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Cquote1 I've never shot a person, never even pointed a weapon at a person. What makes you think I can do it just because a G.U.N agent is bossing me around, hm? Cquote2
Charlotte to Agent Lawson when they first meet.



Born into a wealthy family, Charlotte Prowler lived a happy and almost free childhood. Her father, Adrian Prowler, was, and still is, the owner of his own weapons company, Prowler Armaments. The company provides weapons to armed forces all over the world, with the Guardian Units of Nations being their most frequent client. Due to this, Charlotte spent a lot of he free time in her later childhood shooting small firearms at targets, under her father's supervision of course. After a while, her aim began to improve significantly and eventually, the targets had to be moved to a completely different part of their private land so that they could get enough range. By the age of 14, her father had taught her how to shoot a target one-hundred yards away with just a standard-issue Prowler manufactured pistol. When she was 15, her father finally allowed her to use more weaponry. She tried assault rifles, sub-machine guns, machine pistols and carbine rifles, but found that she couldn't easily control the quick increase of the recoil. She then tried a designated marksman rifle, or DMR. Unlike the automatic weapons, she found that she was more comfortable with it. DMRs being semi-automatic meant that she could aim again with ease after firing. Despite her extensive use of weapons, during this time, Charlotte had never shot anyone, only targets, which is something she considered an achievement.

Recent History

Conscription and The Darkness

I will write this once the RP is complete.


Physical Appearance

Standing at roughly 4'5", Charlotte is of a relatively average height. Her fur is mostly a golden blonde, with the exception of her muzzle, which is white. Her eyes are green and her hair is a mix of brown and ginger, being more ginger towards the tips of her. Her tail, like the majority of her fur, is golden blonde, but becomes more brown towards the end.


Like most girls her age, Charlotte's wardrobe changes a lot. Some days she likes dresses and on others, she prefers jeans and a t-shirt. On a more lazy day, she usually wears her pajamas, but one theme always shines through and that is the colour blue. Most of her clothes are blue and she has them in many different shades.


Charlotte was raised well. She is polite and quite well-mannered. The lioness is just generally a really kind person and is really easy to get along with, if you treat her with the respect that she treats you with. To those that are rude to her, she confronts them and questions the reasons for their actions. When it comes to violence, Charlotte dislikes it and is often scared to practice her shooting if someone is nearby.


Despite her young age, Charlotte is incredibly accurate with pistols and designated marksman rifles. She has trained a lot with these weapons and can accurately and easily hit moving targets at 25 metres away. Apart from her brilliant accuracy, she doesn't have many other special skills. One smaller, but still notable skill is the fact that she can endure somewhat long periods of running.


  • Smartphone - Useful for games and texting.



  • Adrian Prowler - The two of them have a very strong father-daughter relationship and are almost inseparable.
  • Unnamed Mother - Like, her father, she also has a strong relationship with her mother too. She is Charlotte's best friend.


  • Cecile - The maid to the Prowler residence has bonded quite well with the young lioness and the two are quite close friends.


  • Agent Jacob Lawson - Being a part of the shadiest division of G.U.N means that Charlotte can never fully trust Jacob.
  • Astrid the Fox - This mysterious vixen has yet to show whether or not she wishes to befriend Charlotte.


  • Moordenaar - Having destroyed numerous locations around the globe, Charlotte despises the magical being.
  • Spectre - Spectre's insane personality scares Charlotte.


Cquote1 So, explain why I am here. I have no combat ability, no kinetic ability and haven't even finished school yet.

You're young. The younger you are, the more easier you are to train. And besides, I've heard that you're already a decent shot.

Against metal cut-outs. I've never shot a person, never even pointed a weapon person. What makes you think I can do it just because a G.U.N agent is bossing me around, hm? Cquote2

A conversation between Agent Lawson and Charlotte.



  • Originally, Charlotte was going to be based off of Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos, but that quickly changed. The only thing that remains of the original planning for this character is her name and her French accent.
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