This is the fifth episode of The Heart's Bounty


(A shot of a dense forest is seen)

(Sleet walks in)

(Close-up on Sleet’s face)

*Fade to white*

*Fade from white*

(A shot of Sleet using a payphone is seen)

Voice on phone: Sorry about the discreet conditions. If anyone knew that I had contacted a bounty hunter--

Sleet: Your reputation would be shot? Don't worry, it costs extra, but I can assure that no one will know of this.

Voice on Phone: Thank you. Now for your assignment: there have been reports of some sort of creature in the Great Forest scaring off vacationing aristocrats. They're inconsistent when it comes to just what exactly the creature is, so I need you to go investigate.

*Fade to white*

*Fade from white*

(Return to close up)

Voiceover: There has only been one common detail)

(Sleet steps into a slip trap)

(Sleet screams as he gets pulled upside down)

(Sleet growls, annoyed)

(The sound of leaves rustling is heard)

(Sleet gasps in fear)

(A shot of Dingo's foot stepping out is seen)

(Close-up on Sleet, trembling)

Voiceover: The creature was orange and yellow with green eyes

(A shot of Dingo coming out of the bushes, adjusting his belt, is seen)

(Dingo walks over to Sleet)

(Sleet plasters on a nervous smile)

Sleet: *attempting a calm voice* Oh, hello! If it isn't too much trouble, could you please get me down?

(Dingo blinks, then maneuvers his right arm so that the top half of Sleet is laying on it)

(Dingo reaches for the loop with his left hand, then carefully takes it off of Sleet’s ankle)

(Just as the lower half of Sleet starts to fall, Dingo catches it with his other arm, leaving Sleet in Dingo's arms)

(Sleet blushes)

Sleet: Th-thank you... I-if you could just put me back on the ground now....

(Dingo walks off-camera, taking Sleet with him)

Sleet: *as he is carried off* I DIDN'T SAY TAKE ME WITH YOU!


(A shot of Sleet, standing, and Dingo, building a pyre, in a small clearing in the forest is seen)

Sleet: *thinking* Okay... I've been captured by the very being I'm supposed to be investigating... Maybe I can bribe him to let me go...

(Dingo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wallet and two flint stones)

(Dingo puts down the Flintstones then opens the wallet)

(Dingo takes five mobiums out of the wallet then sets them on the pyre)

(Dingo puts the wallet back into his pocket then grabs the flint stones)

(Dingo bangs the flint stones together, letting the sparks fall onto the pyre)

(The sparks ignite and a fire forms)

(Dingo puts the Flintstones back into his pocket)

(A shot of Sleet, wide-eyed, shocked, is seen)

Sleet: *thinking* Then again, maybe not...

(A shot of the campfire is seen)


(A shot of the campfire, two headless fish skewered on sticks around it, nearly dusk, is seen)

(Dingo grabs one of the sticks and hands it to Sleet)

Sleet: *cautious* Oh... Uh... Thank you...?

(Sleet tentatively grabs the stick, Dingo letting go afterwards)

Sleet: *thinking* Did he even gut this...?

(Slowly, Sleet takes a small bite of the fish)

(Sleet chews, barely masking his disgust, and then visibly swallows)

(Sleet looks at Dingo, grabbing the other stick)

Sleet: *thinking* I don't understand... He gets me out of the trap, then he gives me food, though it's not exactly gourmet... He's more kind-hearted than I thought... Maybe if I could connect with him...

(A shot of Dingo taking a big bite out of his fish then chewing is seen)

Sleet: you have a name, or...?

(Dingo swallows then writes "DINGO" in the dirt with his stick)

(Dingo points to the name then to himself)

Sleet: Dingo, huh? Where are you from anyway?

(Dingo blinks, silent)

Sleet: Ooo-kay....

(Dingo puts his free hand on Sleet's chest then takes it off a few seconds later)

Sleet: What--Oh... I'm Sleet. Nice to meet you.

(Dingo smiles slightly)

(The sound of bushes rustling is heard)

(Dingo looks up, frightened)

Sleet: Dingo, what's wrong?

(Dingo gets up quickly then runs off-camera)

Sleet: Dingo!

