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This is the third episode of The Heart's Bounty.


(A stone tomb-like area)

(The sound of Dingo sobbing is heard)

(A shot of Joy, forlorn, is seen)

(A shot of Dingo, crying into Sleet's neck, is seen)

(A shot of Sleet lying on a stone table, dead, is seen)

(Black title card: EARLIER THAT DAY)

(A shot of a lab is seen)

(Sleet is slamed into a table)

(A shot of Sonia, confident, is seen)

Sonia: Had enough, Sleazo?

Sleet: (growling) Hedgehog...

(A shot of Joy and Jen poking out from the halls, watching the fight, is seen)

Joy: 10 mobiums say that Sleet'll get a concussion.

Jen: 50 says he escapes with minor bruising.

(The sound of Sonia crying out in horror is heard)

Joy: The lovestruck calvery has arrived.

(A shot of Sonia backing up, terrified by Dingo coming closer, is seen)

Dingo: Sonia...<3

(Sonia quickly grabs a small dart off the table)

(Switch to previous view of Joy and Jen)

Jen: Did she just grab what I think she just grabbed?!

Joy: I hope not...

(A shot of Sleet and Dingo is seen)

Sleet: Give it up, Serenity. There's no way out.

(Sonia's eyes narrow. She starts to aim)

Sonia: My name is Sonia!

(Sideways POV of Joy and Jen)

Joy and Jen: NO!!!

(Sonia throws the dart and it hits Sleet in the arm)

(Sleet yelps in pain then glares at Sonia)

(Sleet's glare quickly fades to a pained expression as he grabs his arm and starts to fall)

Dingo: *shocked* Sleet!

(Dingo catches Sleet, sweating and panting heavily, in his arms)

(A shot of Sonia running away is seen)

Dingo: *worried* Sleet, you all right???

(Sleet looks up at Dingo, terrified, then loses consciousness)

Dingo: Chaos...No...SLEET!


(A shot of the medical ward {a high tech version of a high school nurse's office} is seen)

(Robotnik and Joy walk in,go back and forth of closeups of them speaking)

Dr.Robotnik: How exactly did this happen?

Joy: It started off like just another confrontation with one of the hedgehogs, then Sonia grabbed a dart from a table and hit Sleet dead on in the arm.

Dr.Robotnik: Has the dart been removed?

Joy: Of course.


(A shot of the dark laying on a nightstand is seen)

(A shot of Sleet, breating heavily, feverish, laying on a cot is seen)

(A shot of Dingo holding Sleet's hand is seen)

(A shot of Dingo, worried, looking down at Sleet is seen)

(The sound of a curtain rustling is heard)

(Dingo looks toward the left)

(A shot of Joy and Robotnik is seen)

Dingo: *off-camera* Robotnik...?

(Dr.Robotnik and Joy walks over to Sleet's bedside)

Dr.Robotnik: Just as I feared...Moborus...

Dingo: Moborus?

Dr.Robotnik: A poison that the Overland created during The Great War. It destroys the infected mobian from within as they suffer in a fevered dream.

Dingo: I-Isn't there a cure? 

Dr.Robotnik: There was an antidote, but they only created enough to cure one person before the War was over, and it's hidden somewhere in the Pais Mysterioso.

(Joy's eyes widen)

Joy: The Pais Mysterioso? *looks at Robotnik* The Pais Mysterioso??? The only thing that can save Sleet's life is hidden *anime anger* IN THE PAIS FREAKING MYSTERIOSO?!?!?!

Dr.Robotnik: It was a good idea at the time...

Joy: Good idea?! The Pais Mysterioso is a 2 1/2 hour trip there and back, that's 5 hours! The longest an infected mobian has lasted is 4!

(A shot of Dingo, worried and upset, is seen)

(Dingo looks down at Sleet)

(A shot of Sleet, feverish and moaning softly, is seen)

(Return to previous shot of Dingo)

(Dingo's expression turns to determination)

(A shot of Joy yelling at Robotnik is seen)

(Dingo slams his hands down as he gets up)

Dingo: *off-camera* Fire up the Howler!

(Joy and Robotnik look at him in surprise)

Joy: Dingo, even if you brought back the antidote, you wouldn't be able to get it to him in time!

