Chasm Hallows is the fifth stage in Team Babylon's story in the game Sonic Shockwave Riders.


Following the path of the beam, Team Babylon arrives at the mysterious Hollow Caves. Once they enter it they are unable to reach the Shockwave Key as it is located at the bottom of the cave. A thick layer of mist unables the team to reach the ground with their blimp so Jet and Storm dive into the mist as Wave awaits inside the blimp.


The course is slightly different than all other stages in the game as the player starts of skydiving instead of starting from a finish line while running. While falling, the player does not have a clear view because of a think layer of mist. As he passes inside the mist there are platforms and rocky roads in which the player finally lands. Once the player has landed, there is a rocky path high above the water which leads to a ramp. The player makes his way through the ramp and into a complex series of more caves. After the small caves the player ends up in a wooden platform with a mine pump. After that, the player makes a big jump and lands at the walls of the caves where he is lead back on top of the cave. There are several bridges made out of rock and small paths the player can enter depending on the type.


In the race, the player can choose up to 2 characters. There are a total of 12 racers in the track: Jet, Wave, Storm, Ancient Rider α, Ancient Rider β, Ancient Rider γ, Ancient Rider δ, Ancient Rider ε, Ancient Rider ζ, Ancient Rider η, Ancient Rider θ, Ancient Rider ι. There are ancient robots made out of rock racing along with the player despite that they are not in the story. The mission of the player is to reach their destination on time and place first or second or third.

Mission Reach the finish line under 2:35 minutes and place first or second.
Characters Jet or Storm


  • This is the only stage where the player starts off falling instead of running through the finish line.
  • The race takes place inside a huge cave.

    The bridge and mine cart.

  • The Ancient Riders do not appear in the story mode. However, they can be seen as statues in the background of cutscenes.
  • Name of the cave is Hollow Caves.
  • While falling in the beginning, you can slightly see the blimp above you. Again during the end, while racing on the walls you can clearly see the blimp floating at the top of the cave.
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