(Sleet runs after Dingo)

(A shot of the forest at night is seen)

(Dingo runs in then off-camera)

(A few seconds later, Sleet runs in then off-camera)

(Close-up on Sleet running, panting heavily)

Sleet: *thinking* Damn it... How can a guy like him run this fast?!

(A shot of some bushes is seen)

(Sleet pushes the bushes back then sticks his head out a bit)

Voiceover: Welcome back, Dingo.

(Sleet gasps)

(A shot of "Downtown" Ebony Hare, Foxy and Blackjack standing in front of Dingo, intimidated, is seen)

Downtown: Nice to see that ya' decided to stick with our deal. Now, get ta' morphing! WE need something that'll scare off those nosy aristeecrats once and for all!

(Dingo nods, frightened, then reaches into his pocket)

(Dingo pulls out Sleet's remote)

(A shot of Sleet peeking through the bushes is seen)

Sleet: *thinking* Morphing...? What are they---

(The sound effects of Dingo shape shifting from the show are heard)

(Sleet's face, shocked, is lit up a bit from a glow off-camera)

(A shot of Dingo, morphed into an orange and blonde green-eyed version of Sleet, is seen)

(Downtown scowls, then storms toward Dingo)

Downtown: A wolf in ah'muh', very creative. There’s just one little problem: there's no way that it'll scare em' off! Looks like we're gonna have ta' do this the hahrd way.

(Downtown snaps his fingers)

(Blackjack cracks his knuckles then stomps toward Dingo)

(Dingo, terrified, trembling, takes a few steps back)

(A shot of Foxy, eyes widening in realization, is seen)

Foxy: Downtown, wait!

(Downtown and Blackjack look back at Foxy, Blackjack in mid-punch)

Downtown: What?!

Foxy: Dingo... He morphed into Malos' old boy toy!

(Downtown and Blackjack loot back at Dingo)

Downtown: Yeah... Ol' What's-his-name... Sleaze or whatevah'. Only question is when did he meet him?

(A shot of Sleet, starting to panic a bit, peeking through the bushes is seen)

(Sleet goes back into the bushes, rustling them by accident)

(A shot of Downtown, Blackjack and Dingo looking towards the bushes is seen)

(Downtown and Blackjack look at each other then at the bushes again)

(Blackjack walks over to the bushes)

(Blackjack reaches into the bushes then pulls out Sleet)

(Blackjack then throws Sleet onto the ground)

(Downtown smiles cruelly)

Downtown: Well, if it isn't the pup that used ta' follow Malos around. You gettin' cozy with Dingo now?

(Sleet gets onto his feet then glare at Downtown)

Sleet: My name is Sleet, and I'll have you know he found me!

Downtown: Whateva'. SO, how much did ya' hear?

Sleet: Enough to know that you're using Dingo to scare off the aristocrats for some reason.

Downtown: Too much from the sound of it.

(Downtown looks at Dingo)

Downtown: Morph yourself back ta' normal.

(Dingo, nods, terrified, then points the remote at himself)

(Dingo pushes the button and a beam of light fires out of it at him)

(Dingo morphs into his old form)

(Downtown looks at Sleet, smiling viciously, then snaps his fingers)

(Blackjack walks over to Sleet then starts beating him up)

(A shot of Downtown, amused, and Dingo, mortified, watching Blackjack beat up Sleet is seen)

Downtown: New plan, Dingo. Blackjack roughs up your new friend a bit, then we pin it on you. Best case: the aristeecrats are gone for good. Worst case: Eh... You get hunted down. Course that'll only happen if he dies.

(Dingo's eyes widen in horror)

Downtown: Whaddya say, pal?

(Dingo's expression quickly turns into unbridled rage)

(Dingo pushes Downtown out of the way)

Foxy: *off-camera* Downtown!

(Dingo runs over to Blackjack)

(Dingo punches Blackjack in the gut, causing him to drop Sleet)

(Blackjack doubles over in pain)

(Dingo sidekicks his legs, knocking Blackjack down)

(Dingo carefully kneels down next to Sleet, the wolf badly bruised with a black eye, then picks him up bridal-style)

(The sound of a gun cock is heard)

(Dingo turns around and sees Downtown, being held up by Foxy, holding a gun is seen)

Downtown: Alright, moron, you got two choices! You either foget the wolf and keep working for me, or you stay with him and I fill ya' both full of lead!