Dingo: What if Sleet was with me? Then he'd get it in time!

Joy: Hmm... Go alone and Sleet's death is guaranteed, OR take Sleet with us and give him a greater chance of survival *Looks at Robotnik* What do you think, doc?

Dr.Robotnik: It's risky, but it's our only option. *looks at Joy* What do you mean "us"?

Joy: I'm going with him.

Dr.Robotnik: You're kidding, right?

Joy: Sir, there are only 2 people on Mobius who know the antidote's exact location : Me and you. And if you left, the base would be easy to attack.

Dr.Robotnik: Fine, but only to keep my empire safe.

(A shot of the dashboard of Sleet and Dingo's ship is seen0

(Joy pushes various buttons on the dashboard)

(Joy grips the steering controls, eyes narrowing)

Joy: *looking back* You ready, Dingo?

(A shot of Dingo, on his knees, on the right side of Sleet laying on a futon, in the back is seen)

Dingo: Ready.

(Return to shot of Joy)

Joy: All right then. *looking straight ahead* Let's do this.

(A shot of Robotnik and Jen standing in landing bay is seen)

Dr.Robotnik: I have complete faith in you two, and you know how rare THAT happens!

Jen: You can do it, Niichan!

(Robotnik and Jen's eyes widen in shock as Sleet and Dingo's ship goes past them backwards at full speed)

Joy: *off-camera* Heh...Had the dumb thing in reverse...

(Sleet and Dingo's ship goes forward at full speed past Robotnik and Jen)

Dr.Robotnik: Sleet's screwed. 

Jen: Like a lightbulb.


(A dense jungle in the Pais Mysterioso)

(A shot of Joy walking through is seen)

(Dingo, holding Sleet in his arms, follows her)

Dingo: You sure you know where we're going?

Joy: Of course; I have the exact location burned into my memory banks. The only thing we have to worry about is running into any--

(A spear zooms by over Joy and Dingo's head off-camera)

(A shot of the spear sticking out of a tree is seen)

(A shot of Dingo and Joy looking to the left, surprised, is seen)

(A shot of a group of felidae warriors is seen)

(A shot of Dingo and Joy looking to the left in horror is seen) 

Joy: FELIDAE!!! RUN!!!

(Joy runs off-camera in a puff of smoke)

(Dozens of arrows zoom over Dingo's head)

Dingo: *running off-camera* JOY, WAIT UP!

(A birds-eye-view shot of Joy running down and to the left and Dingo running down and to the right is seen)

(Closeup on Dingo running, sweating and breathing heavily)

(Dingo trips, dropping Sleet and falling face first)

(Sleet bounces slightly on the ground then lands on his side)

Dingo: Sleet!

(Dingo's eyes widen in horror)

(The Felidae crowd around Sleet. One of them flips Sleet onto his back)

(Sleet moans softly)

(The felidae that flipped Sleet over scowls then raises up his spear)

Dingo: *growling* NO!

(Dingo quickly gets up then tackles the spear-raised felidae)

(Dingo punches the second one in the gut then knocks him down with an elbow strike to the head)

(Closeup on Dingo looking down at the felidae in contempt)

(Dingo's expression changes to shock/pain, then falls to the ground next to Sleet)

(The third felidae is seen holding up his spear, the point a bit bloody)

(The other two felidae get up, then all three run off-camera)

(A shot of Dingo, blood oozing from the wound on his right shoulder, laying on the ground is seen)

(Dingo tries to put weight on his right shoulder, but his right arm gives out and he collapses, wincing)

(The sound of Sleet whimpering softly is heard)

(Dingo opens his eyes and looks up)

(A closeup on Sleet, in pain, whimpering softly, is seen)

(Dingo reaches toward Sleet and lightly strokes his neck)

Dingo: *off-camera* Shh...Hush now, Sleet...I got ya'

(Sleet stops whimpering. Subconsciously, he turns his head towards Dingo)

Sleet: D...Din...Go...

Dingo: I'm right here, mate. Don't worry, Joy and I'll find the antidote, I promise. I'm not going to let that dumb moborus take you away...I would never let anything hurt you...

