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Charles the Hare

Charles Fortress Hare is a fourteen-year old male brown Mobian hare that is gifted with an advanced intellect. He is a supporting character in Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Considered teenage prodigy because of his supernatural capabilities and knowledge, he strives to wrought the fastest aircraft inside his dimension because of a promise he made to someone during his childhood.

Charles Fortress the Hare by Lolcraft98

Charles is the son of an unnamed couple of hares. Introduced in the series as a timid and unmotivated mechanic, he was sought by Team Prinus and the Guardian Units of Nations to assist them in ending the Robotnik Military Squadron with his insight and aeronautic designs.

Timid and optimistic to a fault, Charles' intelligence, even though a great ability, isolated him from other people his age in his childhood. However, because he now has a decent amount of people he is willing trust, he is gradually becoming less timid himself.

Character © to Chamesthehero/Lolcraft98/ProLuxray. In order of the usernames on Sonic Fanon Wiki, deviantART, and YouTube, respectively.

Physical Description

Charles Fortress Hare is a brown hare that has average-height and has white-colored skin. As a normal hare, his body is mostly covered in brown fur, however, his trunk is covered in white fur. His snout and them skin inside his ears contain a white color as well. This brown hare also has a small hare tail. Charles contains long ears and a dark brown nose. Like a normal member of his race, he has three toes on each foot. This hare has amber-colored eyes that resemble the resin with the same name. Charles has large bangs on his head with the same shade of brown as his fur color. Though his bangs were originally downwards, Charles eventually began to brush it sideways to his left. A small part of his hair stick out to the right. Since he burns calories by thinking a lot, Charles retains a thin body. 

Charles' main attire is fairly simple and straight-forward: it consists of a short-sleeved polo shirt that has yellow and blue stripes. He also wears blue pants and white shoes that contain a yellow tips. He also wears white gloves and small red glasses that displays the time, the weather, and the internet; it is activated using voice control. In truth, his simple clothing are made from a substance that is resistant to electricity and fire. Charles also has a rubber arm band on his arm that is covered by his shirt. Once triggered when the hare exclaims "Activate! Juggernaut Blaze!", Charles radiates a fierce circular amber-colored aura around him. When the intense aura subdues, his alternative attire is shown to be instantly materialized on his person. This alternative attire is explained inside some sections below.


Charles Fortress Hare is an intellectual, optimistic, and withdrawn hare that strives his hardest in the things he is genuinely interested in. Using his intellect for the common good and inspired by the promise made inside his childhood, his goal is to create the fastest aircraft inside his dimension. 

Charles the Hare (Concept Art)

Extremely candid, due to him seldom leaving his neighborhood when young, he is can be described as an empty-headed academic. Easily flustered and tense whenever around females and strange large groups of people, he is very timid.

Charles is docile and very friendly, and was shown to take great interest in mechanics. He seems to care much about the ones who are nice to him on their own accord and was shown to pull courageous stunts to protect them from danger.

Throughout the series, Charles' psyche underwent emotional development. Unconsciously psychologically tormenting himself due to social isolation for years, when becoming friends with others that did not shun him because of his intelligence, he became much more lively, confident, and more trusting of others.

Although, he believes in his sense of justice, he is prone to being manipulated due to his naivete. Mellow, he can be seen as a coward that is afraid of getting hurt physically and emotionally. Although this hare barely as social skills, he has no qualms having conversations with those he is able to relate to, such as other introverts. This timid hare believes the world would be better if people attempted to understand one another's feelings.


Charles Fortress Hare was born to a high-class hare couple inside the famous Central City on the northern continent of Mobius, Eurish. His family, even though not famous, were important business men that were executives of an economically powerful aeronautic company. Ever since he was little, the small hare showed a learning prowess far more advanced than any of his peers; at age two, Charles was already able to read large books and solve algebraic equations without troubles.

Charles was a very observant child that had the ability to learn the things he witnessed from the world around him with little difficulty. Even though he was considered to be a genius, his parents never told anyone about his amazing intellect because they did not have the time to do so. They were extremely busy with their company's projects and had little time to spend with their single son even since he was little.

Because of this lack of parental guiding and the belief that he was not that important to his parents, even though smart enough to handle himself, the four-year old never developed confidence in himself and began to show a timid nature since then.

The five-year old hare then began creating small remote control airplanes using the technology contained inside his small and simple toys to pass time and play around his neighborhood alone. Charles also loved to read large books, and because of his intelligence, he was able to read them extremely fast and store the information contained inside them with ease.

Even at a young age, Charles was very knowledgeable about the world around him. Despite the advantages of his genius, its biggest flaw was the consequence of other people being jealous of the hare and begin to shun and avoid him, including other adults and children. Charles did not care much, though; even though they would not see him often, the five-year old hare had the small hope that at least his parents were at his side.

An honest mistake.

Aware that the brown hare was smart enough to handle himself on his own because of his intellect despite his young age and because of the company's demanding trips, Charles' parents had to take the radical decision of leaving their five-year old son behind inside their house while they were away for very important business trips for six months at a time: trips so important that they had to leave their own son behind.

To make sure their son would be able to live alone, they would send him money weekly through mail so he would be able to pay to keep his house and buy his necessities. Also, considering he was smart, they knew Charles would be able to maintain his daily routine despite their absence.

