiro ponted a gun at her and shot her with a ball of fire she fled the scene.


Chihana is able to form large dragon wings from her back that have large claws that drip a special poison from them that it's proven fatal when made contact. She can also form a mist of poison to paralize her opponent or kill them slowly.

It is also proven that her wings are very poweful and that they can literaly rip limbs from a persons body.



Kankuro (older brother)

Lilith (older sister)







"Hey look its Mile-Mile I haven't seen you in a long time"

"Sorry for deceaving you Mile-Mile but this was a part of my job. O an another thing my real name is Chihana not Kaoru"

"Looks like we get to have some fun!"

"Lets play a little game, the game shows me how long can you live"

"I'm bored with you so you can die now"

"This time I will kill you"

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