This is an article about Charlotte the Arctic Hare, the fursona of  DestinyHeart created on 03/26/13.

"You mess with my family or friends you mess with me! Don't ever think it's gonna go down easy. This mom here can fight! ~Charlotte M.


Physical Apperance

Since she is an Artic Hare her fur alternates between the seasons. Her fur is mostly white with black spots throughout the year,. She likes to wear dresses in order to sell off her products at her store. The dresses are mostly pink, orange, white, and light blue. She has bangs that reach just below her eyes and are in three parts. She sometimes pulls her bangs back into one part while in a ponytail. Charlotte is usually wearing her hair down past her shoulders. Her ears are folded downwards and her fur changes three times a year with the seasons. Her fur is white during the winter, white and spotted during the fall and spring, and completley black during the summer. In the fall and the spring her fur is mostly white with a few black spots. During the spring the white eventually completley disapears. In the fall the black completley disapears. Then in the summer her fur is completly black and in the winter her fur is completly white to blend in with the snow.

Clothing and Accesories

     She wears glasses sometimes for show and not because of sight issues. She wears athletic shoes for running or going on strolls through forests. She also enjoys wearing high heals in the summer times for formal wear. Otherwise she mostly sticks to althetic and weather resistant shoes. She also wears a necklace around her neck that is gold and coin shaped. The coin has her name written on it with the year she was born and her father and mother's signatures engraved in it too. The necklace was given to her by her parents when she was very young. The necklace is the only thing she has left of her parents since her house had burned down and her sister and the necklace were the only things she carried out. She also has started to wear more athletic wear like jeans, sweat pants, and sometimes a hoody after rennovating her clothing shop into a formal and athletic fashion store.  


She is an outgoing, fun, and courageous bunny looking for something new everyday. She loves making fancy dresses for herself and her buddy Luce the Angelfox.She also is very helpful in everything she does. No matter what the challenge she'll be there.She never bores people with her creative stories and fun games. Looking for something exciting to do, ask Charlotte. Trust me she is the girl fo you. She does try to kill herself often, but luce or flames stop her. She is always attempting suicide and cutting herself so she has many scars, but lives on for Flames. She is guilty about not tellin anyone about Harriet except Luce, but when she tells Flames she fells better and lets her do things on her own more often. She has a curious spirt and is also quite tough for a sweet looking bunny. When it comes to defense she doesn't back down until its over. She is willing to risk everything, even her life for her friends and family members.

Charlotte can be a very cautious when making new friends and assess each individual excessively before knowing who to trust. This is partially because of her past when Darth and Dr.Knackburn attacked, but is also because of her isolative parents when she was a young child. She is also easily scarred by blood and gore because of her past as well. Small cuts and bruises unaffect her, but she can faint or have severe reactions like flashbacks, gag reflects, and even passing out. In back she is serious and focused. Her targets are carefully assessed with her sharp hearing and smell. She is also is a fun and playful hare at heart though when it comes to fun and games. She is also a loving mother of twins. After pregnancy she became somewhat careless about anything, but her children and Flames. She was a bit moody during this team because of some mood swings, but was otherwise the same and still the caring and a fun person especially after pregnancy. She enjoys making little toys out of wood, making frames for family photos, and other small crafts to do in her free time. Wood working and crafts are her stress reliever. She currently is also enjoying nature walks and strolls with or without her family for peace.


Early Life

She lived with her parents until she was eight, which is when they died, and then later moved and lived with Luce. She was homeschooled until she arrived at Luce's house. Charlotte was sent to school because Lucinda was too busy to homeschool everyone in the household. She was raisied with her sister Harriet with the help of Luce the Angelfox. She went to Luce's house because of a bombing caused by two sinister villians. Their names were Dr.Knackburn and Darth. She was told by her parents to take her sister and run to her Luce's house. Luce was the closest of Charlotte's parents friends who could almost be called family. They didn't visit Luce as often as they had when Charlotte was a very young toddler, but still had made several phone calls, Luce the Angelfox was left to take care of her siblings and now, Harriet, and Charlotte because of Dr.Knackburn and Darth's dark deads. Harriet was not discovered until later on by anyone except Charlotte and Luce. Only Luce knew about Harriet at first because of an agreement with Charlotte. Harriet was raised in special room in Lucinda's house until further notice from Charlotte.