Charles, even though he was at shock at first, quickly adopted this new routine; since he never was able talk to his parents and had to take care of himself alone anyway, it was not much of a difference.

New Life


Cosmic Love - Piano Version (Rosario Vampire OST)

The background music that plays during Charles' days of solitude.

The young hare named Charles took care of himself alone without much troubles. He would buy his food at the local market, often being questioned how could he do these sort of things alone since he was young, and craft new machines inside his house. Of course, he could not ignore this intense melancholy that haunted him during these days when he was alone inside his house.

In a peaceful evening, while looking through his window to watch the sunset behind the window's glass that kept him from going outside while feeling sad, he looked at a small bird that began to take off and proceed to soar through the sky.

The speed of the small bird and apparent freedom that distanced it from the world below it was something that amazed Charles in various ways. The hare promised himself that day that he would too fly past the clouds in speeds greater than anyone else and leave the harsh reality that he resided in; releasing himself from all troubles and hardships to have a sense of liberty and freedom.

Because of his excellence in preschool, he was so smart his school, acknowledging his talents, gave him full scholarship until he graduated from high school; one problem out of the way for the young hare. The now six-year old Charles progressed in his academics with ease. He was optimistic and certain that elementary school would be his chance to make friends, something he never had.

Another honest mistake.

Truth be told, even though his grades made him the valedictorian of his whole school, Charles never gained enough credit for them; it was only another reason for his peers to shun and avoid him. Like stated before, the main flaw of his abilities was the consequence that made people jealous of Charles' natural gifts, so it was applied inside school quite harshly.

Along with their jealousy, The brown hare never did interact with other people before since his parents would rarely take him out of his house, thus leaving him without proper social skills and an huge insecurity because of his fear of being rejected by other people. As a consequence, his attempts to make companions always resulted in situations where people would avoid him even more.

His teachers were very proud of him because of his skills and often gave him various academic awards, but none of the people his age even bothered to befriend him or give him a chance. Charles never felt the warmth that was what it was like to truthfully have someone on his side; someone that would accept him for who he was. He never wanted to create this gap that isolated him from other people.

Since he was that ahead of his class with the studies, knowing that he could only come back to school when there were exams, and sure he would never find any allies, the now seven-year old hare began to ditch class and save his precious time to come up with stupendous creations that would show himself some sense of self-worth and prove to himself that his intelligence was a good thing.

However, since all up until now his intelligence was proven to be nothing but a nuisance for others, all he needed now was the motivation to spur on.

The Fateful Encounter

Seven-year old Charles strolled down his small neighborhood called Springbird Woods in the hopes to think of something that would then lead him to create something new; and he wanted to create something special.

Looking down to the video-game console that he held on his hands, however, he alone walked down inside his neighborhood's streets as the other children around him would run and play together in groups. From the outside, he just looked like a silent small child looking down at his handheld device.

However, looking closer, it would be revealed that Charles' mind, as a matter of fact, was processing countless thoughts and ideas at the same time as he played his game; he was absorbing the information his game and analyzing it deeply and thoroughly inside his brain. Countless strategies and methods for reaching its best conclusions were being formed at incalculable speeds.  

From the looks of it, he looked like he was having fun. The hare's eyes were shown as if they were owned by someone that was completely detached from reality and, most importantly, his surroundings.  

That was when it happened.  

Because he was careless to his surroundings, the seven-year old hare suddenly bumped with his head against another person and fell down to the ground along with his game and the other person. Charles was hurt and was in awe that his game froze when it collided with the ground; he had not reached a save point.  

Confused in who he bumped with, he looked forward and saw the person that he bumped: a maize-colored lioness cub about his age with a long pink hair that had two small strings of hair sticking out from the top of her head. She was wearing a yellow bow on the back of her head and wore glasses that did not hide her beautiful red-colored eyes. Charles thought she was a very pretty girl. 

When their eyes met, Charles looked away timidly and asked for forgiveness for bumping into her. The lioness, massaging her head because of the impact, responded that it was alright and forgave him. When Charles was looking for his game console that fell down to the floor, he noticed that the other person's belongings were scattered as well; belongings that were inside a small box: a certain type of box that you would normally expect from people that were moving from one house to another.  

Curious, the seven-year old brown hare picked up his game, mustered all of his courage to speak and looked at her eyes, saying that he never saw her around these parts before. 

The female cub flinched when he looked at her eyes and looked away timidly, answering that she just moved to this small neighborhood and was taking her things to her new house, though she got lost; from her manner of speech, Charles concluded that she must have troubles communicating with others as well.

Since he could relate to her, he somehow gathered the courage to state that, since he knew these parts well, he could take her to her given address. The seven-year old lioness did not even know what to say in response, but smiled brightly. She gave him the address she needed to go, a small paper that she held on her hands.

Charles inspected the paper and his mind exploded with thoughts; she was going to live right next to him. In response, he shivered in nervousness; he questioned this sort of development since this kind of coincidence apparently just happened in games.

The lioness noticed his nervousness and asked him what was wrong. Not knowing how to react, Charles simply responded that it was nothing and that they should get going already. Trying to imitate the gentlemen found in his books, the hare told her that he could attempt to hold the large boxes for her.

They walked together silently, without speaking a word; possibly because they were too shy to talk to each other. Alternatively, the lioness was humming a soothing tune. She looked like she was having fun.