Voice off-camera: How about C. you and your friends finally get arrested.

(Downtown and Foxy look to the left then gasp)

(A shot of Agent N standing in front of a small squadron of POLICEbots is seen)

Agent N: So what's it gonna be, Ebony?

(Downtown drops his gun)

Downtown: *attempting a fake gracious tone* Oh thank goodness you're here! *points at Dingo* It was Dingo there! He threatened to clahber us like he did Slick if we didn't play along!

Dingo: That’s not true!

(Downtown looks back at Dingo, angry)

Downtown: *hissing* Be quiet!

Dingo: No! I won't be quiet! *looking at Joy* Downtown was using me to scare people off so they wouldn't find about the drug thing he's doing here, then he had Blackjack beat up Sleet so he could pin it on me!

Downtown: *dropping the gracious tone, looking at Joy* Oh come on! Who you gonna believe: that pathetic excuse for a thinking species, or me?

Agent N: Let's see... I believe... the one who hasn't made a name for himself in the underground. *snaps his fingers* Officers!

(The POLICEbots march over to Foxy, Downtown and Blackjack then handcuffs them)

(As the POLICEbots drag the cuffed criminals off, Joy walks toward Dingo)

(Dingo pulls away from Joy)

Agent N: *raising his hands* It's okay. I just want to check on your friend.

(Sleet groans softly)

Agent N: *smiles* Well, speak of the devil...

(Slowly and weakly, Sleet opens his eyes)

Dingo: Sleet... You're alright...

(Sleet smiles weakly)

Sleet: Of course I am... I've been through worse than this... Dingo...

Dingo: Yes...?

Sleet: You can... talk...?

(Dingo blinks in surprise then smiles)

*Dissolve Fade*

(A shot of Sleet sleeping in Dingo's arms, Dingo fast asleep, is seen)

P.A: Attention, passengers, we will be landing shortly. Please return to your seats to the upright position and fasten your seat belts.

(Sleet's eyes twitch as he starts to wake up)

(Sleet and Dingo's eyes flutter open as they straighten up)

(Sleet and Dingo stare at each other, blushing bright red)

Dingo: Oh...Um...

(Dingo lets go of Sleet)

Dingo: Sorry...

Sleet: No...It's...Okay...

(Sleet leans back into his seat, looking down at the ground)

(Dingo looks at the window, him and Sleet still blushing slightly)

(Dingo touches his chest with his right hand, looking down at it)

Dingo: *thinking* Why's my heart going so fast...? It's not because I held Sleet, is it...?

(Dingo puts his hand down, then looks back out the window)


(A shot of Manic sitting in a jail cell, ticked off, is seen)

Manic: "Hack into Robotnik's computer network", Sonic says. "Get the plans for the Roboticizer", Sonic says. "It'll be a cinch", Sonic says. *scoffs* Yeah right.

(The sound of clanking metal is heard)

(Manic's eyes widen, then he looks to the left)

(A shot of Jen, attempting an evil expression, standing outside the cell is seen)

Jen: Hello, Manic.

Manic: *Shocked* H-How do you know my name?

Jen: I know everything about you. You're the youngest of the Royal Triplets, you're parents are Queen Aleena and the late King Jules, you were raised by a thief named Farrell, your medallion gives you power over earth, and you play the drums.

Manic: Whoa... Stalker, much? *eyes widen* Wait a minute... King Jules???

Jen: Didn't that fool of an oracle ever tell you about your father? *sighs* Of course not, considering he died before you were even born.

Manic: Miss Nurse Lady---

Jen: The name is JEN.

Manic: Jen, then. Could you tell me about Dad?

Jen: Hmm... Albright, but on 1 condition: You have to answer my question.

Manic: Deal! So, what's the question?

Jen: Your bangs.

(Manic stares at Jen for a few seconds, confused)

Manic: My...what?

Jen: Your bangs, how did you get them all spikey like that? Is it gel or--

Joy: *off-camera* JEN!!!

(Jen's eyes widen in shock, then she turns to the left)

(Joy storms in stage left, angry)


(Jen hides her hands behind her back, looking down at the ground, intimidated)

Jen: *timid* To not to...?

Joy: Then why are you…?