Middle Life

Once Charlotte reached age 13 and a half, Luce found her a job as an apprientance to a dress designer. The designer died four years after Charlotte met her because of a strange life threatening heart condition, so because of this Charlotte took her place. Most of the money earned by Charlotte was used to support Luce's family. Charlotte enjoyed the peace and quiet life she currently had. She was content with working and eating soup, As long as everoyone was safe she was happy. Charlotte eventually fell in love with Flames one night after many nights of abusing him and teasing him. She eventually felt and deep sadness in her heart for Flames and talked to him about some memories and tough times in their lives. This created a bond between the two that night and Flames and Charlotte became a happy couple. Charlotte became engaged to Flames later on when the two were eating dinner together. He unexpectedly asked her to marry him and Charlotte answered with a happy and joyful yes. They eventualy had their wedding with a few friends gathered together to celebrate. They are happily married and picked out an apartment after an incident with Twilight and Ash. Using the money they earned from their jobs they bought an apratment near by the demolished site of Luce's old house.

Current Life

After settling down they decided they wanted a child. After awhile Charlotte  and Flames found out that Charlotte was pregnant with twins that were born on September 26th. One was a female hybrid hedgehare named Ember. The other one was a male hedgehog named Cyanide. They took them home in Luce's car and because of her exhaustion Charlotte fell asleep while Flames took care of the children for her. Luce naturally became the babysitter for them so they could go and get dinner or to just get out of the house together. They are taking care of their kids and helping them grow healthy and smart. Charlotte has been able to get back to work with Flames being able to take care of the kids more often than usual. She also hired co-owner so that she could be gone for longer periods of time to be in her kids lives. Before hiring a co-owner she completley tore down and restarted her clothing shop over to not only sell dresses, but athletic and casual wear. This increased the amount of income she was receving immenselyso she could  be home with the kids and Flames. She has also been reuniting with old friends because of her more frequent free time.


====Florokinetics ====

Charlotte has the power of Florokinetics. Nothing is known about how she got this power except some think that it came from her parents, but nothing is confirmed. Florokinetics is the ability to create plants from energy. This ability may be very helpful in both daily life and fighting enemies. However, this power drains her energy quickly, but not for long periods of time. As she has gotten older though she has been able to control the power more easily to lose less energy to make this power extremly useful. 

Wood Working

She is a very talented wood worker and is constantly making creations out of wood. She was taught to do this by her father Daniel who owned and worked at a wood shop. He taught her how to use a chisel and many other different tools to give the wood finished touches. However, he died and could not give her complete lessons so she had to learn some techniques on her own. She uses her wood working skills to survive and as  simple decorations and furniture aroun her new cozy apartment. 


She uses her sewing skills to sow and design dresses, casual,  and athletic wear at her store that was originally owned my an old horse Mobian who died when Charlotte was 17. She originally learned basic sewing skills from her mother, but also learned most of the sewing she uses today from the old horse who she was being the apprentice of at the time.

Knife Wielder

She only uses her knife as protection, but is very skilled in its throwing and battling techniques. She keeps it well hidden in her clothes, but close at hand for a quick reach and swipe at the gut of an enemy. She uses quick chin and back cuts to wound the enemy at first, but can kill the enemy if needed with one swipe to the throat or heart.


====Family ====

Harriet the Arctic Hare

Harriet is Charlotte's sister and best friend. They have been through lots of tough times together and have pulled through them as a team. Charlotte is constantly trying to help her find someone to love since Harriet is too shy to do so.

Brittany the Arctic Hare(Dead)

Brittany was always the type of mother who loved to teach and handle kids. Charlotte got to learn many thins from her mother. Brittany was actually Charlotte's first sewing teacher besides her mentor at the dress store.