(A farshot of Dingo getting onto his knees is seen)

(Dingo picks up Sleet)

(Switch to shot of jungle)

(Joy runs in)

(Joy stops and trys to catch her breath)

Joy: I think...I've managed to...Lose them...

(The sound of a twig snapping is heard)

(Joy's eyes widen in terror. She turns around quickly)

(Dingo walks in. wound bleeding heavily, holding Sleet)

Joy: Oh, Dingo...It's just yo--WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SHOULDER?!?!?!

Dingo: It's fine. Just a little run in with the Felidae.

Joy: "Fine"?! Can't you see how much blood your losing?!

(A compartment opens up on Joy's chest)

(Joy reaches into the compartment and pulls out a square piece of cotton and a roll of medical tape)

(Joy walks over to Dingo)

Joy: Hold still for a minute.

(Joy puts the cotton over the wound, then tapes it down)

(Joy puts the roll back into the compartment)

(The compartment closes)

Joy: There. That should do it.

(The sound of Sleet gasping sharply is heard)

(Sleet starts coughing violently, a bit of blood trails down the corner of his mouth)

Dingo: Sleet!

(After a few seconds, Sleet stops coughing)

(Sleet whimpers weakly, and starts shivering)

Joy: The poison is progressing...! We have to get to the antidote fast or Sleet's a goner!

(A shot of a wall in Sleet's room is seen)

(Various objects, mostly clothing, are sent flying stage-right off-camera)

(A shot of Dr.Robotnik searching through Sleet's closet is seen)

Dr.Robotnik: How can he own so many clothes, yet only wear the same outfit?

(Jen walks in and stands behind him)

Jen: Wouldn't it be more decent to just wait until we know for sure that Sleet's dead?

Dr.Robotnik: And miss out on first pick of the good stuff? Don't make me laugh!

(Jen looks down and notices something)

(A shot of a photo laying facedown on the floor is seen)

(Jen picks the photo up)

(Jen turns the photo over)

(An enlarged shot of a photo of a 17-year-old albino ferret wearing a black vest with silver buttons, a long-sleeved dark grey shirt, a black belt with a silver buckle, dark grey pants and black shoes hugging a 17-year-old Sleet is seen)

(Below the image are the words Malos Diacros: 321x-322x)

(Jen looks puzzled)

Jen: *thinking* Who's Malos?


(A shot of a long stone tunnel is seen)

Joy: *off-camera* We're here...

(A shot of Dingo, holding Sleet, and Joy standing at the entrance to the tunnel is seen)

Dingo: The antidote's in there?

Joy: Yes, but be ca---

(Dingo runs ahead)

Joy: Dingo!!!

(A shot of Dingo running down the tunnel is seen)

(A stream of fire shoots out in front of Dingo)

(Dingo stops midstep, holding Sleet back to avoid the flames

(A few seconds later, the fire disapates)

(Joy walks in, annoyed)

Dingo: What... The...

Joy: These are ruins from an ancient civilization. There are traps. That's what I've been trying to tell you! If we take it slow---

Dingo: *enraged* "Slow"?! We don't have time to take it slow!

Joy: Dingo---

Dingo: Don't you "Dingo" me! The moborus is getting even more worse as we speak and you want me to take my time, when time is the one thing we don't have?! Sleet's dyin' in my arms and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to save him!

(A shot of Joy, startled, is seen)

Dingo: *on the verge of breakdown* He... He's ma' best friend... I don't wanna lose him...

(Joy's expression turns to determination)

Joy: I guess there's no choice. I'll run ahead to disengage *turns away from Dingo* the traps. Just try to keep up, okay?

(Joy walks off)

(Dingo smiles softly, then follows Joy)


(A montage of various shots of Joy setting off the traps, Dingo following behind her, is seen)

-(After montage)

(Joy runs in)

(Joy stops suddenly)

(Dingo runs in and stops next to Joy)

(Birds-eye-view of a tomb-like area)

(Pan left to a metal canister on a stone table)

Joy: *voice-over* This is it...

(A shot from behind of Joy walking up to the table is seen)

Joy: Just lay him on the table, and I'll handle the rest.

Dingo: *off-camera* He stopped shivering...

