This page features the storyline of Team Chaotix in the 2014 video game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Playable characters in Team Chaotix's storyline include Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Mighty the Armadillo and Vector the Crocodile. Omni-Viewer also plays an important role as a non playable character in their story.

Team Chaotix is called up once again by the G.U.N. forces to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the G.U.N. soldiers and a series of interconnected murders happening throughout the city, in both of which a specific figure is involved who is searching for some mysterious books called the Golden Epics.

Team Chaotix's storyline is called Chaotix Inquiries and draws some inspiration from the video game Layton Brothers Mystery Room.

Stages in Team Chaotix's storyline

Team Chaotix's storyline is the shortest of all 6 storylines. It does, however, have a major importance for the game's Final Story. Espio, Charmy, Mighty and Vector are all playable at the same time for most levels. At some point in the story and onwards, Espio will dismiss the team and have his own levels. His gameplay is the same as Sonic's and Shadow's while the rest three members continue their gameplay with the same manner. There are 21 stages in total, of which 4 are investigations, 3 are played solely with Espio and there are 6 Boss battles in total.

  1. City Siege (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  2. Investigation: Case 1#
  3. Great Guns (Espio, Charmy Mighty, Vector)
  4. Plague Garden (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector), Boss: Magic Paladin (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  5. Scrap Fortress (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  6. Rail Mountain (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  7. 00's Boulevard (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  8. Chaotic Casino (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  9. Investigation: Case 2#
  10. Tropical Sanctuary (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector), Boss: Egg Statue (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  11. Investigation: Case 3#
  12. Investigation: Case 4#
  13. Mad Terminal (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  14. Memory Complex (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  15. Dumm Jummai (Charmy, Mighty, Vector), Boss: The Magician (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  16. Dragon Dojo (Espio)
  17. Glyphic Babylon (Charmy, Mighty, Vector), Boss: Dimitri (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  18. Air Winds (Espio)
  19. Echidnaopolis (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)
  20. Last Colony (Espio), Boss: Egg Aura (Espio)
  21. Alpine Peaks (Charmy, Mighty, Vector), Boss: The Wizard (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)


The story begins with Vector in his office daydreaming about himself being a super detective in a black and white world trying to save a damsel in distress. His daydreaming is suddenly interrupted by Espio, who informs Vector that Omni-Viewer, their computer friend has received a message from the police station that there has been an assassination at the university in Central City. Vector takes this case as an oportunity to increase his self esteem as a detective and gathers the team to head downtown.

Adventure Field: Central City

Stage 1: City Siege (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Team Chaotix head to the university of Central City where the murder took place. There, the team is presented with 5 main suspects, one of whom is believed to be the culprit for the assassination of the university professor. As Team Chaotix, you will have to investigate the crime scene, find evidence about the cause of the murder, the method and eventually find the murderer.

Investigation: Case 1# (Find the culprit who murdered the professor)!

Team Chaotix cracks the case. A G.U.N. soldier is revealed to be the murderer and is closed behind bars. The next day, the team is called up by G.U.N. Commander Hugo Brass to the headquarters.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

Stage 3: Great Guns (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

There, Hugo Brass informs the team about a group of G.U.N. soldiers gone missing in Dr. Eggman's Metropolis after being sent there to fight back Dr. Eggman's army. He needs the Chaotix to go and investigate their disappearance. Espio, on the other hand, is more concerned about yesterday's case and believes that they should go talk to the soldier who commited the crime.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Head to prison and talk to the G.U.N. soldier held there).

Team Chaotix has a discussion with the soldier who commited the crime and find out that the soldier does not have a memory of yesterday's events nor does he ever remember his actions. The only thing helpful for Team Chaotix's investigation is that he remembers being in a tainted forest.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

(You need to locate the place the soldier told you about. Talk to the townspeople to help you).

Stage 4: Plague Garden (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Boss 1: Magic Paladin (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

There, the team finds a very important clue: a pill. Unaware of its origin or abilities, they decide to head to the chemistry lab in Central City for investigations.

Adventure Field: Central City

(Search for the chemistry labs. The locals will help you. After leaving the pill there for examinations, Commander Hugo Brass will remind you about your mission. Head to where the G.U.N. soldiers were last seen).