Jen: Because I wanted to know how he got his bands so spikey...?

Joy: *groans* You and your obsession with fashion...

(Joy looks at Manic)

Joy: So, You’re Manic the Hedgehog, huh?

Manic: Yeah, and I take it that you know this bot?

Joy: Unfortunately... She’s my sister.

(Manic stares at Joy, shocked)

Manic: I… Didn’t think robots had siblings.

Joy: Yeah… Jen and I were built on the same day---

Jen: *looking at Manic* Along with our brother---

Joy: *glares at Jen* Who we're not supposed to talk about, remember?!

(Jen looks down at the ground, ashamed)

Jen: Right...

Manic: Why aren't you supposed to talk about him? I mean, if he's your brother...

(Joy and Jen look at each other, then Manic)

Joy: Do you really wanna know? It involves your father.

(Manic pauses for a moment, uncertain)

Manic: Yeah, I do.

Joy: All right then. It all started a couple of months before you were born.


(As Joy says the below dialogue, the audience sees the flashback. Jen and Manic's dialogue remain as voice-overs)

Joy: Me, Jen and our brother Julien were built by Prof. Gerald Robotnik.

Manic: You mean Buttnik?

Jen: No, this was a different Robotnik.

Joy: As I was saying, Joy and I were built to help care for his sick granddaughter, Maria.

Manic: What was wrong with her?

Jen: Neuro Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. N.I.D.S. IT destroys the Nervous System, killing the victim slowly. It's a terminal illness.

Joy: Gerald was trying to come up with a cure. He built Julien so he could have help. He managed to create something that would isolate the N.I.D.S but then it happened. A squadron of mobian soldiers led by your father attacked our home, destroying everything. Gerald and Maria were lost, along with Jules.

Manic: But why would Dad do that?

Joy: The professor was a wanted man for both Mobians and Overlanders. He was considered a "mad scientist" because of his methods.

Manic: Wow...

Joy: Yeah. Wow... That day turned Julien down a darker road. We haven't seen him since.


(Return to previous shot)

Joy: Robotnik found us soon after and took us in. We've been working for him ever since.

(A shot of Manic, saddened, is seen)

Manic: Man... That bites...

Joy: EH, it's not so bad. He's a pretty nice guy once you get past the whole "Tyrant of Mobius" thing.

Jen: 'Cept when Joy gets on his nerves after a failed experiment.

Joy: Hey, he may be a genius, but he's no Gerald Robotnik.

(Manic smiles)

Manic: You know, if you guy want, you could let me go and I could get you into the Resistance.

Jaen: No thanks. We're healers not fighters. But we can let you go.

(Jen opens the cell door)

(Manic sits up, then walks out of the cell)

(A compartment opens up in Joy's chest)

(Joy reaches into the compartment and pulls out a small handheld computer)

(Joy hands the computer to Manic, the compartment closing)

Joy: Take it.

(Manic takes the computer from Joy)

Manic: Thanks, but... what is it?

Joy: It's a MoboFinder. IT contains information on every mobian and Overlander born 50 years ago to those just born today. When the time comes, type "Robotnik" into the search bar. It will give you the first clue to the reason why Robotnik conquered Mobius.

Manic: Why would I need to know that?

Joy: "Knowing is half the battle". Find out why Robotnik conquered Mobius, your quest to defeat him will be that much easier.

(A shot of Manic, thinking, is seen)

*Fade to white*

*Fade from white*

(A flashback shot of the Oracle of Delphius from Chap.4 is seen)

Oracle of Delphius: A great revelation will come to you soon, hedgehog.. Remember...The world is not in black and white...

*Fade to white*

*Fade from white*

(Return to previous shot)

Manic:*thinking* Maybe this could lead me to what Orc was talking about...

(Manic smiles)

Manic: Thanks, Joy. I'll never forget this.

Jen: And one more thing: Please don't tell anyone where you got this or about me and Joy.

Manic: What?! But... We could help---

Joy: Trust me. The last thing the Resistance wants to do is help a couple of bots like us.

Jen: *begging* Please!!!

(Manic remains silent)

Manic: Alright. I won't tell anyone about this or you guys.

(Joy smiles slightly, Jen sighs in relief)

(Manic runs off-camera)

(Jen looks at Joy)

Jaen: Will he really keep his word?