When they reached her house, the lioness smiled and thanked him. Blushing somewhat, Charles tried to look her in the eyes but instinctively looked away, responding that it was nothing. The maize-colored lioness giggled, telling him that he is pretty weird himself.

Charles sighed in response, telling her that he does get that a lot. She also told him her name, in the hopes that she could make a friend herself as well. After all, Caramel the Lioness was new to the neighborhood and barely had any other friends in her former town.

Caught off-guard and blushing, Charles introduced himself while stuttering. He could not believe something of this sort was happening; he questioned this warmth he felt when he talked to her.

To show her gratitude for Charles since he had helped her, with a somewhat timid expression, Caramel invited Charles to her house for them to drink some soda together. The hare was surprised at the invite since it was the first time he was ever invited for anything outside academics.

Seeing that she was nervous and awkward as much as he was, he was reluctant to answer her but accepted her invite. Caramel's timid expression became a wide smile as her eyes widened; she grabbed his hand and ran with him towards her house. Since she was faster than him, Charles kept telling her to wait as he was being dragged along. Their eventual friendship began to grow from there.

Ever since the hare's visit at the lioness' house for the first time, Caramel considered Charles to be a friend and decided to begin to play with him everyday ever since.

The Springtime of Youth

Pc child prodigy by azure crystal-d88y1ee.png

Although the hare was somewhat felt awkward and saw her as an annoyance for having someone that would often visit his house to play with him every single day after her class, eventually ruining the time he had to work on his projects, he was growing fond of the lioness more than he would like to admit.

Charles was somewhat stoic and quiet while with her at first, timid to interact with her, but soon began to soften up to her cheerful and bright nature.

Sometimes, Caramel asked Charles to come outside and play with him in the neighborhood's park. He was hesitant to leave his comfort zone at first, but since the lioness would insist every day, he eventually began to gave it an attempt. Since the results of these experiences were not as bad as he originally thought, he began to trust the lioness more and began treating her like a best friend; she was indeed his only friend.  

However, little did Charles know, but it was the same the other way around. Since they were relatable in one way or another, they were able to create an unshatterable bond that they were too shy to admit it themselves. 

One day, while the couple with glasses were at the park, Caramel asked Charles to play tag with her. The hare accepted the challenge, even though he was slower than a turtle and had a very low stamina. For the first time, he was not scared of talking to her and having fun while outside, as long as he had his friend at his side.

The warmth he received when talking to her was overwhelming and this hare liked it; it was a nice cozy feeling that he was never granted before: happiness. It made him worry less about life and make him think that maybe the world has a chance to redeem itself from its vices. 


Pokemon BW - N's Farewell (Remastered)

Background music that intensifies during Charles and Caramel's times at the Springtime of Youth!

While failing miserably at catching Caramel in the game, they both wandered so far deep inside the park that they found a small pond inside the tall trees that surrounded this little part of the park, the so-called Springtime of Youth, a pond that is famous for having an immense tree coming out from its center; one of Charles' pastimes was to discover and solve the mystery behind the creation of this tree.

As Caramel was still relatively new to the neighborhood as these events occurred, she was amazed by the size of it and asked her friend Charles about it. The hare, being the "walking encyclopedia" that he was, told his friend that it was called The Walker's Bloom, named after the Ancient Walkers from the past.

He explained that its creation and its ability to stand within its location is a mystery to the entire planet. He completed his speech stating that promises made while near this tree are said to last forever, though he says it is just an urban legend. Excited and curious, the lioness grabbed Charles' hand said to him that they should make a promise themselves. The hare blushed and instinctively withdrew his hand, exclaiming that such legend cannot be proven and was most likely fake.

Caramel got closer to the hare's face and looked him in the eyes, telling him while giggling softly that there was only one way to find out. Charles' face got red as a tomato due to her distance as he gently pushed her away, exclaiming that, since he had no choice, he would do so.

Swearing upon the massive tree that rose from the small pond that glow because of the sunshine that passed through the tree's leaves, Caramel, knowing about her friend's goal of creating the fastest aircraft, made the hare swear that he would work his hardest to make his dreams come true, on the condition that she herself needed to work on her own dreams too.

The Boundary Between Dreams and Reality

Sooner or later, gaining her trust and sympathy, Caramel began to open herself more to Charles. With this, she would often tell him some of her ambitions and dreams for the future that she cherished ever since she was even younger: her goals of becoming a famous super music idol.

Charles never expected such dream from her and requested her to sing for him to see if she was that good. That was when the lioness began to sing a soothing song that spread across the streets of Springbird Woods; it was a harmonic melody that made most people that were walking by simply stop and listen to it.

When done and when she was going to ask Charles how did her performance went, Charles was found sleeping. In distress, the lioness woke him up and asked him when did he began sleeping.

Being candid, Charles responded that he fell asleep because the tune was somewhat boring to him; for someone that only listened to video-game soundtracks, even though he thought it sounded nice, the Caramel's song made him somewhat bored and sleepy.

Frustrated and conflicted, Caramel left his house while angered, exclaiming that she would come back the day after with better singing skills and that she would show him the true potential of her voice and songs. Charles was confused and did not know what he did wrong.

Then, a cycle began to happen within the next few weeks: Caramel, instead of playing with Charles, started to come to his small house to prove her worth as a singer to him: little did the hare know, but he was one of the few people that did not acknowledge the lioness in one of the few attributes she prided herself in.