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

Stage 5: Scrap Fortress (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Team Chaotix sneeks in Dr. Eggman's base in the E.G.G. Metropolis. There, they witness G.U.N. soldiers being put into a shuttle under the command of a hooded figure. Only his voice is heard. They also witness many black cloaked figures calling themselves Dark Legionaires. As they load the unconscious soldiers into the shuttle, it takes off. The Team goes after it.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

(Talk to the locals, in this case, Dr. Eggman's robots. They will tell you that it is heading to a base in the Blue Ridge mountains. Head there).

Stage 6: Rail Mountain (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

There, Team Chaotix finds Team Dark and together they find the misisng G.U.N. soldiers hidden within a base built nearby. They contact Hugo Brass as soon as possible. Upon completing their mission, they receive a call from the chemistry labs in Central City telling them to come quickly.

Adventure Field: Central City

At the chemistry labs, Team Chaotix is informed that the pill they found is a very rare one and belongs to a drug company situated in the centre of the city. The team decides to go there to draw some conclusions.

Stage 7: 00's Boulevard (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

(After reaching the labs, you will receive a call from Omni-Viewer telling you that there has been another murder at the casino. Head there).

Stage 8: Chaotic Casino (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Investigation: Case 2#

(There has been a murder in a hotel in Casinopolis. After finding the evidence, Team Chaotix will conclude that the assassination was commited by a person who does not remember any of these events).

After taking a walk in the city, trying to link the two cases in order to draw the right conclusions, the team walks into a crowded place until Vector

One of the tomes of the Golden Epics

accidentally bumps into someone from whom a book falls from his hands. Unable to find the book's true owner in the crowded place, the team decides to take the book with them in their office. There, they examine the book, which looks quite different from all the others. Espio opens the book to read its content but to his surprise, the pages are all blank. Its golden cover also looks very intriguing. The team is prompted to head to the Oracle at the Angel Island to receive answers.

Adventure Field: Angel Island

Stage 10: Tropical Sanctuary (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Boss 2: Egg Statue (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

At the Oracle, Team Chaotix is informed about the legend of the Golden Epics, a series of 4 books that contain hidden knowledge of the ancient world. They were written presumably by the Echidnas at the time of their peak. Vector then orders the team to head back to the place they found it and investigate the scene.

Adventure Field: Central City

While investigating the scene, the heroes talk to the locals to acquire any new information. However, they are soon informed about another assassination in the centre of the city.

Investigation: Case 3#

(After finding the perpetrator, you will have to go talk with the abducted G.U.N. soldiers in the hospital to try to find a connection between their disappearance and the mysterious murders happening throughout the town. Then, head to Central City to talk to the two perpetrators and gather information and evidence to help you in your investigation).

Adventure Field: Central City

(In the hospital, you will talk to some soldiers who were abducted. They will tell you of what they remember from their abduction).

Then, Team Chaotix receives yet another call regarding an assassination in Central City. They head quickly to the murder scene.

Adventure Field: Central City

Investigation: Case 4#

The victim is lying on the floor since the assassination took place very recently. After making their inspections, Vector deducts that the true mastermind behind all of these murders is none other than Dr. Magic and points at the dead body lying on the floor. The corpse, then, gets up to its feet and takes off its mask, revealing its true identity: Dr. Magic. Vector reveals that he figured it out because of his mind controlled victim's statements and because of the pill they found in the Plague Garden. Chemical analysis at the labs showed that this pill was able to slow down Dr. Magic's heartbeat and thus making him look as if he were dead. The police wonders what his true intentions were. Espio replies that he assassinated the professor at the university to steal some old manuscripts about the Golden Epics. He took the first of the Golden Epics from the second victim and used mind controlled victims to hide his true ambitions and fulfill his actions. He assassinated the third victim because he was a witness of the second assassination and now he faked his own death. Dr. Magic then says that he faked his own death to draw Team Chaotix near im so he could setal the Golden Epic from them when he lost it. He then steals the Golden Epic from Team Chaotix and jumps out of the window, only to disappear shortly after. The police orders all units to chase after him.

Adventure Field: Central City

(You need to find where Dr. Magic went. Talk to the townspeople to help you. Some of whom they saw him will tell you that he has gone to the train station).

(You may click here to see an image of how Dr. Magic's desguise would somehow look like in the game).

Stage 13: Mad Terminal (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Team Chaotix reaches the train. There, they find Silver, Blaze and Cream, who are also after Dr. Magic. After a brief conversation, Dr. Magic escapes from the train and blows it up. Espio, Charmy, Mighty and Vector end up somewhere in the forest. The Omni-Viewer suggests they hack into the computer mainframe and trace Dr. Magic from there.