Daniel the Arctic Hare(Dead)

Daniel, being Charlotte's father, was constantly trying to interest Charlotte into sports and construction, but when all of this failed he found one evening that Charlotte seemed to be a very good wood worker. Daniel gave her a pocket knife and gave her some basic lessons and over time she got better and better.

Flames the Hedgehog (Spop120's Character)

Charlotte has known Flames throughout her childhood and was always constantly playing with him. She constantly teased him about his past. When she later found out all the details about his past, she began to feel comfortable talking to him about her past. They created a deep bond and Charlotte never wanted to let him go. They are married and have two kids named Ember and Cyanide. Charlotte is very happy and proud of Flames and loves him just the way he is now.

Ember the Hedgehare

Ember is the daughter of Charlotte and was recently born in the past few months.

Cyanide the Hedehog

Cyanide is the son of Charlotte and was recently born in the past few months along with his twin sister, Ember.


Luce the Angelfox (Spop120's Character)

Charlotte is very good friends with Luce. In fact, based on what all they have been through she considers Luce apart of her family. Luce was always someone Charlotte could go to talk stuff through about. Luce also took very good care of here and all of here siblings a the same time. Charlotte was very impressed by Luce.

Twilight the Lycalo (True-Lycalo's Character)

Charlotte is good friends with Twilight. She is very supportive of him and Luce being together. She talks to him often and thinks he is a nice and friendly fellow.

Peggy the Fennec Fox (Spop120's Character)

Charlotte doesn't talk to her much, but thinks that she is a wonderful 13 year old with a kind heart. She also got Peggy and Harriet to become friends after several fights.

Neiva the Foxwolf (Spop120's Character)

Charlotte loves this little foxwolf. She is super cute and friendly. She loves giving her piggy backs and little belly pokes.

Love Interests

Flames the Hedgehog (Spop120's Character)

Charlotte is happily married to a wonderful and gentle hedgehog who she vows to be with forever.


Bliss the Angel Chao 

Charlotte's beloved Angel Chao.


 Holding Grudges    

One of her weaknessses is talking about what she doesn't have or holding grudges. For example, talking about her parents makes her power limited. She can't use it till she gets ahold of herself and can function correctly. She can  get angry or sad about it depending on the situation. If she gets depressed she will completley shut down and won't be able to regain her wits for awhile. If she becomes mad her power reaches chaotic forms that she cannot control. Charlotte's grudges are hard for her to let go and control her temper with. She treies her best, but when a memory is triggeed there is no stopping Charlotte and you just need to let her cool down for a bit.


She is also weakened by fire. Florokinetics is useless against Pyrokinetics. Most of the time though Charlotte seems to have no weakness as a fun and happy young adult. Flames is very considerate of her weaknesses and helps her out whenever possible because of his Pyrokinetics. Charlotte also tries to assist and help Flames become less inflicted by water and tries to help him whenever needed.

Blood and Guts Reaction

Her final known weakness is of her reaction towards blood, gore, or guts. If its a small cut or a minor wound she can handle it, but if someone is majorly injured and is gushing out blood or has spilled guts she will do one of three things depending on the severity. She either passes out and goes pale at the sight of it, has flashbacks of her parents death, or is frozen and unable to move because of the shock. In some situations she may just have a minor gag reflex and will be fine afterwards.


Stat Stat 1-10
Attack 4
Defense 9
Speed 8
Power/Strength 4
Evasivness 7
Skill 4
Intelligence 5
Accuracy 5


Synchro Stone

The peach synchro stone helps Charlotte breathe without air for ten times longer than normal whether under water or in high altitudes. She always carries it with her. 

Traditonal Pocket Knife

She will only use it for extreme cases only, but is always with her and she is very skillful with it. Her father gave it to her when she was rather young. He also how to use it with wood working and fighting skills.


Clarity - Zedd (Lyrics) HD

Clarity - Zedd (Lyrics) HD

Charlotte's Theme


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