" If I go silent, I'm working on something. Don't interrupt me while I'm working!"

Chell is the older sister of Akiza the Wolf and an inventor.


Chell new
Age Physical: 17

Chronological: 18

Gender Female
Species Wolf
Description N/A
Attire Grey sweater, black pants with orange loops, white sneakers, white gloves
Relatives Akiza the Wolf, unnamed parents
Affiliations None
Nicknames Mcguyver
Quotes See the bottom of the page
Romantic Interests None
Weaponry A giant monkey wrench, metal gauntlets
Abilities Above average intelligence,
Super Forms None


Chell grew up in Glacier Plains with her sister, Akiza. At the age of thirteen, the town had ran out of toys for the children, so Chell took on her self to make more. After successfully making a least thirty toys for the kids, she had decided to wok on something bigger. Because of her skill with building things, her parents had asked her if she could fix their dishwasher. After fixing it, she began repairing other peoples appliances. Because of her success, she again went on to bigger and greater things. She had begun to start working on a robots, albeit unsuccessfully. Because of her failure, she had tried making more other things such as metal gauntlets, and other mechanical apparel. After Akiza had left Glacier Plains, Chell had went of to collage to take a course in robotics. After two years in collage, she graduated from her class. She returned home to work on the robot that she had started three years ago. To this day, she is still trying to make that robot.


Chell is very confident in her abilities, and is quick to accept a challenge. She also has an eternal fascination with cubes, and even owns a cube with hearts all over it. When ever she's working on something, she goes quiet, and she won't answer any one who talks to her until she is finished. She never gives up, no matter the cost. She is happy to ponder the solution to a problem in quiet solitude. Chell has a great respect for others inventions, and will often ask if she can improve on them. She takes great pride in her inventions, and will often brag that her inventions are better than everybody else's. Chell can be random at times, and that has lead to quite a few arguments with Blizzard.


Chell, like her sister, is slender and agile, made for hunting. Chell has light brown fur and on her tail, she has a large patch of white fur. Her hair is a silky black, tied up in a ponytail, and hanging loose at the same time. Her muzzle is white, and her eyes are green.


Chell doesn't have a preference for any particular type of clothing, just wearing ' what ever's on the top of the pile'. Chell wears a grey sweater, and simple white gloves. She wears simple white boots, with most of the boots being hidden under her, baggy, black jogging pants.

Powers and abilities

Chell is an average person, not having a notable amount of abilities. However, the abilities she does have are useful. For starters, she has an above average intelligence, and can think of the answer to a question almost instantly. She is also able to hold and carry a giant monkey wrench, and swing it considerable force. She is also able to build things out of almost nothing, a trait that has given her the nickname " McGuyver"


Chell doesn't have many weaknesses, but she does have a few. One is that she has no super speed. Also, she gets stressed easily, and she doesn't know how to calm herself down. And, whenever she has her giant monkey wrench out, it's quite heavy, so she can't move at full speed.


Chell owns a pair of metal gauntlets, allowing her to throw punches with great force. She also owns a giant monkey wrench, and is quite deadly in her hands. Her monkey wrench is quite powerful, being able to smash a concrete wall with little effort. Also, in the mouth of the wrench, she has a hidden rocket launcher in there. That rocket launcher is also capable of firing someone hedgehog sized put in there. When the hedgehog or other species is fired, they are fired with such force that it creates a small explosion where the projectile landed.

Character Relations

Akiza the Wolf

Akiza and Chell get along very well, having grown up together. Chell knows that Akiza looks up to her, and often asks her to help out in her workshop. Whenever Akiza gets depressed, Chell is always there to cheer her up.

Matoro"Blizzard" the Hedgehog

Chell and Blizzard get along nicely. Chell enjoys Blizzards jokes, and is more than willing to help him. However, Blizzard, at times, has gotten on Chell's nerves, often ending with Blizzard running away, or him getting a giant monkey wrench to the head. All in all, the two work well together.


  • " The think bone is connected to the.... Umm... Whats the think bone connected to again?"
  • " Building building building building...."
  • " Gotta move that gear up!"
  • " Some times you need a little less wrench"




None at this time.


None at this time.


  • Chell is based on Chell from the Portal series.c
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