Adventure Field: E.G.G. Metropolis

(You need to find a computer somewhere to access the digital cyberspace and trace Dr. Magic).

Stage 14: Memory Complex (Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

After hacking in the computer, Team Chaotix finds out that Dr. Magic has used Chaos Control to teleport himself to the bad future. They exit the digital world and end up in the city. There, they meet up with Silver, Blaze and Cream, whom they inform that Dr. Magic has gone to the bad future. They decide to use Chaos control all well and go after him. Espio asks Vector to excuse him from the team to go help Sonic, after hearing that he is on a quest to find the Albion artifacts. Thus, the team continues without Espio to the future.

Silver, Blaze, Cream, Charmy, Vector, Mighty and the Omni-Viewer are teleported to the bad future. They find themselves in a dark, dystopian, high-tech version of Dumm Jummai. As they try searching for Dr. Magic, he appears to them unexpectedly and congradulates them once again for making it up to here. He then kidnaps Cream and challenges the heroes to chase after him in attempt to rescue Cream.

Stage 15: Dumm Jummai (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Boss 3: The Magician (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

While on their way to Tails' Workshop to reach the Tornado, Sonic and Rouge are approached by one of Dr. Eggman's robots, which delivers a message to them by Dr. Eggman himself telling them to bring all of the artifacts to him or else his friends will pay with their lives. Sonic remembers that there is one last artifact remaining which has not yet been collected. As the two have a discussion, Sonic senses that they are being followed by someone and demands to show himself. At that point, Espio who having heard of Sonic's intentions of collecting the Albion artifacts, makes himself seen and offers to guide them to his clan, who are in possession of one of the Albion artifacts. The trio heads to the Dragon Kingdom.

Stage 16: Dragon Dojo (Espio)


Dragon Dojo, from Google images

(From this point on, Espio is played solely and his gameplay is the same as that of Sonic, Blaze, Shadow and Metal Sonic. He is much slower than Sonic, but is quicker in his attacks).

Upon defeating Dr. Magic and his robot, Vector and co acquire the Golden Epic from the bad future and Dr. Magic escapes yet again to the present while leaving Cream behind. Team Chaotix and Silver's team continue their persuit of Dr. Magic.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

In the Adventure Field, you will find Knuckles and Julie-Su who have just come from the city after a mission. Knuckles will explain them the situation and the trio will join Knuckles' quest on Albion with Vector stating that it is their duty to protect and assist the Guardian of the Master Emerald at all cost).

Stage 17: Glyphic Babylon (Mighty, Charmy, Vector)

Knuckles, Julie-Su, Vector, Mighty, Charmy and Archimedes arrive at Albion where an army of hundreds of Dark Legionaires are waiting for them. Dimitri appears and demands Knuckles to seize his actions and surrender. After Knuckles denies, Dimitri transforms into a huge, cybernetic monster ready to attack them all. At that moment Shadow appears and joins the battle.

Boss 4: Dimitri (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at the Dragon Kingdom, Espio's homeland and are welcomed by the clan. After a brief discussion with the leader of the clan, Sonic is granted with the last remaining artifact but expresses his concern of not having enough time or transportation to reach the island where Eggman is. The clan council informs Sonic of the existence of a race of flying creatures known as the Air Winds, which ocassionally passes above the skies of the Blue Ridge and travel to the nearby areas. By going there, they could reach their destination. The trio thanks the Dragon Kingdom for their service and head to the mountains to reach the Air Winds.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 18: Air Winds (Espio)

The heroes defeat Dimitri and his army. He leaves his mechanical battle suit and tries to escape in defeat. Shadow destroys his glass sphere with a Chaos Spear but still manages to escape (he glides with his tentacles). Knuckles informs the team that they must move quickly to attack Echidnaopolis and regain control of Angel Island. Mighty, Charmy and Vector remain on his side while Shadow gets a call from the G.U.N. Commander to get down to Old Megaopolis and leaves the team. Big, who also happens to be there, sees them and follows them with Froggy.

