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Background look.

Cherry the Seedarin lives during the time of Silver the hedgehog. She lives in the busy station square with her care taker Alexsa. As a young seedling her mother, Sharlett left her and disappeared, and no one had know what had happened to her since. She grew up riding air boards and racing with her rivals. One day well racing Cherry took a short cut and accidently ran into Silver the hedehog. She stop and apoligized over and over again, soon losing the race. Few minutes later, black clouds covered the sky. Silver took notice to this and sprung into action, but not until cherry had convinsed him to take her with him to investigate


  • Victo - Little robot mouse, that cherry considers her "pet"
  • Alexsa - Care taker
  • Silver - Travel partner
    Bff by 123shadowlove-d4vsz88-1-

    Cherry with her DA friend Sad Tears

  • Ecla - 2000x great Grandmother/Speed factor of the team
  • Cinder - Power factor of the three seedrains/ Cherrys opposite.
  • Sharlett - Cherrys mother
  • Lina - Old Childhood friend
  • Sad Tears - DA only/Tatakau comics only


  • Nezrabel - One causing trouble
  • Vapor - A blue hawk that she races over and over again
  • Wind - A green squirrel that rides with Vapor, he follows along with vapor and acts like a parrot, repeating what Vapro just said
  • Cinder(first met) - A seedrain in a black suit with claws. She was taken to a laboratory were they experimented on human growth formuals.

Cherry were her sonic riders outfit


Cherry has pink hair that goes down into two spikes. She has a big pink and green bud on the top of her hair, like a pony tail, and two smaller buds on the side of her hair like a normal seedrain. She wears a long orange dress with a grey line going down it. She has a gem on her dress that's a light yellow color. She has green eyes and her skin color is a light pink. When she races on her air board, she wears a gray scarf and shirt n pants.


Cherry is a sweet and caring seedrain, who always looks out for her friends. Shes always up beat and cheerful, except when shes fighting or on an air board, then she gets serious. She loves to draw and read, and learn about the past. But when alone sometimes she crys due to the memory of her mother leaving her.

Bloom Form (Super form)

Full bloom form

Cherrys Bloom Form

Cherrys bloom form is very powerful, but makes her tired really fast. In this form she is able to heal people and battle. Her bud blooms, into a crown shape flower with a green dimand in it. her eyes glow white and she can control light a lot more easer.


"Oh no i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm soooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!" Cherry saying sorry to silver after running him over.

"Well your not much fun ether!" Cherry talking to Cinder after they first met.

"AH WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING!" Cherrys reaction to a dark creature coming out of the ground.

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