(Joy looks back at Dingo, shocked)

(A shot of Dingo, holding a still Sleet, looking down at him, is seen)

(Closeup on Dingo)

Dingo: He's not breathing...*panicing, looking at Joy* HE'S NOT BREATHING!!!

(Dingo runs up to the table. Joy yanks the canister off the table when he gets there)

(DIngo quickly lays Sleet down on the table)

(Dingo grabs the canister out of Joy's hands)

(Dingo pulls off the lid, and takes out a booster shot filled with pink liquid)

(Dingo jabs the needle into Sleet's right arm, then pushes down the tab, the pink liquid flowing down)

(Dingo pants heavily)

(Sleet remains still)

Joy: ...I'm so sorry, Dingo.

Dingo: No...

(Dingo falls onto his knees)

(Dingo leans forward a bit)

Dingo: *breaking down* No...! No...!

(Dingo shuts his eyes closed tight)

Dingo: No no no no no no NO!

(Dingo lifts his head up and howls)

(Dingo puts his head on Sleet's neck then cries)

(A shot of Joy, forlorn, is seen)

(A shot of Dingo, crying into Sleet's neck, is seen)

(A shot of Sleet, seemingly dead, is seen)

(Slowly, Sleet turns his head towards Dingo)

(Sleet weakly nuzzles Dingo)

(Dingo stops crying then lifts his head up a bit)

(Dingo opens his eyes)

Dingo: *voice cracking* Sl...Sleet...?

(Joy bends down closer to Sleet)

(Joy reaches under Sleet's glove and feels his wrist)

(Joy's eyes widen)

Joy: I don't believe it... He's got a pulse!

(Dingo's eyes widen)

(Dingo smiles happily)

(A shot of Sleet, breathing slowly is seen)


(A shot of Sleet, now wearing a light blue shirt and darker blue shorts, tucked into a cot is seen)

Joy: *off-camera* Some rest and he'll be just fine.

(A shot of Dingo kneeling by Sleet's bedside, Joy standing next to him, is seen)

Dingo: Can I stay here a bit longer?

Joy: All right, *walks off* but don't stay here all night.

(A shot of Joy standing next to the doorway is seen)

(Joy turns the lights off, then leaves the room)

(A shot of Dingo looking down at Sleet, sad/neutral, is seen)

(Slowly, Dingo moves his hand so it's underneath Sleet's)

Dingo: *thinking* He...He's so small...

(Dingo gently grabs onto Sleet's hand)


(Nothing but black)

(Pan down to a far shot of a white line art only version of Sleet floating/lying on the ground)

Dingo: *voice-over* Oh Chaos....No....SLEET!!!

(Extreme close-up on Sleet's mouth)

(A shot of Sleet's arm dangling is seen)

(A shot of blackness is seen)

(Dingo, determined, fades in)

Dingo: Fire up the Howler!

(Dingo fades out)

(Dingo, frightened, fades in)

Dingo: Sleet!

(Dingo fades out)

(Dingo, enraged, fades in)

Dingo: Sleet's dyin' in my arms, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to save him!

(Dingo fades out)

(Dingo, near breakdown, fades in)

(Dingo fades out)

Dingo: I don't wanna lose him...

(Dingo fades out)

(Dingo, about to cry, fades in)

Dingo: NO! *howls*

(Dingo fades out)

(Dingo, serious/worried, fades in)

Dingo: I would never let anything hurt you.

(Dingo fades out)


(A shot of a window showing the night sky is seen)

(An extreme closeup on Sleet's eyes, closed, is seen)

(Sleet's eyes open)

(Sleet sits up, rubbing the back of his head gingerly)

(The sound of Dingo muttering in his sleep is heard)

(Sleet's eyes widen as he turns to face the sound)

(A shot of Dingo, his head laying on the bed, fast asleep is seen)

(Sleet looks at Dingo, somberly)

(Slowly, Sleet pets Dingo's head)

Dingo: *sleep-clogged*

(Dingo gently squeezes Sleet's hand)

(Sleet blushes, his eyes widening)

(Sleet's expression becomes somber once more)

(Sleet takes Dingo's hand off his own)

(Slowly, Sleet gets out of bed and leaves the room)

(Closeup on Dingo, asleep)