Chica the Hedgehog is an original character created by the user ChicaTH. She's the speed formation of Team Galactica and the pilot of the Extreme Gear "Pyro Arrow".


Chica's body is covered in brown fur, unlike most hedgehogs, her arms and belly aren't of a different colour. She has waist-length brown hair/spikes. She wears a rose on the left side of her head, near her left ear. She has blood red eyes which become bright red when she's doing a lot of pyrokinesis work. She wears a grey and black sleeve-less top, a white skirt with black patches on it and a checkered border, red trousers and white and black shoes with a spades symbol on them. She wears fish-net gloves with a red spyral rose-like symbol on both of them and has two black, shiny bracelets on both of her arms.


Chica is a pretty calm hedgehog with a strong desire for revenge, though she's a little hot-headed and does not tolerate people that complain about anything. When it comes to romance, she's shy and if she has to declare something important, words may not come out of her mouth sometimes. She won't hesitate to fight or use violence or pyrokinesis if needed. She loves to go running through Mobius and ride her Extreme Gear, especially when in a race against the Babylon Rogues. She often studies their abilities to get better.


Chica possesses pyrokinesis, the manipulation of fire through psychic ability. This means that she can generate, manipulate and control fire in all of its forms. For example, she can generate fire from her hands and feet, set something on fire with a gesture, or move a nearby hearth somewhere else. Her power is fundamental for her job.