Cheryn the Serval is (obviously) a Mobian Serval named Cheryn.

Cheryn the Serval

Biographical Information

Cheryn Chasedire




None on this planet

Alias Cheryn
Romantic Interests
Birthplace Tigeroa
Current Residence (Pending)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Serval
  • Fur: Yellowish w/ black markings/spots and white chest and stomach
  • Eyes: green
  • Height: Above Average
  • Weight: Average
  • Top: Black tank-top covered by a black and purple striped hoodie
  • Bottom: Simple black pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Claws, fists and feet
  • Bastard Sword named Milo

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Super Forms


Physical Description

Like most mobians, Cheryn is covered from head to tail in fur, in her case this fur is patterened the way it is for most of her species: Primarily being yellow with black spots with a white chest/torso and muzzle. Also due to her species, Cheryn's ears are much larger than many a mobian cat's (rivaling the size of a mobain bat's) while her tail is somewhat shorter. Her overall build is long and lanky and she easily stands at 4', making much taller than other mobians.

Cheryn tends to wear a black tanktop and pants, along with a purple and black striped hoodie. Like many of my characters, she does not wear shoes, socks, or gloves.


Cheryn was initially a natural born mobian cheetah from the continent of Tigeroa who also happened to be vampiric (may drink blood to receive benefits). She was incredibly lusty and stalker-ish, having several favorite victims to both feed off of and (for lack of a less harsh term) rape. However, when Tigeroa suddenly became unstable and vanished from the face of mobius she ended up separated from the land of her home. Now stuck on the mainland, she befriended one of the elders of The Forsaken, Charlene, and under her guidance became an incredibly potent fighter and huntress after a handful of months.

It was around this time that she happened upon one of her former favorite targets, Dalton the Cat, whom she had been stalking along the cost when Tigeroa vanished. Because all of her other favorites had vanished along with her home, she became incredibly attached to the guy. Initially, Dalton was completely unable to resist Cheryn, simply not being adept enough in combat to fend her off. His friends were, however, and soon Cheryn found herself unable to get more than a couple mouthfuls from the guy before being torn off him.

Now unable to get at Dalton otherwise, Cheryn turned to her friend and mentor, Charlene, to help her. The Forsaken elder's solution was to make Cheryn a new, more powerful body to allow her to trump Dalton's protectors and use him as she pleased. She did just that for a handful of months, growing more and more attached to him and powerful as time passed. This was not to last, however, as one of Dalton's friends managed to invoke the wrath of Celestial unto her, rendering her entirely mortal and vulnerable.

It was then (after Dalton unexpectedly showed her some compassion) that she revealed she a much more tender and "normal" side. Despite the protests of his friends, Dalton took it upon himself to try and set Cheryn straight, and he managed to do just that with the help of a cat named Aurora, whom ended up becoming romantically involved with the serval.

After roughly a month of being the unofficial girlfriend of Aurora, just when Cheryn was starting to accept her new, non-powered life, Charlene abducted her and locked her away in her crypt for several weeks. Roughly a score of rescue attempts were made to try and retrieve the serval, but none succeeded: Charlene simply wouldn't allow it. Why? Because she figured out a way to defy Celestial and restore a portion of Cheryn's supernatural abilities. While the process itself remains unknown, it is known that Cheryn's status as a pyromancer and aura manipulator was restored and Kautchuk the Serval was created as a result.

It seems Cheryn learned her lesson, as she remains as she was before regaining her abilities in terms of behavior, albeit more confident and willing to take risks again.


(I'm having some troubles accurately describing her personality right now...)


Being a mobian serval has it's advantages over being some other form or mobian cat. Due to their rather large ears, a mobian serval's hearing is strong enough for her to pick up many sounds nobody around her can. Her hearing is so advanced, in fact, that she is able to hear the heartbeats of people up to 25 meters away! On top of unbelievable listening powers, servals have incredible jumping ability; able to jump up to a story high from a standing position and if running (they can run just as well as they can jump) they can reach heights several times that.

Cheryn is also adept in both Pyromancy and aura manipulation, able to spontaneously generate flames, manipulate heat, and even create tangible structures by charging her flames with Aura. She can also use her aura to improve her physical capabilities in a pinch.


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  • Dalton the Cat - Dalton initially couldn't stand Cheryn for what she did him, eventually learning to tolerate her to keep from bodily harm until she lost her powers to Celestial, at which point he took pity on her and took it upon himself to help her adjust to life as a mortal. Nowadays he counts her as one of his friends, and can be seen paling around with her in public.
  • Charlene - Charlene has always been there for Cheryn no matter what, always looking out for her friend and pupil. Cheryn trusts her with her life.\
  • Aurora the Cat - A cat who took interest in Cheryn soon after she lost her powers, which helped the serval adjust to life as a mortal. Cheryn currently is trying to get her to leave her boyfriend so they can "go steady" together.




  • Gale the Bat - Being the womanizer that he is he's already made a couple goes at Cheryn. Each time he gets something broken and each time he's failed.

Romantic Interests

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  • Servals are a rather underdone species on SFW, and none of those that have pages do the species real justice... Until Cheryn's page, that is.
  • Cheryn's been through quite a few stages and renditions, most of which are represented in her current rendition's official history.
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