While every single time Charles was bored out of his mind and did not acknowledge her like she deserved, Caramel would come back every day with better skills, to the point of making everyone inside the neighborhood wonder if the anti-social hare hired a professional singer to perform for him inside his house.

Eventually, upon reaching her limit, Caramel started to become discouraged. The lioness, after performing for him one last time and turned down once again, remained true to her words and said that she would come back the day after with better skills; the tiredness of her speech, however, was apparent to many.

Truth to be told, Charles was utterly impressed on how fast she was able to hone their skills in a matter of weeks; after all, it was not a skill that he could use his power on and make himself learn. All he needed, however, was courage to tell her his true opinion.

While Caramel was inside her school and Charles was inside his house, the hare began to wonder the reason she tried so hard to be acknowledged but could not begin to understand his best friend's true emotions, or rather, true problems. Charles gazed through his windows to watch the sun go down while attempting to analyze his friend's personality.

While doing that, he hummed the tune that Caramel composed and sang for him during these last couple of weeks. For someone that enjoyed technological themes, that song began to reach him and make him feel refreshed; maybe it was the music's original goal all along. Like promised, Caramel came to his house some time after to perform for him.

While Charles was going to get the door and greet her, he could not notice that he continued to hum the song the lioness kept singing to him before. When he opened the door and met up with her, the lioness was overjoyed; she overheard his humming.

She exclaimed that her plan worked and that her song did manage to reach him. The hare, caught off-guard, just spit the truth, telling her that her tune was beautifully sung, though he was not aware of her plan. Caramel explained that one of her dreams, in combination with hers that included her being a singing sensation, is to reach other people with her voice and emotions through her songs.

Astonished while trying to find a proper reasoning behind her actions and the reason she worked so hard because of him, the hare asked the maize-colored lioness the reason she tried so hard in order gain the acknowledgement from someone like himself: a freak. Caramel screamed at him saying that that was not true at all because Charles was the most extraordinary, trusting, amazing and kind person she ever met.

The moment the lioness exclaimed that, a moment of silence rose as the now two timid eight-year old children both looked to the ground in embarrassment, both blushing intensely.

Charles' mind began to become hazy and unclear while his heart beat fast; feelings he never knew before emerged from the depths of his heart: the warmth he mentioned earlier became more and more clear to him, but he was too embarrassed to acknowledge it. During this moment of silence, he wanted to say something, anything, to the lioness to break this awkward silence, but could not because of his timidness.

Breaking the silence between the two children, still looking down to the ground and hiding her blushing face using one of her palms, she handed him another small ticket while shaking a little: a ticket for the annual talent show that was going to take place within a few days. Caramel asked Charles in a shrinkingly manner if he would come to see her perform in that event.

The hare, taking the ticket and analyzing it while still not looking at Caramel, responded that of course he would be there for her. After this, the lioness' eyes widened while she giggled; she fled his house soon after and did not return in the next days for particular reasons.

The Proof of One's Worth

The big day came soon after. The annual talent show that was held within Central City was an event that everyone would come and participate because of their own personal reasons; reasons varied from fun to gain an extreme amount of recognition from the entire planet that watched the show, leading to a promising career in the future. Contestants needed to be seven-years old and higher to participate.

Charles never went to these sort of events since it was always too crowded and was afraid of getting lost; after all, he was young, small, and frail. But, driven with the desire to see his friend once again, he mustered all the courage he had to see her perform live in front of countless of other people.

The hare named Charles was feeling nervous because he was surrounded with other people much bigger than him, but since he came all the way from inside his room to the center of Central City, he needed to toughen up and support Caramel no matter what.

During this period of time that the lioness did not visit him inside his house, he felt even more alone than he ever was; he constantly denied the idea of having fallen for his best friend, but his emotions began to take the better of this intellectual hare and began to contradict his words.

Regardless of what he thought at the moment, he was there and was about to see the lioness perform. He admired her courage and did not know how she could keep up with that kind of pressure being so young and somewhat timid; though something felt incredibly off due to that. He could not see her since she was inside the back-stage along with other contestants, so he did not know what things might be going through her head. Then again, all he needed was to watch and wait for her; he was over-thinking things.


Pokémon Black and White- Ending Theme EXTENDED - HD -

The background tune that intensified as Central City's annual talent show began!

The annual talent show started with tons of people showing off their talents to impress the judges and the live audience in front of them.

Considering this event was famous and watched by the entire world, telling them that an extreme amount of courage would be necessary to go into that stage would be, without a doubt, not an exaggeration.

While some Mobians displayed their animal-like abilities and skills to impress others, most humans used their musical talent as well. Caramel was going to be one of the last contestants and the single Mobian that have a live musical performance.

Meanwhile, while waiting, even though he saw some of the other contestants perform, he was playing his video-games the whole time to wait for his friend since he was bored out of his mind; the other contestants were great, but none would exceed Charles' expectations even though he did acknowledge that Caramel's competition would be tough for the lioness. He eagerly awaited to see her sing one of the songs she composed while inside his house.

The time has come for the lioness to shine and the judges called Caramel to the stage to show her talent. As they called her, no one responded or came upon the main stage from behind the curtains.

A great moment of silence ensued.

