Chase the Wolf is an anthropomorphic wolf. His fur is white/gray with black stripes on his arms and legs. He has sharp teeth, blue eyes, long ears and has white/gray pulled back hair with black stripes. He wears long brown bands with black metal endings on his arms. He wears black boats with a blue stripe on top. He also has a white/gray bushy tail with a black end.


Much of Chase's personality is covered up by his intense focus to put Melvin behind bars. He is usually a nice guy but he can come off as not very caring as he rushes off from the slightest mention of whatever Melvin is up to. Though he has been shown to be able to put Melvin aside during extreme scenarios. He doesn't like to see anyone gets hurt so he tries his best to keep his friends from helping him fight Melvin.

When in a fight Chase often tries to think analytically about it, hoping to come up with a strategy to win since brute force is rarely enough. He can lose his cool doending on his foe’s ideology causing him to be more aggressive.

Chase also gets nervous during large social events, especially when suddenly thrown into them. He also sometimes has trouble explaining big ideas, not to say he is dumb he just can’t always find the right words for it.

If Melvin ever got put in jail some people would think Chase was a different person. He would be more laid back, wouldn't blow off meetups, probably wouldn't be on the move all the time.

Overall Chase the Wolf is a nice heroic guy who would do anything to protect his friends but he takes his mission a lot too seriously.


Chase the Wolf and Melvin were both trained by the same master for many years about how to use Rings in more advanced ways. Melvin learned how to absorb more types of energy and ended up going crazy for power. He ran off to acquire more power and cause chaos. Chase made a promise to his master to put a stop to him and he has been hunting Melvin ever since.

Over time the two fought a lot, sometimes Melvin won sometimes Chase did and sometimes no one did. Eventually, Melvin would be put in jail by G.U.N. and Chase would get a chance to relax and meet friends. Including Lily the Bat Her brother and Rhyme the Cat at the station square Suburb. Sometime later Chase would learn that Melvin had escaped prison, and he would begin chasing him again.

One night Chase would be walking through emerald town when he collapsed suddenly. He would wake up in the morning on the outskirts of the town with a mysterious ring. He would continue his search for Melvin when he is confronted by Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower claiming he stole the Mystic Ring from Tails' house. But before they could get anywhere Melvin would attack the three.

During the fight, Chase would use the mystic form for the first time. Melvin would end up leaving the fight, Sonic and Tails would then decide to let Chase keep the Mystic Ring since he can do more with it then they can.


  • Ring Blast: He focuses his ring energy into his palm causing the black circles on his palms to glow gold and spark. the power is released as a strong beam attack
  • Dual Ring Blast: He cups his hands together and fires a much stronger much more costly blast.
  • Ring Hold: He uses his foes rings against forcing them to stay in place. The target can break out of the hold and it is easier to break out of the less rings the target has.
  • Static Release: Takes the static electricity that he builds up from running and from the air around him and channels it into his attacks.
  • Mystic Ring: The Mystic ring is a powerful item that Chase has. He can use its power in case of emergencies
    • Mystic Form: When using the power of mystic ring Chase gets a golden aura, the black strips on his arms, legs, and hair turn to gold. His hair stands up in three points and a gold circle appears on his forehead. In this state his speed, strength and durability increase. The exact time and how much stronger he gets depends on how much the mystic ring has charged usually it last a few minutes and though the power is great it's nothing to a chaos emerald.
      • Mystic Ring Blast: The strongest version of the ring blast Chase while mystic puts his hands together then a large ring appears around his hands and energy begins forming in his cupped hands. Then it suddenly burst out into a strong beam. this usually takes most of the mystic power so Chase has to be really sure he doesn't miss.


As a Wolf, Chase holds the many abilities that one would expect a wolf to have. He has a great sense of hearing even for a "mobian." He also had great night vision and a great sense of smell. With these abilities, Chase can hunt his foes effectively.


  • 1..2..3: a basic left punch, right punch kick combo.
  • Slash claw: He uses his claws to slash the opponent in a five-hit combo.
  • Endless jab: As a speed type he can send out a continuous stream of jabs to overwhelm the opponent he usually ends it with a strong knockback attack.
  • Rising Axe: He puts one leg back then swings it straight up over his head for a powerful hit.
  • Cross Nightmare: a devastating combination of punches, kicks, and slashes usually used against a strong opponent.
  • focus counter: Chase enters a fighting stance and closes his eyes. He allows his other senses to take over and react to enemy attacks and counter. This even helps with faster foes but there is an upper limit to it (ie. Sonic and co)


Chase has two weaknesses. One: his strong attacks use ring energy so the more he fights the easier it is to knock him to zero rings. Which leaves him with little defense like everyone else. Though unlike his counterpart he can still fight and doesn't become feral.

His second weakness is a bit different. As long as Melvin is free, Chase almost always focuses on nothing other than locking him away. Which can cause some issues with friends or cause him to jump into ambushes or traps set by others.

Appearances in

Canon roleplays

Christmas Party 2017(RP) - It was the holiday season and Chase was in town, He found a flyer to this party and decided to go. (too bad this never finished.)


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