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"This is London, baby!"
—Cherie's opening line to her fans on her tour in her home city
Cherie The Fox is a prominent yellow teenage fox with big hair and even bigger dreams of becoming a singer. She
has yellow fur, cream colored skin ears, muzzle and stomach and her hair is long flowing golden blonde ringlets which she keeps styled with hairspray and a rubber band to keep from frizzing. She loves a lot of 80's pop and gets most of her music, fashion and style inspiration from the 1980's. Growing up, she dealt with her fair share of bullying as the other school children found her to be "weird" for acting like she's from another time (the 80's), even though she's just influenced by it.

Both her singing voice and acting portrayal are done by artist Rita Ora.

Biography Edit

To dealing with the bullying, she sought comfort mostly from her singing, either singing power ballads by herself when no one was around to judge her negatively, or sing out loudly in front of an audience full of kids and some of their parents (in her experience, the children and their parents were much far nicer to her than the bullies who were watching at the time trying to sabotage her). Her nickname "Cherry" stems from when people accidentally mispronounce her name "Cherie" and pronounce it "Cherry" instead. Though such confused parties frequently apologized, Cherie thought it was cute and decided to make it as a nickname as to be addressed by her friends which include Sonic and his gang.

She's also a big believer of love and often frequently daydreams of it. Despite not finding any boyfriends of her own in high school, she did have her fair share of crushes (one of which was Knuckles) but kept her crushes to herself for she feared they would be unrequited if revealed to her suitors.

Cherie didn't let doubt stop her and eventually went to become a globally known singing sensation all over the world.

Abusive relationship and confinement Edit

She eventually became someone's girlfriend (a hedgehog by the name of Kent) but the relationship soon soured due to Kent's jealousy over Cherie's growing popularity and music career. At some point did Sonic and his friends noticed something 'off' about the confident Cherie and realize that she was being abused by Kent on a daily basis. Cherie broke down upon her friends discovering the truth and confesses tearfully that although it was wrong for her to stay with someone who hits her, it was harder for her to leave as he threatens to end his life and her life too if she ever tried to walk away. This was hard for Cherie to do as she had attempted to leave many times only to be stopped by Kent who either hired someone to find her and retrieved her back to him or he obtained information from a friend she trusted and tracked her down himself and brought her back.

This devastated Cherie and eventually gave up trying to escape, though that all changed when one of Kent's friends, an echidna named Rhett, came to her rescue. When they first met, Cherie had kept to herself as to avoid Kent's crazy antics while Kent frequently invited his friends over to stay over and party with him (party being an understatement as he had 'problems'). As he welcomed each of his guests with open arms, an echidna named Rhett was one of the invited guests who was greeted by his buddy Kent and immediately taken by surprise by Cherie whom he came to know as the most beautiful fox sitting by herself on the living room couch watching TV. Cherie noticed him too but didn't put much time and effort into such notice of him as she had been warned by her boyfriend Kent earlier "not to do anything stupid and to just mind your own business".

New love and escape Edit

So Cherie stayed confined in her inner shell until Rhett started to hang out with her more instead of Kent and his friends. Over time, the two secretly bonded due to their love of music and pop culture and, even though at first Cherie attempts to rebuff his wanting them to become more than friends, could no longer deny the growing attraction towards one another and shared a forbidden kiss on the couch one night. After that first kiss, the two began an illicit romance together with their time either being spent hanging out in malls, restaurants or movie theaters away from Kent's or sneaking kisses behind Kent's back on the couch watching TV together whenever Kent threw his parties in the basement.

Though the secret would come crashing down on them. One night, one of Kent's friends stumbles into the living room drunk and catches Rhett and Cherie kissing. Caught in the act, the man stumbles drunkingly out of the room while Rhett and Cherie are left with their panic. Cherie started to worry the most when Kent hadn't come out of his basement in three days and feared that he knew and he would be planning something for them. Rhett told her not worry for he had a plan to help her get out of the relationship once and for all. While Rhett contacted his most professional team of bodyguards to help, Cherie had to deal with Kent's friends laughing at her (when they were sober).

One night, Cherie hears a strange noise calling her to the basement and investigates. The next morning, Rhett returns to find Cherie bloodied and beaten beyond remorse.To add salt to the wound, a sticky-note was left imprinted on Cherie's head from Kent, telling the reader that "she's yours, now. Try anything funny, I'll kill you both". Rhett was horrified at what was done to Cherie and sought revenge for her. With Rhett's help, Cherie was taken to his team of specialist for protection where a limo was awaited that would take them both to the nearest airport with their guards standing by. After that, Cherie waited while Rhett went to go settle personal matters with Kent. Upon arrival, Rhett is attacked by Kent and accused of taking what belonged to him. Rhett fired back, telling him that he doesn't love her if all he does is abuse her and this leads to a physical confrontation. Though Rhett tried to stop a smack-down from happening, asking him to step down with the promise that Rhett wouldn't bother him if he just gave Cherie her freedom. She didn't want money. She just wanted out from her relationship with Kent. But Kent refused Rhett's promises and attacks him, causing a fight to battle to ensue in which Rhett easily defeats Kent and leaves the scene. Returning to Cherie's, both lovers hop into the nearest limo and make a run to the airport unaware that Kent was closing in behind them. Despite Kent's attempts to hunt them both down, he is stopped by airport security and Rhett's bodyguards and the two manage to escape on the nearest airplane, flying to a safe destination.

New life, return to touring and singing destiny Edit

After their endeavor, Cherie and Rhett managed to land safely in the Mystic Ruins where she manages to find a safe place in the home of Tail's hut. There, the two stayed for a few weeks whilst Tails trusts them with the help of his best friend Sonic, whom introduced them both to his team of superheroes ("The Sonic Team") and and are taught to train in case of attacks or emergencies. After befriending the heroes, Cherie finds a new home in Station Square where Sonic and his friends live and settles in a nice apartment with Rhett where she feels safe and secure. After things quieted down and got settled in, she slowly returned to her job of being a professional singer and sang in various public locations and toured regularly. Eventually she, with the help of Rhett and finding inspiration from her scary close encounter, choose to volunteer and sing for the local sick inner-city children and patients affected with various illnesses and decided to help even more by benefiting her concert and that every profit would go to those affected by illness. After her scary endeavor, Cherie realized that despite her struggles, she still prevailed and with the help of others, made it to the top and became the singer she destined to be. 

Appearance Edit

Both her singing voice and acting portrayal are done by Rita Ora. Her style outfit includes a denim jacket, rock-band T-shirt, necklaces, shredded jeans, boots and an few bracelets. And her trademark beauty tip is her red lipstick which she always wears. Though she loves going make-up free, she admits to feeling "naked" without her lipstick.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Unnamed mother

Unnamed father

Rhett the Echidna (boyfriend)

Unnamed/unborn child via Rhett

Friends Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog (friend/teammate)

Knuckles the Echidna (teammate)

Romance Edit

Knuckles the Echidna (first crush)

Kent the Dog (ex-boyfriend)

Rhett the Echidna (boyfriend)

Enemies Edit

Kent the Dog (abusive ex-boyfriend)

Kent's posse

Theme song Edit

Rita Ora - Your Song (Official Lyric Video)

Rita Ora - Your Song (Official Lyric Video)

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