Joy: I'm sure he will. Hedgehogs are known for their honesty.


(A shot of an outdoor cafe' in Starlight City is seen)

(A shot of Amadeus Prower sitting at one of the tables, drinking tea, is seen)

(Sleet and Dingo walk in, each taking a seat at the table)

(Amadeus puts down his tea cup)

Amadeus: Aah, Robotnik's finest, I assume?

Dingo: *grinning sheepishly* Well, I wouldn't call us his "finest"...

Sleet: Enough small talk, Prower. You know why we're here.

Amadeus: Yes, the tribute.

(Amadeus reaches under the table and pulls out a large stack of mobiums)

(Amadeus lays the stack of mobiums on the table in front of Sleet)

(Sleet starts to reach for the stack)

Amadeus: Of course, that's not the only reason I'm here...Son of Tyron.

(Sleet stops suddenly, freezing in mid-reach)

Sleet: What...did you just...say...?

Amadeus: You are Tyron's boy, aren't you? The son of the Grand Chief of the Wolf Pack Nation?

(Sleet pulls his hand back, placing both of his hands on his lap)

Sleet: *looking away* I have no idea what you're talking about...

Amadeus: Oh, don't be coy, I'm here to help! You see...the whole "collecting tribute" ordeal is just my cover. I am, in fact, the leader of an organization that wishes to overthrow the House of Acorn.

Sleet: So, what do you need me for?

Amadeus: We originally planned to form an alliance with your clan. Sadly, we didn't foresee their unfortunate demies at Robotnik's hand.

(Sleet scowls, getting closer to the brink. He looks at Amadeus)

Sleet: Robotnik had nothing to do with my pack's demise!

Amadeus: Come now, you honestly believe that "monsters" destroyed the Wolf Pack Nation? That seems highly unlikely--

(Sleet stands up abruptly, startling Dingo)

Sleet: You promise me revenge against a man I have nothing against then you question my intelligence. I refuse your invitation.

(Sleet storms off-camera, Dingo and Amadeus watching him)

Amadeus: Well...

(Dingo and Amadeus look back at each other)

Amadeus: Give Robotnik my regards.

Dingo: Oo--...Kay...

(Dingo grabs the stack of mobiums then walks off-camera)


(A shot of a high-rise hotel at night is seen)

(A shot of the inside of a hotel room is seen)

(A shot of Sleet sitting on his bed, wearing only his boxers, is seen)

(The door opens and Dingo walks in, holding a bottle of whiskey)

(Dingo walks over to the bed)

(Dingo sits down next to Sleet)

(Dingo takes a drink of the whiskey then hands it to Sleet)

Dingo: You want some...?

(Sleet takes the bottle out of Dingo's hand then takes a long drink from it, nearly finishing the bottle)

(Sleet abruptly hands back the bottle to Dingo)

(Dingo takes the bottle from Sleet then lightly shakes it)

Sleet: Dingo, go get my gun.

(Dingo drops the bottle, shocked)

Dingo: *shocked/angry* Sleet, that's not the answer!

Sleet: *breaking down* Then what is?! My family...My lover...Everything I show affection for dies, so why not just end it?!

Dingo: Because it won't solve anything!!!

Sleet: What's there to solve?! I'm cursed to lose everything that I care about!

Dingo: You're not cursed!

Sleet: How can I not be?! I've lost everything I had, I WON'T LOSE YOU TOO!!!

(Dingo eyes widen, more shocked than angry)

(Sleet breathes heavily)

Sleet: *tears falling* You're the first person to get so close to me in a long time...I don't want to be alone again...

(Dingo's expression turns to sympathy)

(A shot of Sleet crying, eyes closed, is seen)

(Gingerly, Dingo wipes a tear from Sleet's eye with his finger)

(Sleet opens his eyes)

Dingo: I promise, mate, you won't be alone again. If I die, it'll be from old age, not some dumb curse.

Sleet: I...I don't know what to say...

(Dingo smiles lovingly then lightly scratches Sleet's left ear)

(Sleet, closing his eyes in surprise, gasps softly, blushing in response)

Dingo: You don't have to say anything.

