This is an article about Chiaro the hedgehog, a character created by FroZenHyBrid on 05/8/2013.


Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 18


Vulkan the Hedgehog: Younger brother

Aurum the Hedgehog: Youngest brother



His muzzle is a light shade of tan and has no fuzz on either side. His fur is a snowy-white with blue running along the bottom of his quills and one bang with blue at the tip. His quills are put in a ponytail with at least two running down his back. He also has black fuzz on his chest that covers his shoulders and reaches down to his midsection. This would however, be very hard to notice from the fact that he has clothing from his waist and up.

Speaking of clothing, Chiaro wears a black t-shirt with a purple x in the center, reaching across to the back of the shirt, with two holes for his quills to go through. He wears light blue friction resistant jeans, though he doesn't use his speed often. He has the sheath of a Persian Sabre attached to his jean's belt-loops that he carries his Sabre in. He wears a pair of black and white shoes with blue decorating the rims and soles. His gloves are black all the way to his fingertips, which are a lime-green. He also has silver rings on his shoes and gloves.

Chiaro is also known for having a smile on his face when it comes to most of his friends. And if you noticed his eyes, then you would see that the whites of his eyes are black, with the irises being blue and the pupils being blue.


Chiaro is far more social than his prime counterpart. He likes to make friends and is friendlier than his prime self as well. He is also loyal to his friends and carries a strong distrust of any person that suddenly shows up behind him or claims to have turned over a new leaf. He also sometimes lets his former self show when he needs to find the truth of something. He is also somewhat more humble than Shadow is, usually.


Lux controls the power of Order energy, although he is weaker than shadow in terms of this or chaos power due to his transformation.


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Power Light: His fur turns green, and his rings turn gold. He also assumes his former moniker when he takes this form because "it sounds cooler he is told." His speed and power are increased to that of Super Shadow and his order powers are enhanced to Shadow's chaos power.

Dark: Chiaro's version of Light Shadow, in this form he glows red and can use order mastery(chaos control).

Light: Chiaro's version of Dark shadow: He can use order tempest(siobian version of Chaos blast)


Chiaro is prone to traumatic flashbacks of his experimentation, and can freeze for a certain amount of time. He also has a fear of the dark for some strange reason.


"Just because we are your opposite selves doesn't mean we talk backwards too, I'm talking normal right now stupid."

"*sighs* fine, won yppah era ouy?"

"We don't speak backwards you know, we speak perfectly fine."

"I got this, they really do speak backwards here. Doog gnineve, ym eman si oraihc, tahw si srouy?"

"Shadow take it easy, not all of use have your endurance you know. Well, I do but that's beside the point"


Chiaro's name is Light in Italian, his first official name, Lux was Light in Latin.

He was also called light before it was switched out for Lux.

The term for Chiaro's transformation from a sobian to an advanced life form is based on "The Solaris Project".


Chiaro the hedgehog perfect

Anti-shadow, Sobian anti-shadow

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