Chief Knacku
Cheif Knacku

Current Years and Days
Name Knacku the Hedgehog
Weapons Hammer,Earth
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Chief/King of Kingdom Kon
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 40
  • 210 lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Skin: Tan
  • Eyes: White
  • Gender: Male
Attire [Clothing]
Affiliation(s) Good
Romantic Interest(s) Pocohantas(Wife)
  • Unknown Parents
  • Julia the Hedgehog~Daughter
  • Pocohantas~Wife
Likes His people,kingdom,and family, his powers,fighting
Dislikes Intruders
  • Kingdom Kon
Current Residence
  • Kingdom Kon
Alternative Names
  • Chief,Father,Knacku
Super Form(s)
  • Super Knacku(Used Once)
English Voice Actor
  • Russel Means
Japanese Voice Actor

A behemoth of a hedgehog, Chief Knacku has the strength to take down armies with this strength not to mention the fact that he has geokinesis. He is a very old man and the Chief of Kingdom Kon. He is very protective of his daughter Julia The Hedgehog and defends her with his life (especially after his wife left for unknown reasons).



Early life

At a young age Knacku ran the village as his parents were killed in a war. Knacku raised the village to be strong and fierce which eventually saved them from being taken over.At a young age Knacku's strength was apparent and even then he was feared by all of his peers(and soem adults). Knacku wasn't the average"big dummy" in fact he was very smart. He could get himself out of many situations.Knacku became a general at the age of 15 far surpassing many of his peers. Knacku guided his tribe to victory and was crowned as a greater King than his own father.


A Strong King Leads A Strong Nation

Knacku had taken many of the surrounding villages. And had turned his viallge into a kingdom. He named it Kon(after his father with the same name). So Knacku ruled the feared Kingdom Kon.He was named #2(in a political magizine) as most feared ruler.His Kingdom was voted #10(in a similar magagzine) as the best hidden Kingdom because of there lack of technology, but vast and unscaved unity(and the massive size of his kingdom).


A Soul Touch

While scouting the area for intruders, some guards found a young(around 20) year old female.She was the same age as Knacku(20) Knacku was abotu to kill the intruder when she handed him a flower."Here it was the last remaining flower of your village.It was so beautiful so I couldn't stand for it to be alone.I decided to plant come here each week and plant a few each time and nurture them.It's funny it took your guards that long to spot me.After all i have been doing it for a year." Knacku looked angrily at his guards, but helped the woman up.When he touched her hand he felt something he never felt before as did she.It was love.


A Child

Their love grew more when Knacku was granted a daughter Julia. He wanted Julia to be pampered and have the life he was never abel to have.As a child Knacku had no parents all of the responsibilities and all of the pressure that came with risking his neck every time something happened. He wanted better for Julia. So with that he set out the men, guards, and slaves/workers to build a wall. This wall took 3 years and when Julia was three the walls surrounded the massive kingdom and the jungle. Knacku knew that his daughter was safe.


Like Mother Like Daughter

Knacku was devastated when his wife had ran away from the village.The life he never wanted Julia to have was coming to reality. Knacku sent guards to parameter all areas to make sure no one got in or out. Knacku was even more devastated when he learned that his own daughter had been disobeying the rules. He found her running through the forbidden exitway and stopped her.He told her he would now walk with her wherever she went leading him to meet Sonic.....


Knacku Vs. The Blue Blur



Knacku can come off as cold-hearted especially to enemies and strangers though he only does what he feels is best.He is very smart, but seems to get stressed easily. He also easily gets angry and when he does that he gets illogical. He is very protective and possessive over what is his especially his daughter taking the "his" to a whole nother level. Knacku is very strict and is a serious man never laughing and rarely ever smiling. Knacku has a strong sense of national pride.He believes in freedom for everyone.He is driven to fight for not only his honor and his people but their freedom as well.He is a strong man who never shows emotion(except anger).


Knacku has great strength abel to lift massive boulders with ease. He also caries around a large hammer.It resembles Amy's, except for the fact that it is made of stone(A sledgehammer in other words). he unlike Amy skillfully uses it except for when he is enraged.That is when he will use it like Amy(so it's best not to make him angry).

Knacku also has Geo-kinesis.With this he can lift massive rocks with his mind. So this means he reigns supreme in jungle's or canyons.Though it would appear that Knacku's one physical strength can surpass his ability. This would render his kinetic ability useless except for his shellshock effect move.This allows him to cover specific parts of his body in hard solid rock and use it to deal attacks to the enemy or to guard himself.Knacku can be quite nifty with this and uses to his advantage.


Knacku has a very short temper and when he is angry he can most usually become reckless.This not only is bad for the opponent, but for Knacku himself as his temper usually gets him and his opponent into sticky situations.

Knacku also is extremely slow.This isn't really counted as a handicap though due to Kancku's extreme physical strength.


Knacku's Fighting Theme

Knacku's Theme


"You know what they say is freedom.Take a look at our kingdom we are truly free"

"My people are free because we have self-freedom and our own responsibilities"

"Prosperity will come"

"Your foolish"

"Sonic?What is a Sonic?"

"The bird is free because it isn't tied down neither are we"

"We aren't a nation we are a family"


  • Russell Meansis the voice actor of Knacku.This is the voice of Pocahontas' father.It is ironic because Julia has the voice of Pocahontas andJulia's father has the voice of Pocahontas' father.
  • While Julia is based on Iroquios Indians, Knacku is based on Samoan culture,though Knacku and Julia are obviously of the same culture and ethnicty.
  • Knacku looks very similar to Storm The Albatross


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