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It is almost Christmas in Station Square, the snow is falling lights are shining, the Christmas spirit is rising. The adventurer Chase the Wolf has came to celibate with his friends. Hopefully nothing will go wrong.

Included Characters

Chase the Wolf An adventurer returning to his friends for the holiday.

Lily the Bat An young girl that aspires to become an adventurer

Ash the Bat The brother of Lily and friend of Chase and Rhyme

Rhyme the Cat The friend of Lily,ash, and Chase.

Chapter one Holi Joli Holiday

It was a few days before Christmas. Snow was falling across Station Square, Christmas lights were strung all over the city, and you didn’t need to know how to sense energy to feel the Christmas spirit. In the station square suburbs a white/grey wolf with black boots, brown bracelet, a blue scar, and Santa hat walked down the sidewalk. He walked to a two story house with a set of Christmas lights though not the fanciest setup it still worked.

He walked down the path to its front door, but before he could knock it opened by itself. Behind the door was young bat girl in a blue dress and black shorts.

“yesss Chase it’s you come in, come in!” She exclaimed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him inside.

“It’s good to see you as you Lily.” Chase said as he put his hat and scarf on the stand to the left of the door. As the two walked from the door to the living room they heard another person run down stairs.

“Hey good to see you again.” An teenage male bat in a green shirt with shoes that that would work well for an Extreme Gear said.

” it’s great to see you Ash as well.” Chase said. The three then went to the living room, Chase and Ash sat in the couch while Lily took the nearby Bean bag chair.

“So is Rhyme coming over today?” Chase asked.

“She should be coming over at around noon.” Ash responded.

“Oh man that’s 4 hours from now.. how about in the mean time we do this.” Chase said while revealing some photo. “I got them printed before coming over this time.” He continued.

“Ohhh I’ll get the Scrap book.” Lily said while running back up stairs.

“Wait shouldn’t you give those as Christmas present?” Ash asked his friend.

“Oh it’s ok by this point I don’t think these really count as present, plus I got her sone thing better.” Chase responded.

Lily returned downstairs with the Scrap book with a skip in her step in a spark in her eye. She sat back down on the bean bag chair and flipped the pages past any pictures that were previously placed into it.

“Alright let’s start with this one.” Chased said while holding up a photo.

A few hours later

Lily and Ash were upstairs tsking the photos off of Chase’s camera while he was laying on the couch down stairs. Chase‘s ear twitched as he heard someone walk up the path. He quickly zipped to the peep hole to see who it was, it was the mailman holding an rather large package. Chase opened the door and signed for the package.

A Good thing I made it here in time it would’ve been awkward if Ash or Lily got to this first. Chase thought as he took the package inside. Chase quicky grabbed a marker and blacked out where the package came from so to not ruin the surprise. He next placed the package against the wall next to the living room Christmas tree.

Of course before Before he could he could sit back down he heard another set of food steps outside. He looked out again and saw it was a red cat with a dark red jacket it and headphones it was his friend Rhyme the Cat. He opened the door to let her in.

“It’s been awhile hasn’t it Rhyme.” Chase said, letting her in.

“yeah I guess it has huh.” Rhyme responded as chill as usual. Ash and Lily came back down stairs and saw Rhyme had arrive.

“Hey Rhyme, now that you the whole gang is here should we go out?” Ash asked.

“Yes!” The group said in Unison.


  • The writer of this story had this idea floating around since Christmas 2017
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