Charles, confused at first, was able to understand the situation as he mentioned it earlier; the idea of Caramel, a timid lioness, being able to fearlessly perform for the entire planet sounded fishy to him.

In distraught and not wasting any time, he clicked a button of his wristwatch to instantly teleport to the back-stage to know what was going on.

Inside the back-stage, he looked around the contestants to find his friend to no avail; everyone else in the crew was looking for her as well. Using his ears to hear better than most, he was able to hear her sobbing and find her curled up behind some curtains, crying.

Charles was astonished because he never saw his friend crying so much and asked her what was up with her. Caramel responded that she thought she was able to do it: to perform and show the world what she was capable of, to reach out for her dreams, but just could not. Charles wanted to say something to her, but was held back by his timidness, making him tremble in response.

The lioness continued talking, begging him to take her out of there and let her sing for him inside his house exclusively for her best friend and stop trying to be someone that she is not.

With that, the hare snapped; he could not just take it anymore. Looking into her beautiful red eyes and mustering all the courage he had, he placed his hands on her shoulders and exclaimed:

Cquote1.png No way! This kind of development is wrong! Listen, you are amazingly talented and has the skill needed to make people happy with just your voice, so don't go back on your promise to make your dreams come true now! You are sweet and kind, but there's no way that I'd want to keep you all by myself; you deserve much more than that. You need to go out there... and make that scary audience like and admire you the same way you made me. I... I believe in you!!! Cquote2.png
Charles' speech to make Caramel cheer up and perform for the entire world in the talent show.

Caramel's widened as the hare withdrew his hands from her shoulders; she had no idea her stoic and timid friend was able to react in a such cool manner. Charles' heart was pumping faster than it ever did before, but the same reaction came from the lioness herself.

Caramel, after hearing such motivating speech, blushed intensely as she looked at her friend's amber-colored eyes; she felt a warmth inside her. She wiped off her tears with the gloves she wore, and told the hare that she would give her all in her performance.

And so, Caramel won the competition by singing one of her songs she composed herself. She received overwhelming feedback from the judges and the entire world that watched the show.

The Darkest Hour

Few days later, the eight-year old Charles and Caramel continued to hang out inside Charles' house. This time, however, Caramel was somewhat more timid than usual when talking with the hare, always blushing and responding in a low voice; after that turn of events, she looked at Charles in another manner.

The hare never seemed to grasp the reason Caramel was acting that way and never felt the need to ask her himself. Caramel also seemed less cheerful and somewhat down, but Charles thought that it was something minor that he should not be worried about since it would pass quickly.

After a casual day of helping Charles in his inventions, playing and singing for him, like usual, Caramel told him that she needed to go to her house since it was past nine o'clock in the afternoon. Charles simply waved her goodbye, telling her that he hoped to play with her tomorrow once more.

Caramel, with some tears leaking from her ruby-colored eyes, she took a final glance at the brown-colored hare and trembled, running away. Charles, surprised since it was not often that a cheerful girl like her cried that much, was going to ask her what was up with her crying but she was already gone. Ever since the talent show, Caramel was not acting like she used to.

Another full day had passed and there was still no sign of Caramel. Charles was confused and wondered the reason his friend would be that late for hanging out at his house. The hare wondered if it was something mean that he spoke to her. Feeling somewhat upset that his friend would not come, he figured that it was because the lioness was sad. Charles, as a friend, thought he had the duty to cheer Caramel up.

Since he had no clue how to do that so he looked at one of his books to find ideas. He read that girls liked flowers, so the thing he needed to do was to go to the market and buy some.

That day was colder than usual: the wind breeze slowly tapped upon Charles' white cheeks and the sky was filled with grey clouds; not a ray of sunlight touched the ground that evening. Leaving his house confident that his plan would work, Charles went to the local market just outside the local neighborhood.

Wondering in what kind of flower he should buy, he remembered that, since Caramel's eyes were red, he should give something of that same color to her; he read that somewhere in his books. Awkwardly, he bought some red flowers and decided to head straight to Caramel's house to give them to the lioness.


Mirai Nikki - Here With You

The background tune that plays when Charles goes to Caramel's house to give her flowers.

Upon walking down the streets of his neighborhood alone with the flowers he held, he looked at the small houses that were around him.

Since the day was apparently going to have a thunderstorm, everyone inside the neighborhood were secure inside their shelter. The cold temperature did not bother Charles, however; he had felt much worse things despite being so young.

Ever since Caramel came to his house, these feelings of melancholy began to disappear. He knew that, as along as they were friends, nothing was impossible. Every time the innocent and cheerful lioness greeted Charles like she used to do, she was saving him.

When reaching her house, Charles waited outside, ringing the doorbell while trembling; it was something he never thought he would do in his life, after all. He read everything he could to shrug off his timid nature, how to behave in situations like this, and analyzed almost all possible outcomes of Caramel's reaction when receiving the flowers. However, a strange uneasiness rose from Charles' heart and it was not just his insecurity.

He waited few minutes and began to wonder the reason no one at the house responded or even made a sound. The house was too quiet, unlike the dark cloudy sky that began drizzling on top of Charles' head. The hare called for Caramel's name, but received no answer once again.

The hare's strange uneasiness intensified as he tried to look around the house from outside, zooming in with his glasses through their curtain-less window. When looking through, he noticed that the room he observed had no furniture; Charles could have sworn that room was full of it before.

