This is the first episode of The Heart's Bounty.



(Interior, Day) 

Sleet: A mission of life-or-death? 

Dr.Robotnik: Yes. Several days ago, an experimental robot escaped from my lab. It is designed to eliminate any enemy swiftly and efficiently then escape. 

Dingo: It what? 

Sleet: *sighs* It's designed to kill someone extremely fast then leave just as fast. 

Dingo: Oh... *panicked tone* But what if it comes after us?! 

(Dr.Robotnik tosses a gun-like object to Sleet) 

Dr.Robotnik: This is an Electro Magnetic Pulse gun or Emp gun for short. One shot from this will disable the bot. Do you understand? 

Sleet: Y-yes sir. 

Dr.Robotnik: You better. *thinking* Your lives may depend on it...


(A shot of Sleet and Dingo leaving Robotropolis is seen) 


(A shot of a campground in a forest is shown) 

Dingo: Sleet, I'm scared. What if the bot comes after us? I don't wanna die! 

Sleet: Dingo, would you calm down? 

(The sound of rustling is heard)

Sleet: *nervous* Maybe we should go look for it. 


(A shot of sleet searching in the woods is seen)


(Sleet looks around confused and slightly nervous)


(Sleet looks in the direction of the sound. out steps a robot the size of a SWATbot, slim and black, a sword in its sheath) 

Sleet: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're the robot that i was sent to disable. 

Robot: Threat Level: zero. No action required. 

(Sleet smirks then attempts to reach for something)

(Sleet looks annoyed)

Sleet: *thinking* Dammit, I left the EMP gun back at camp...! 

(Sleet pulls out a regular gun then fires at the bot) 

(The beam reflects off of the bot)

(The bot is unfazed)

Robot: Threat level: mild. Immediate action required. 

(Sleet looks shocked/terrified then takes several steps back as the bot walks towards him) 

(A shot of Dingo searching in the woods is seen, he is carrying a duffel bag over his shoulder) 


(Dingo looks around scared) 

Dingo: Stay calm, Dingo. It’s probably just a deer or something. 

*A twig snaps*

(Dingo jumps nearly a hundred feet, screaming, then falls onto his behind) 

(A rabbit hops out of a bush, then stares at him)

Dingo: *angry* Shoo! Go away! (tosses at rock near the rabbit) 

(The rabbit hops away) 

(Dingo gets back onto his feet, annoyed)

Dingo: Stupid rabbit... 

(The sound of Sleet screaming is heard) 

Dingo: *worried* Sleet! 

(Return to part of forest where Sleet is) 

(Sleet is now on the ground. a large bleeding gash is seen across sleet's chest. a trickle of blood seen down coming out of his mouth. the wolf looks up at the robot with a mix of horror and exhaustion) 

Sleet: *speaking* I...suppose pleading.....for out of....the question...? 

(The robot remains silent then walks toward sleet holding up a bloody sword) 

(Suddenly, Dingo tackles the robot, knocking it down onto the ground) 

Sleet: D...Dingo...? 

(Sleet falls unconscious) 

(Dingo looks towards sleet and sees his wound) 

Dingo: *shocked* Sleet! 

(Dingo glares at the bot) 

(The robot gets back onto its feet. it picks up its sword from the ground) 

Robot: Reanalyzing... Threat level: high. Elimination of new target first priority. 

(Dingo glare changes to fear) 

(The bot slashes at dingo, but Dingo dodges and falls onto his behind in the process) 

(Dingo quickly reaches into the duffel bag and pulls out the EMP gun) 

(The bot raises his sword)

(Dingo fires the EMP gun at the bot)

(Sparks surround the bot as its eyes fade out. then it falls to the ground, the sword falling out of it's hand) 

(Dingo dropped the EMP gun, then, unsteadily, got back onto his feet)

(Dingo runs over to Sleet then kneels eled down in front of him) 

Dingo: Sleet...? 

(Sleet remains silent) 

(Dingo gently lifts up sleet's head)

Dingo: Sleet, please, say something..... Please..... 

(Meekly, Sleet's eyes flutter open. he looks up at dingo and weakly smiles)

Sleet: How was I not able to notice....Dingo, you have such beautiful eyes.... 

