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Charles is a purple and black wolf. While his base fur color is purple, he has random streaks of black along his arms, legs, chest, and back. Charles' eyes are a light blue color. He was a white, furry muzzle. Charles has a small nose. A very notable detail about Charles is his hair style. Charles has messy, spiked hair and a ponytail combo. This is a very notable characteristic. Often referred to as "the purple wolf with the ponytail", Charles has taken pride in his hair, often getting upset when others touch it, especially women.

Charles the Wolf's outfit.

Charles wears a closed, black pea-coat with a white t-shirt under it. He wears black dress pants with black and white boat shoes. Along with his outfit, he wears a light brown scarf that covers his mouth, giving him his signature lightly muffled voice.

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Charles is a generally quiet guy. Calm, cool, and collected is what he is often described as. Charles has always been shy as a kid, but as he grew up, he learned to be more confident in himself. Charles is a known to be a killjoy, not interested in playing games or watching sports. He'd rather read a book. As an avid reader, he reads about 3-4 hours a day. When disturbed, he usually yells at the trespasser.

Although Charles seems like a boring guy, he is actually quite fun if you're close to him. Charles likes to discuss books, news, movies, nature, and even stories from his job. Charles enjoys hanging out with his friends, regardless of what he's doing. When Charles is with close friends, he's more of an enjoyable person. He sometimes cracks a joke, but it's rare.He cares about the people he loves deeply, not letting anything happen to them going unsolved. Charles will comfort his friends through pain and then find whoever hurt them and scold them, or even fight if necessary.

Although Charles is a lover, not a fighter, he can and will fight if needed. Harnessing the power of electricity, fire, and excellent swordsmanship, Chalres can defend himself as well as others. In his combative state, Charles is serious and focused. Charles is known for his tendency to stay silent through fights, even when egged on to talk by friends or foes. He's downright too engaged in the fight to say anything. If he were to say anything, it'd be something he'd say to help a friend or ask for help.

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Charles Calvin Spring was born March 28th, 1998 in Rosedell City. His mother, Hannah Marie Spring, birthed him naturally. This was due to her family's tradition of having the first born sons naturally. His father, Derek Cameron Spring, was against the tradition originally because he hated seeing his life in pain. When Charles was born, he didn't cry. This was a surprise to his parents, as he had never seen such a thing. Another odd thing the flame he created after reaching his hand out. His father, being a electrokinetic, was very confused. His mother was scared, thinking he would hurt himself. However, Charles was able to control his power at a young age.

As a toddler, Charles was very quiet. His father thought Charles was mute and was doubting if his son would ever talk. His mother had an idea. She began to read to him. But not children's books, but famous novels like Moby Dick and Of Mice and Men. This helped Charles learn more words and build a vocabulary. He finally said his first word at age 4, "fire". This both excited and confused his parents. But they were happy nonetheless.

At age 5, Charles' father enrolled him into Rosedell Elementary School. He was quite young, but he was smart enough to be accepted. Charles excelled in kindergarten, almost being moved up to first grade. When Charles neared the end of his first year of schooling, he also figured out how to control his pyrokinesis almost flawlessly. He never demonstrated his abilities in school, his father prohibiting him from doing so.

In first grade, Charles began to show signs of social awkwardness. While most kids would play on the playground, talk with each other, or play games and sports, Charles would sit by himself and draw pictures in the dirt with a stick. He would be nervous to talk and often cry when put on the spot to talk in class. Charles was taken to see a professional to check for autism. It was confirmed that he in fact did not have autism, but he was just socially awkward and shy.

Entering second grade, Charles began to open up more. Meeting another fellow wolf, Alexander Frostflame, Charles felt comfortable at school for once. As Alexander was a class clown, Charles gained more confidence as people wanted to talk to him along with Alexander. Charles started to enjoy school more.

During the rest of his elementary school years, Charles had fun. He made some more friends and enjoyed himself overall. This changed over the break leading to middle school. Charles began to talk less and less and turned to reading for fun. Most of his friends left his side, but not Alexander. Alexander just talked to Charles whenever he could.

Charles, now 12, attended Riverside Middle School and faced a new challenge; bullying. Charles was bullied by Ricky Blackpaw, a black bear eight grader who ruled the school. Charles started off getting verbally bullied for reading a lot and occasionally wearing his reading glasses. Charles told his parents, but nothing they told him to do worked. Charles simply decided to live with this. But one day Charles was pushed to his breaking point. One day after school while waiting for a ride home, Charles was confronted by Ricky and his goons. Ricky was popping off at the mouth while Charles sat there and ignored him. Not getting a reaction, Ricky slapped Charles. Really, really hard. Reacting to the slap, Charles pushed Ricky, resulting in getting punched in the stomach. After catching his breath and wiping his tears, Charles fought back. He swung a Ricky, breaking his hand on Ricky's face. The punch stunned Ricky enough for Charles to realize what happened. Charles was suspended for 5 days, but was not punished by his parents. When Charles returned to school, he made a name for himself.

After finishing middle school, Charles moved out of Rosedell and to Stoneview City. Charles attended Stoneview Institute of Gifts, a high school for those that have special abilities, powers, and skills. His father enrolled him here because of the incident at Riverside Middle School. Charles originally hated this, but grew to like it a bit. In his junior year, Alexander the Wolf transferred because of a fight he had at his high school. The two were reunited and finished high school together. Charles graduated valedictorian.

After high school, Charles moved back to Rosedell and moved in with Alexander. Because of Rosedell's small size, Charles opened his own bookstore because of his love to read. He opened the store with the help of the principal of Rosedell Middle School. As of now, Charles lives in an apartment with Alexander in Rosedell and the two live together as best friends happily.

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Charles can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.


Charles can also create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the Charles control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism

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Pyrokinetic/Electrokinetic Healing

Being a pryokinetic and electrokinetic, Charles can heal himself from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries like broken bones and gashes. To do so, Charles must be given ample time to heal (around 5-15 minutes). If attacked, he must begin again. This often leaves him vulnerable, as he usually drops to a knee to heal. When Charles heals pyrokinetically, he glows a faint orange color while he blows cyan using electrokinesis. With electrokinesis, he needs some sort of electric source (i.e., a cell phone, a power generator, batteries, etc.).

Pyrokinetic/Electrokinetic Movement

Charles can move faster was running with pyrokinesis and electrokinesis. With pyrokinesis, Charles usually gets a running start then jumps, aiming his palms at the ground to expel flames from his hands to lift himself into the air and propel himself forward, backward, or side-to-side. His biggest disadvantage to this ability is that anyone below him is in danger of being burned

With electrokinesis, Charles will need a conductor (i.e., metals, water, etc.) to move at peak speed. On a conductive surface, he slides his feet as if he were ice skating. His biggest disadvantage is that is electrokinesis runs out of energy faster than his pyrokinesis.


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Charles, being able to control electricity and fire, cannot thrive with water or ground/rock attacks. When in contact with water, his fore attacks are weakened or even useless. When attacking those who control ground/rocks, his electric and fire powers are not very effective at all.

Aside from fighting limitations, Charles cannot handle the sight of his own blood. He can see others' blood just fine, but his own freaks him out. This is only in a calm state however. When he is fighting, he usually will not flip out. Charles also cannot handle deaths of loved ones. He will be an emotional wreck for weeks to months depending on different factors.

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