Thinking about it for a while, Charles analyzed the reason Caramel's family would remove their furniture from their room. When the worst possible outcome came unto his mind, he ran around the house in desperation to look through the other windows for him to prove himself he was wrong. All of windows featured empty rooms.

The small drizzle began to fall more heavily unto Charles' head as he repeatedly said the word 'no' multiple times in distraught and denial.

Holding the flowers in his hand, he decided that he would look for her tomorrow, trying to make himself believe in his own lies and prolong the times when the worst possible outcome of his train of thoughts would soon be confirmed: the idea that involved the lioness decided to leave the neighborhood with her parents.

Despite it being logical due to evidence found when looking through her windows, Charles did not want to accept it; the eight-year old just claimed he was just too tired and needed rest.

When reaching upon his own house to escape the intense rain, he checked his mailbox to see if there was any kind of note written by his parents with the money he needed to buy his own food. He did not even glance at the mail that he grabbed with his left hand and rushed towards the insides of his house.

When checking through mail, he noticed that there was a small intriguing letter with familiar handwriting. Remembering that it was Caramel's handwriting, he quickly opened it and read it while holding the flowers with his right hand. Charles the Hare read the entire letter and let go of the flowers he held.

In the letter that was written delicately, Caramel mentioned that she was moving away from the neighborhood but did not have the courage to tell her best friend about it and that she was truly sorry. She mentioned that his speech in the talent show was able to reach her more than he thought and that he showed her that people really are capable of kindness even if their flaws are incredibly apparent.

She also wrote that she would continued to pursue her dreams to be a singer and would not give up because she knew Charles believed in her. She wished him farewell and thanked him one last time.

Having so many thoughts and emotions going through her read as he read that last sentence, the hare felt extremely dizzy and fell to his knees. Letting his mundane emotions take the better of him, without thinking, Charles cried out Caramel's name while shedding tears uncontrollably.

He screamed and screamed as if he thought his words would have been able to reach her. Thunder roared outside his house as the rain intensified. During his times with her, Charles never felt so alive before and, contradicting completely what he said earlier, he wanted that her company at his side would never cease. He cried and cried to no avail, wishing that she would come back.


No Game No Life - The Kings Plan

The background tune that intensified the moment Charles realized what he needed to accomplish for his promise's sake.

Then, during his crying, it hit him; it all became clear to Charles. Using his gloves to wipe off the tears from his amber-colored eyes, Charles' sad expression changed to a determined one.

Although Caramel was not with him, she would still pursue her dreams regardless and assumed that her best friend would do the same as well; after all, it was their promise they made in the Springtime of Youth.

Charles picked up the flowers that were on the floor and swore upon them that he would accomplish his goal, no matter how long it took. He vowed wrought the fastest airplane inside his dimension, for the sake of the promise he made to the only one that showed him compassion and the warmth of friendship.


About five years passed since Caramel's departure from Springbird Woods, and things did not seem to change much from what it was before the lioness' arrival. However, even though lonely, Charles was considerably more confident in himself and tried to maintain a positive outlook in life since he knew kindhearted people existed themselves and were not merely a piece of fiction like he once believed.

When he was nine-years old, he began taking his academic life considerably more serious as well. He was invited to many international competitions to represent his school, but declined some that exposed his face to the public and made sure he would remain anonymous.

In each and every single competition he took part he won flawlessly, something astonishing for a nine-year old competing with adults; even though known as a genius within his school, he never made any friends, however.

Eventually, acing every test with extraordinary results, Charles was able to take the graduation test; and so he aced it as well, earning full-time scholarship for almost any college he wanted to attend to. He settled to continue his studies and researches inside the famous city of Spagonia, inside one of the most prestigious colleges inside the whole planet. However, since there was an age restriction of being at least sixteen-years old to enter the college itself, Charles would have to wait for many years in order to enter.

Not that he mind.

Being free from school and distractions, Charles proceeded to spend the next four years inside his neighborhood, creating machines that society would benefit from and even airplane models for future projects. To earn some cash, Charles sold some of his concepts to the Guardian Units of Nations as well.

With the money he received, he was able to build his own personal laboratory inside his basement. From little machines to big ones, he always created them with motivation.

Charles lived peacefully for four years after his graduation, but still remained somewhat melancholic: after all, the person he wanted to be the most was not by his side. Even though the good times of his childhood were his precious memories and knew that his friend was cheering him on, he soon began to wonder if his dream was actually possible and if he would meet Caramel the Lioness once more.

Since then, even though still inventing, he felt a growing emptiness and melancholy inside his heart that began to haunt him ever since that day: the day that his friend left him, when he was reminded of how alone he really was in the world. He, the one that was considered to be a genius, was not so sure of what to do anymore.

One year later, the events of Dimitri Chronicles would occur.


Sword Art Online II - Ignite

Charles the Hare's theme.



Dimitri Chronicles



Strengths and Powers

Charles Fortress Hare is a philanthropist that can be seen often seen creating, inventing, or designing machines and other numerous things. Born with supernatural intellectual capabilities that allow him to rival or surpass some of Mobius' greatest geniuses at a young age, Charles was deemed a prodigy. Focusing on intellectual power than anything else, this hare has still tons to learn and experience.  

