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This is an article about Checkers the Husky, a character adopted by Detective SkullWolf on 08/9/2014. The character was originally created by HauntedAlchemist on 02/22/2014.

Checkers is a 17-year-old silver husky who currently is still in high school. She lives part-time in two different households. Her hobbies include photography and sewing.


Checkers is a white, silver-ish husky. She has bright violet eyes and a white muzzle. Her usual type of attire is a rather windblown type of style. Her casual outfit consists of a formal white shirt, a coat buttoned up halfway, and a black-and-white checkered tie, along with a pair of ear buds for music (normally hidden). She wears jeans and checkered vans. She also wears bracelets with checker patterns. She can occasionally be seen wearing a black fedora hat with a checkered ribbon.


Although her attire can appear rather formal, Checkers prefers everything to be comfortable and simple. Her personality is very ambitious and enthusiastic, although she doesn't make many friends. She's very laid back, and tends to put things to the last minute, unless it is something that she holds dear to such as sewing or working for the school newspaper. One of the most hyperactive students (who doesn't seem to enjoy her time at the school), Checkers doesn't enjoy sitting around for long, resulting in her making up excuses and other things. She also has the tendency to fall asleep when she's bored for long periods of time. Or, what's known as another lecture from a teacher.


Early Life and the Birth of a Nickname

Hayden Eblizz was born in Magnet City by a rather poor family that could not afford another child. As a result, she was regrettably put into an orphanage not long after being brought into the world. While the children around her acted miserable, she was relatively content during her time at the orphanage. Despite being so young, she would often help take care of the other children, even the ones older than her.

When she was seven, she started making clothes for herself and the children. In order to save money on yarn and string while keeping the clothes from looking completely bland, she would use black and white colors in a checker pattern. This is how she got the name "Checkers". 

Adopted at Last

Her sewing skills was what caught the attention of Belle and Maxine Whitecliff, a model and fashion designer who were looking to adopt a child. Checkers was quickly singled out as their choice. Finally, at the age of nine, she had a mother and...mother.

Checkers's new home was in Pryden City, a place that held its classical ways dear to its heart. Having two mothers was a rather unique and odd experience for her, but she found that it was not so difficult to get used to. She spent her time sewing with her new parents and marveling as they did their work. Checkers still stuck with her simple checker design, as it had become a sort of identity for her. She also began going to school, though she would occasionally get teased about having two mothers. The teasing stopped when fellow classmates started asking her to sew them clothing as well, causing her to be highly admired for her skill.

Taking it to the Courts

One of the highlights of Checkers's childhood occurred at the age of fourteen when her real family decided to dig their way back into her life. Her mother, father, and older brother had finally managed to get out of debt. Now that they were financially stable, they decided that they wanted their youngest daughter back. The parents, Glen and Nora Eblizz, took Belle and Maxine to court over the custody of Checkers.

The situation quickly turned into a stalemate as the court was unable to decide who to side with. Both families were financially stable and able to properly take care of children, so there was not necessarily a correct person to give Checkers's custody. This would go on for several days until the court decided to ask Checkers's opinion on the matter. She turned out to be completely torn on the matter. While she wanted to get the chance know her real parents and sibling, she loved her adoptive mothers and did not want to leave them.

A few days later, the court came to a compromise: Checkers would go back with the Whitecliff family that day but would periodically move between families as long as both were capable of making sure she was able to keep up with her education. Although there was some small quarrels on this decision, it was agreed upon.

Mythological Encounter

When Checkers switched over to Magnet City to temporarily live with her original family for the first time, they decided to celebrate the reunion by going on a vacation at Crystal Mountain in the southern half of Acorsain. She got to know her family more and enjoyed skiing during the time she spent there. During the return trip, Checkers and her family saw an extraordinary sight as they passed by Blackview Valley: a rainbow-colored dragon. Although it was only for a couple of seconds and the family wasn't sure if they had actually seen it, Checkers was mesmerized from the experience and would remember it forever.

After returning from vacation, Checkers began obsessing over the dragon she had saw, despite the rest of her family believing that it was a mirage. She constantly brought it up in discussions, much to her family's irritation. This continued even after she eventually moved back to the Whitecliff household.


Checkers has a fear of heights and small spaces. Since she hardly ever studies, she has very limited knowledge of anything, including chemistry (best to keep her away from radioactive elements...). She also tends to have short-term memory loss (it is unknown if she fakes it or not).

Relationship with Other Characters


Lisanna the Bat

Thursday the Wolf


  • Checker's birthday is March 7, making her a Pisces.
  • Checkers most definitely does not possess a scythe and any image of her that contradicts this statement is completely inaccurate.


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