(Sleet opens his eyes)

(A shot of Dingo, love-struck seme-style, is seen)


(A shot of Sleet, love-struck uke-style, is seen)


(Sleet and Dingo stare lovingly into each other's eyes)

(Slowly, Dingo cups his right hand behind Sleet’s head as he wraps his left arm around Sleet's waist)

(At the same time, Sleet wraps his arms around Dingo's neck)

(Slowly, their eyes close as their mouths get closer inch-by-inch)

(Finally, their lips touch, joining them in a kiss)

(A shot of Sleet and Dingo from the waist down is seen)

(Sleet and Dingo's tails intertwine with each other)

(Return to previous shot, Dingo now lightly rubbing the back of Sleet’s head)

(Still kissing him, Dingo gently pushes Sleet onto the bed, leaving the very tip of Dingo's back visible)

(The sound of Sleet gasping softly then moaning in pleasure is heard)


(A shot of the outside of Resistance Base is seen)


(A shot of the interior of Resistance Base is seen)

(Close-up on Manic typing something into the MoboFinder)

Manic: Let's see... R-O-B-O-T-N-I-K... *grins triumphantly* Sweet Joy was right!

Sonic: *off-camera* Who's Joy?

(Manic's eyes widen in shock)

(A shot of Sonic and Sonia walking in is seen)

(Manic quickly hides the MoboFinder behind his back, grinning nervously)

Manic: Oh! Uh...No one! Just a friend!

Sonic: Alright, spill it! You've been acting strange since you got back! Not getting the Roboticizer plans couldn't have done this, so, what's going on?!

(Manic sighs, defeated)

Manic: Fine... *pulls out the MoboFinder* I found this before I got caught...It's called a MoboFinder. It's got into on everyone born now to 50 years ago *hands it to Sonia, she takes it* I thought it might help us beat Buttnik...

(Sonia looks at the MoboFinder screen)

(Sonia's eyes widen, shocked)

Sonia: He...He's not on here...

Sonic: *confused* What?

Sonia: They're Robotniks on here, but not the one we're fighting!

(Sonic and Manic stare at Sonia, shocked, in disbelief)

Sonic: That's impossible! Botnik's old enough to be on there...Isn't he?

Sonia: I don't know...But something tells me that there's more to Robotnik than meets the eye...


(A shot of a shadowy lair is seen)

(Two Silhouettes, one human and one mobian wolf, stand in front of a large glass cylinder. A dark red glob of energy with black and red eyes floats in the cylinder)

Glob: You’re tributes are slipping, Julian. The negative energy you've been supplying has become weak.

Human: I apologize, Lord Naugus. The accursed hedgehogs---

Wolf: Hedgehogs this...Hedgehogs that...It's like you're obsessed or something! Your don't hear me going on about the Wolf Pack, do you?

Human: You destroyed the Wolf Pack. All because you couldn't become some stupid rank. *under his breath* And you say I have problems...

Wolf: *angry* What'd you say, Tin Can?!


(The wolf and the human stand at attention)

Glob: Your have one chance left, Julian. Find a way to strengthen the negative energy, or you'll be meeting your old friend Gerald.

Human: *normal voice* I will, sir Julien: Out.

(The wolf and cylinder flicker then disappear)

(A light turns on. revealing Julian standing in the middle of his bedroom)

(Julien's eyes widen in shock)

Joy: *off-camera* It's been a long time since I seen what you really look like.

(A shot of Joy standing in the doorway is seen)

(Julien sighs in relief)

Julien: Thank Chaos, it's only you, Joy.

Joy: Just how long are you going to keep up this charade?

Julien: *somber* As long as I have the chance to bring them back.

Joy: You know there's also a good chance that he's just lying to you, right?

(Julien pauses for a moment, then sighs)

Julien: I know... But what choice do I have? *reaches into his pocket and pulls out the holo-pendant* I won't live in a world where the House of Hedgehog lives guilt-free! Until they are punished for their sin, I have to do this!

Joy: Alright, but vengeance never solves anything.

(Joy walks off-camera)

(Julien turns toward a full-length mirror)

Julien: *thinking* No... It doesn't...

(Julien puts on the holo-pendant. The pendant glows as the form of Robotnik fades over Juliens)

Robotnik: *thinking* But it's the one thing that keeps me going...


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