Being able to graduate from school earlier than most others and due to his college of choice in Spagonia only allowing students that are at least sixteen-years old and above to enter, Charles spends most of his time inside his laboratory located inside his basement. This allows him to work on his projects without being interrupted.  

Using his intellectual ability, Charles Fortress Hare is able to master almost every skill he observed once, making him able to learn things at incredible speeds. This skill alone allowed him to learn plethora of things and made him the genius he is acknowledged as. From strategizing, building complex gadgets, and memorizing to gaming and other plethora of things, this hare knows sure how to play his cards.  

Focusing on his intellectual strengths alone made Charles have unfortunate pathetic physical capabilities. He cannot run fast and jump high despite him being a hare. His stamina is very lacking and he can be easily pushed around by seemingly everyone else. He does not particularly mind this, however.  

Playing alone against his computer most of his life, Charles was able to become greatly skilled in games. He memorized the rules, cheats, and strategies from various gaming genre, making him the capable opponent when challenged. Playing games in many different languages made him a self-taught polyglot.  

One of Charles' most famous skills is his talent when it comes to mechanics and piloting aeronautic machines. Since he has the dream of creating the fastest aircraft inside his own dimension, he knows every nook and cranny when it comes to aeronautic knowledge. Using his blueprints he made of new airplanes designs, the G.U.N. was able to retaliate the terrorist organization known as Robotnik Military Squadron.  

Supernatural Intelligence

Charles's trademark skill is his supernatural intelligence. This hare exceptionally talented in things such as strategizing three steps ahead of his peers, memorizing and reciting a huge amount of things he has read or learned, and et cetera. His mind allows him to have countless thoughts occurring inside his head at the same time, thus allowing him to focus at different things all at once.  

While having countless thoughts inside his head at the same time, Charles's brainwaves accelerate in a speed so great the world seen with his own eyes tends to slow down. Creating strategies by observing his surroundings, using an estimate of his opponent's intelligence and their movement patterns, this hare is a tactician that has the knowledge but does not have the strength required to perform his plans effectively.  

Charles' intelligence flourishes when it comes to building machines, especially aircraft. From small simpler machines to large ones, he is able to understand how they work internally with simple glances, making able to duplicate Ramonna's Cosmic Radar even without the assistance of a Chaos Emerald of his own. He has dozens of fully-operating airplanes and jets under his house inside his massive underground basement.  

Resourceful, Charles does not need complex gadgets to create complex machines. Even at a young age, he built many of his own inventions with the gathered parts multiple toys he acquired from his parents in the past. He is also known to be able to create powerful computer viruses that bypass almost every super-computer inside the planet, though it takes a while for him to successfully create such powerful viruses himself.  

While one of Mobius' great geniuses, Charles can be described as an empty-headed academic. His plans does not account unpredictability of others as he barely any social knowledge himself, and this lack of street-knowledge makes him very naive. He is also not able to think correctly when very emotional.  

Omega Aptitude

Through observation alone, he is easily able to learn new things at insanely fast speed rates. This allows him to understand the complexity of his surroundings and technology without the need of long-term education. This ability, generated from his own genius, is known as the Omega Aptitude.

Combining his intelligence with his analytic prowess and deductive capabilities, the Omega Aptitude allows this hare to master almost any observed skill he is physically and intellectually capable almost instantly. This allows him to acquire skills he immediately needs, such as the advanced knife combat skills from a wounded Felicia to protect her from Gamma the Elite when they clashed to protect the former.

Even though a great overpowering ability when used right, Charles is not able to bring forth its fullest potential because he seldom leaves his house and is afraid of being rejected by society when having overwhelming abilities; this was specifically evident during his childhood. Using his unnaturally-acquired skills make him burn stamina faster, making him prone to becoming nauseous whenever using them for too long.

Juggernaut Blaze

To battle against a terrorist group that is full of heavy weaponry, Charles took precautions first. This precaution resulted in the creation of the armband that is located on his arm that triggers a transformation called Juggernaut Blaze. It is not a super transformation per se, but the switch from Charles' usual attire for his alternative battle suit. He only used this suit once and prefers to prevent its usage ever again.

Once the transformation is triggered, Charles changes attire. Most of Charles' former clothing is gone, with the exception of his red glasses, white shoes, and gloves. He does not wear any visible shirt, making his trunk's white fur visible. He wears black pants and a small black choker on his neck. While in this transformation, this hare wears a long-sleeved red trench coat. Durable blue safety goggles can be seen from his head. 


No Game No Life - Bias Hacker

The background theme that plays whenever Charles activates his Juggernaut Blaze transformation!

Though not apparent from a certain point of view, during this form, they were drastically technically enhanced for battle purposes. For example, his new red trench-coat has the ability to successfully absorb incredible amounts of physical damage, making him a walking tank that boasts incredible defenses and durability.

Because of the coat's heavy clothing material though, he trades his agility and speed for this overpowering endurance. This endurance does have its limits, however. Beings with supernatural strength are able to penetrate through his defenses when enough damage is dealt, as shown with his fight against Gamma the Elite in Dimitri Chronicles.

His white gloves increases his weak punching strength threefold, and generate yellow lightning balls and red flame orbs to send as projectiles that detonate on contact. His white shoes became jet boots that allow him to hover for , but since Charles' weight was increased, it has a small time limit that determines the time this hare can stay while on air.