(Dingo looks at him confused) 

(Sleet's eyes close as he falls unconscious once more) 

Dingo: Sleet??? Sleet?! Sleet!!! 


(A shot of Sleet and Dingo's campground is seen) 

(Sleet is seen lying unconscious on the ground. The wound is now bandaged and he is wearing nothing but a pair of blue shorts) 

(Sleet opens his eyes) 

(Extreme close-up of Dingo's eyes) 

(Dingo is seen over top Sleet) 

Dingo: Sleet! You're okay! 

Sleet: Yes, I'm okay. Now get off!!! 

(Dingo gets off of sleet as sleet gets into a sitting position)

Dingo: Sorry. 

(Sleet grimaces and grabs onto his wound)

Dingo: Sleet, be careful. You don't wanna open it back up. 

Sleet: "Open it up"? What are you tal--- 

(Sleet's eyes widen with realization) 

(Sleet grabs onto dingo's shoulders) 

Sleet: The bot! We still have to disable it!

Dingo: No, we don't. I done took it out. 

(Sleet lets go of dingo's shoulders, confused)

Sleet: When did you---? 

Dingo: A while ago. You were pretty out of it. I wasn't sure if you knew what was going on or not. 

(Dingo scratches his head while he says below) 

Dingo: And you said something....weird to me 

Sleet: Weird? 

Dingo: Well... 

(Dingo puts his hand down and looks at sleet) 

Dingo: You said that I had pretty eyes. 

(Sleet blushes slightly, surprised, then gains a stern/slightly embarrassed expression) 

Sleet: That....That was a deluded rambling caused by blood loss. 

Dingo: *confused* Then why are you blushing??? 

(Sleet gets up and walks away without a word) 

Dingo: *looks towards the direction Sleet went* Where ya' going?! We're supposed to head back to Robotropolis! 


(A shot of sleet walking is seen. he stops at the no-longer function bot and looks down at it) 

Sleet: Dingo wasn't kidding. He really did take this thing out. 

(Sleet softly kicks the bot, then turns around and walks away)

(Close-up on the bot's face. Its eyes flicker back on) 

(Sleet stops as he hears something. He turns around and sees the bot getting back onto its feet)

(Close-up on Sleet's shocked/horrified face) 

(The bot picks up its sword and looks at Sleet) 

Sleet: *nervous smile* Oh, hello.... No hard feelings about the sudden deactivation....right? 

Robot: Target remains. Immediate action required. 

Sleet: I thought so... 

(Shot of Dingo walking through woods is seen)

Dingo: Sleet! Hey, Sleet, Where are you??? 

(Sleet comes running in, terrified, and panting)

(Dingo catches Sleet and faces him) 

Dingo: *surprised/worried* Sleet, you okay? 

Sleet: *pant* The bot...*pant* it-- 

Dingo: what about it? 

(The bot comes in wielding its sword) 

Dingo: *surprised* I thought I took it out! 

Robot: Elimination of primary target first priority 

(The bot takes a step then disappears) 

(A shot of Sleet and Dingo's surprised faces) 

(The bot reappears right in front of sleet then knocks him down to the ground) 

(The bot raises its sword then starts to slash)

(Sleet clenches his eyes shut) 

(The sound of Dingo yelping in pain is heard) 

(Sleet opens his eyes) 

(Shot of Dingo blocking the attack with his left arm is seen)

(Close-up on Sleet's surprised face)

(Dingo punches the bot with his other hand) 

(The bot stumbles backward, letting go of the sword) 

(Dingo grabs the sword and stabs the bot) 

(The bot's eyes flicker off)

(Dingo pulls the sword out of the bot and it falls to the ground) 

(Dingo smirks, then grimaces, drops the sword, and falls to his knees, holding his arm in pain)

Sleet: Dingo! 


(A shot of the forest is seen. it is dusk) 


(Camera switches to normal Point-of-view, a fire is going. Sleet is pressing a rag damp with whiskey on Dingo's wound, the hyena wincing) 

Dingo: *whining* Sleet, it stings! 

Sleet: Just hold still a bit more.... 

