Physical Description

Charlene is a shape-shifter, and thus she is able to change her body structure take upon any form she wishes. The only limitation she seems to have is gender, she cannot become male or rather, create a male's *ahem* "equipment". Despite this limitation, she can still accurately mimic the form and voices of male characters by altering the shape of her bones and flesh. This imitation is good, so good in fact that the only way for one to tell if it's her or not is to check that area, something not many are willing to do.

On the flip side, even if one were to check that area while she's mimicking a female they wouldn't be able to tell a difference, making her nigh impossible to tell apart from a female character she's mimicking. As such, Charlene prefers to mimic girls over guys.


Living for over five centuries alters one's perception of reality greatly, making many things that most deem important to have little value to Charlene, thus making it hard for mortals to relate to her. In fact, she didn't take interest in shaping the lives and destinies of the mortals around her, odds are Charlene wouldn't be seen outside of her crypt aside from attending the quad-centennial meets of her clan.

As it stands, Charlene tends to be one of two things towards mortals: apathetic or interested. If she's interested in what's going on, expect her to be manipulaive and curious, sometimes both. If she's apathetic... Just leave her alone, you're wasting your precious time, something she has in abundance.

As of late, she tends to be interested in many of those that she meets. As she puts it "This generation is a good generation for meddling."


In addition to the shape-shifting abilities described in the Physical Description section, Charlene has mastered all known forms of elemental and attribunal mance, as well as several other forms of magic. This, along with her great physical prowers, makes her seem to be almost invincible...

She, however, is not invincible. While she does have wyrds cast about her to reassemble her body should it be torn asunder, there are some things that will bypass all of her magics and harm her in a way that she simply won't be able to heal quickly, no matter what she does. Weapons made from rosewood, blessed glass, crystal, gold, and divine energy all fall under this category.


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  • Cheryn the Serval - A rather new friend (in Charlene's eyes) but one that Charlene feels she can trust beyond a doubt, prompting her to offer to make Cheryn a new body as an expression of said trust, which is mutual.



Romantic Interests

Charlene doesn't seem to feel the kind of emotional attachment we mortals call love, at least not anymore. She does, however, enjoy being physically close several people, saying "Just touching them brings forth pleasant feelings". She also happens to have "bed" all of these people multiple times. Below is a list of those that fall under this category, along with her general feelings towards them.

  • Dalton the Cat - Cheryn (in her old body) was the one that really got Charlene to trust Dalton, although nobody seems to know how. Nonetheless, Charlene'll shift into Cheryn's (current) form when she's around him just to put him on edge, saying, "It's amusing to watch him squirm".
  • Konnan the Wolf - Charlene finds the G.U.N. agent's rather detached view on life to be rather interesting for a mortal, and every now and again she tags along with him on missions. "He's also very a level-headed guy, making it amusing when one manages to dishevel him."


  • Despite her age, Charlene speaks modern English quite well.

See also

  • Dalteryn (Crack Pairing?) (Because Charlene's the creator of Cheryn's new body, in a way she's responsible for their current relationship.)


Biographical Information


  • Appears: Varies based on form
  • Chronologically: Somewhere over five-hundred years




Romantic Interests


Birthplace (Unknown)
Current Residence Said to reside in a crypt lost to the rest of the world.
Physical Description
Species Shape-Shifting Vampire
GenderInvariably female
  • Fur: Varies with form
  • Eyes: Varies with form
  • Height: Varies with form
  • Weight: Varies with form
  • Varies with form
(see above picture to understand better)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Anything and Everything she wants

(Listed in section of same name)

Super Forms


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