Chico the Curryhog is a Mobian hedgehog who is absolutely obsessed with curry. When he is really, really hyper or stressed, his voice adapts (unintentionally) from something everyone understands to a very thick Indian accent which is hard to understand anything but "Currycurrycurrycurrycurry".


Chico is a white hedgehog with orange streaks and a pale orange "mane" like Silver, who wears a white and dark orange t-shirt, orange pants with white trim, orange gloves, a red scarf, bright orange-lensed sunglasses, and orange and white shoes with black laces. His eyes are yellow.


Chico has the ability of Pyrokinesis, which he channels through his mouth, so he can breath fire. The Bhut Jolokia Cannon is his signature move. He is a brilliant cook, but only with types of curry. He also is a good swordsman.


Chico has two swords, which are curved daggers with an emerald hilt and a ruby blade. He can cause them to materialise from hammerspace in the form of fireballs, which form into the twin knives.


Chico is a hyperactive guy, with a really hot temper. He's always either on the battlefield, in the kitchen, or off adventuring somewhere. He's a massive hothead, but he is really nice when you get to know him. Just don't get him angry, or he'll blow up at you.

Forms and Fusions

Super Chico

Chico's standard Super Form.

Hyper Chico

Chico's standard Hyper Form.

Firecracker Chico

Chico's Elemental Form. His white fur turns bright red, and his body sets on fire. Small clouds of steam escape from his ears.

Relationships with Other Characters


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  • Larry Spirani (best friend)


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  • Larry Spirani (rival in cooking)


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