(Sleet removes the rag and puts it on the ground. He then picks up some bandages and bandages Dingo's wound) 

Sleet: There. Now was that so hard? 

Dingo: It wouldn't have been if it didn't sting so much! 

Sleet: What do you want: less pain or an infected injury? 

(Dingo is silent for a few seconds) 

Dingo: Sleet...?

Sleet: Hmm? 

Dingo: Did you mean it when you said my eyes were beautiful? 

Sleet: *blushes, a bit embarrassed* Well...They are a lovely shade of green. 

(Dingo blushes slightly. he hadn't expected sleet to say that) 

Dingo: Your eyes are pretty too... A bright amber yellow... 

Sleet: *playfully punches Dingo* As if you ever got close enough to see them! 

Dingo: *grins* Only cause you never let anyone get close to ya'. 

Sleet: What can I say? I'm a loner. I prefer to stay distant. 

Dingo: Funny. You was never that way with me. 

(As the above dialogue is said, Dingo's hand slides onto Sleet's) 

Sleet: Yeah. Dingo, you may be an idiot sometimes-- 

Dingo: *smirks* "Sometimes"? 

Sleet: Okay, all the time. But... you are more tolerable then most others. 

Dingo: 'Cept when I talk about Sonia, right? 

Sleet: Of course. Except for that, you would be completely tolerable. 

Dingo: Bet if it was someone else, you wouldn't mind as much, would ya'? 

Sleet: *subconsciously leaning in closer* I suppose, though it would depend on just who. 

Dingo: *subconsciously leaning in closer* You were always the picky one. 

(The twosome stare into each other's eyes) 

Dr.Robotnik: SLEET! DINGO! 

(Sleet and Dingo open their eyes and pull apart quickly, both blushing bright red) 

(Dingo gets up and runs to the duffel bag. he goes through it, tossing out several things. toilet paper, a teddy bear, a rolled-up bedroll) 


(Dingo pulls out the camcorder communicator and turns it on) 

Dingo: Hey, Robotnik. 

Dr.Robotnik: Don't "Hey, Robotnik" me! Has the bot been disabled yet? 

Dingo: Yep. We took it out. 

Dr.Robotnik: *puzzled* Dingo, just why are you blushing? 

Dingo: *shock* Uh...No reason! 

Dr.Robotnik: *sighs* Just get some rest and return in the morning. Robotnik: Out. 

(The communicator turns off. Dingo puts it back in the duffel bag, then looks confused) 

(A shot of Sleet holding up the hand Dingo help with his other hand, solemn, is seen)

Dingo: *off-camera* Hey, Sleet, didn't we bring a tent? 

(Sleet's solemn look changes to surprise) 


(A shot of Sleet sleeping is seen) 

Dingo: *off-camera*: Sleet, can I-- 

Sleet: No. 

(A shot of Dingo sitting on the ground is seen. A blanket is across his lap) 

Dingo: But Sleet--- 

Sleet: *off-camera* No. 

(A shot of Sleet sleeping is seen) 

(The sound of Dingo whimpering is heard) 

(Sleet opens his eyes) 

(A shot of Dingo curled up on the ground, miserable, the blanket barely covering him, is seen) 

(A shot of Sleet, looking guilty, is seen) 

Sleet: Fine, you can-- 

(A whump sound is heard) 

(Shot pans out to see Dingo, smiling, sitting behind Sleet)

Sleet: Sleep here. 


(A shot of the full moon) 

(A shot of Dingo, asleep, his teddy bear laying outside the bedroll, lying next to Sleet, asleep, is 

(Dingo turns so that he faces Sleet's back) 

(Subconsciously, Dingo wraps his arms around Sleet and nuzzles him) 

(Sleet stirs slightly, but remains asleep) 

(Dingo lightly kisses Sleet on the cheek) 

Sleet: *sleep-clogged* D....Dingo....? 

(Dingo slides his hand down to Sleet's groin)

(The twosome are shocked awake  

(Dingo jerks his hand away as they both jump into a sitting position) 

(A close-up of Sleet, shocked)


(A close-up of Dingo, shocked and embarrassed) 


(A shot of their camp)


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