His red glasses and safety goggles, on the other hand, do not have weapons. Their functions are kinda self-explanatory since Charles cannot see well without his red glasses and his safety goggles are for further protection of his face. Removing his red glasses will make him become almost as blind as a standard bat.

Charles' black leather choker is made from a rare stone found within the plains of Yurashia that nullifies kinetic abilities as a whole when this hare comes in contact with them. Because of this, he is not able to be harmed by the attacks he generates via his gloves.

Although the entirety of the choker is not made by stone, a small piece of it is located on its center. This allowed him to resist the plasma missiles and projectiles sent by the Robotnik Military Squadron's grunts. The choker does not, however, protect him against magical attacks.

Creation and Development

The creation of Charles was the result of my need to create a plot-device for my fan-fiction Dimitri Chronicles, following the events of Lance Prinus the Echidna's defeat at the hands of Team Prinus. Charles' creation was essential for the story since he was able to create powerful battle aircraft and machinery to aid Team Prinus and the Guardian Units of Nations on the conflict against the Robotnik Military Squadron.

Since rabbits are frowned upon within the Sonic fandom as a whole, a hare animal would be developed. His main attire did not change over time and a new one was added for the suit he used in the RMS conflict stated. Charles was originally going to be a genius billionaire that wanted to do something very special and important with his life using his abilities. Most of this concept was recycled until today.  

His nature was based on my own when I started middle-school; since everyone at the time seemingly changed for the worse, feelings of melancholy would grow within me. Charles was originally the embodiment of my intense melancholy while in school, but soon he became a character of his own. Fittingly, Charles' story is melancholic as well, or at least attempts to be. 

To tell the truth, his story was the most frustrating for me to write. Since the connectivity of my computer was slow at the time and it used to shut down on its own, the story was originally re-written three times, hence the reason the original text before the history's revamp was tiring to read and missed on tons of details due to my frustration to get that story done with.

Almost an entire year later with my writing skills honed and tons of references found, the story got its deserved revamp so it became less of an eyesore for people to read, myself included. His history was originally going to include Felicia the Cat, another supporting character of mine, as childhood friends. This was later scrapped and Felicia's former role would be given to a brand new character.

Caramel's relationship with Charles, in my opinion, was better developed than the former. It took some elements and clichés from other series, such as the infamous TOYOTA formula, to make things fresh and set things going for some sort of love story for future purposes.

Setting up love stories is not my forté, however I promise that it will be a good read. Also, I'm considering making him a separate fan-fiction that involves him as the main character. Charles is a supporting character that came close to being my fursona and one character that has a bright future ahead of him.

Relationships with Other Characters


Unnamed Father and Mother


Caramel the Lioness

Felicia the Cat

Charles and Felicia first began their friendship when Team Prinus and the feline were introduced to him in order to convince him to assist them in an all-out fight against the Robotnik Military Squadron.

Out of the four people he met, she was the only one that Charles was reluctant to talk to because she was impish and, to him, intimidating since she was beautiful and sharp at the same time.

This changed when they were assigned by the Guardian Units for Nations to rescue the Robotnik Military Squadron's hostage, Caramel the Lioness, during Dimitri Chronicles. They now seem to have mutual respect and Charles even considers her to be one of his precious friends.

Ramonna the Hedgehog

Charles and Ramonna first began their friendship when Felicia Sirone and Team Prinus were introduced to him in order to convince him to assist them in an all-out fight against the Robotnik Military Squadron.

Out of the four that met him, Ramonna was able to get closer to Charles than most. Telling him that she also had it rough when she was a child, for a reason similar to his, the hare was able to relate to her and open himself more to her even though he was pretty timid at first. They are good friends.

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

Charles and Dimitri first began their friendship when Felicia Sirone and Team Prinus were introduced to him in order to convince him to assist them in an all-out fight against the Robotnik Military Squadron.

Out of the four that met him, Dimitri was the most straightforward. Charles liked Dimitri because they could relate in some way and because he was one of the few people he met that were able to keep up with his reasoning and thoughts. Charles is now also inspired by Dimitri because of the fact that the echidna never gives up in his goals even if they are impossible to achieve. They are great friends.

Maxwell the Fox

Charles and Maxwell first began their friendship when Felicia Sirone and Team Prinus were introduced to him in order to convince him to assist them in an all-out fight against the Robotnik Military Squadron.

Maxwell, bothered that he was too reserved, tried to cheer him up and show him the goodness of life. Charles thought that Maxwell was somewhat of a nuisance at first, but soon began to like his cheerful nature because it seemingly reminded himself of the good times he had in his own childhood. They are good friends.


Rikai the Hedgehog

Ice Wolves

Gamma the Elite

Robotnik Military Squadron

Fun Facts

  • Charles' middle name was based on the character from the Pokémon franchise called Forretress.
  • Juggernaut Blaze's concept was originally a costume similar to those found in the Power Rangers.
  • Charles the Hare's favorite season is Autumn.
  • Charles' ability, Omega Aptitude, was loosely based on the The End abnormality used by the fictional character Kurokami Medaka from the manga series Medaka Box.
    • Interestingly and coincidentally enough, Omega translates to the abnormality's name.
  • A recurring gag in the series is the inability for Charles to explain how he creates his machines. For example, every time he attempts to do so, he is always interrupted by something or someone else.
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