Stage 19: Echidnaopolis (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

Sonic, Rouge and Espio arrive at their destination; a large island, a once colony of the Echidnas and the location of the hidden Albion Thaumaturge. The island has not yet been discovered by men but only by Eggman. They spot Eggman's base of operations where he has brought large machines for excavations. They also spot Tails, Amy and the rest being held captive there and devise a plan for their salvation. But before long, they are attacked once again by Fang, who obeying Eggman's orders is guarding the island, waiting for Sonic to come and steal his artifacts. Fortunately, with the help of Rouge and Espio, Fang is defeated. Sonic tells Fang to guide them to Eggman so that they can save their friends. Fang unwillingly teams up with them and the four head to confront Eggman.

Stage 20: Last Colony (Espio)

Fang successfully guides the team to their friends, whom they rescue. Prof. Pickle and his mates escape to somewhere safe whereas the team, now composing of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge and Fang continue on their mission in confronting Eggman (Here you will play the second Act of Last Colony). The team winds up in an ancient underground temple where they find an army of hundreds of mechanical warriors, perfectly alligned with each other in lines and untouched. Fang explains them that these machine soldiers were constructed by the Albion Knight of Aurora, as he had heard from Eggman to win the war against the Nocturnal Tribe, but after going out of control, they were diactivated for ever and were sealed here. Eggman plans to reawaken them by assembling all the Albion pieces together. The heroes wander across the vast room until they spot E-102 Gamma standing in front of a large mural again depicting a war against Echidnas. Above this event, there are huge, monstrous tentacles coming from the sky, grabbing Echidnas and causing destruction. One of the tentacles is depicted grabbing an entire piece of land and taking it above in the sky with it. They try to read the hieroglyphics but are not able to understand them. At that point, Dr. Eggman appears with his guard of robots. He tells the heroes that the Albion Thaumaturge lies behind this mural, which is actually a hidden door and one must solve the riddle which is inscribed on the mural to open the gate. He then points a gun at Espio's forehead and demands him to solve the riddle.

(At this point, you will have to solve a puzzle to open the gate).

After some hard thinking Espio is able to crack the code and open the gate. As the gate opens, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Fang, Eggman and his guard enter a wide chamber. It is decorated in various hieroglyphics and covered with vegetation. There is also a small pond formed by a fall coming out of huge Echidna statues. In the centre, there is a small island with an altar in the centre where there are 9 openings, apparently for the 9 artifacts. Eggman tries to get there first but after making a few steps, the entire chamber starts shaking and the floor collapses. Eggman nearly makes it to the altar but the floor below him collapses and falls into an abyssal pit. Sonic and his team try to get there before Eggman while his army of mechs escapes. Before Sonic and his team make it to the altar and place the artifacts they have, Eggman arises from the pit inside his Egg Aura, a tremendously powerful machine empowered by 6 artifacts. He summons his army and demands the remaining artifacts from Sonic. Fang complains about having turned against him and wanting to get what Eggman promised him. The heroes battle Eggman.

Boss 5: Egg Aura & Metal Sonic (Espio)

Eggman manages to steal Sonic's 2 artifacts during battle and quickly heads to the altar to activate the Albion Thaumaturge, but to his suprise, there are only 8 artifacts and one is missing. Eggman demands it from Sonic but Sonic denies having ever collected it. At that point, Gamma opens his chest and reveals the last remaining artifact, which was all along in his possession. After being sent from Eggman to search for the artifacts, Gamma found one of them in Old Megalopolis. However, before he could bring it to Eggman, he somehow got mixed up in a battle between the Eggman army and the G.U.N. forces, got damaged and was deactivated until he was found by Sonic, Tails and Amy. Gamma expresses his gratitude to Sonic for his help and gives it to Sonic enabling him to deliver one final blow to Eggman and destroy the Egg Aura, as well as the altar. With Eggman defeated, the entire place starts collapsing and the heroes escape as quickly as possible. They reach a safe place outside the temple which they observe as it collapses. They meet up with Professor Pickle and his mates, who have brought the G.U.N. forces with them to restore order. They arrest Fang and secure the area. The cutscene ends as Sonic, Tails, Amy, Espio, Rouge, Professor Pickle and his mates observe the blue sky having triumphed once again and getting ready to return home.

Meanwhile, after reaching the centre of Echidnaopolis, Vector, Charmy and Mighty help Knuckles in rescuing the imprisoned Echidnas. Knuckles thanks them for their help and the trio leaves to find Silver, Blaze and Cream in the mountains where Dr. Magic has built a very powerful weapon.

Adventure Field: Blue Ridge

Stage 21: Alpine Peaks (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

The team consisting of Silver, Blaze, Cream, Vector, Mighty, Charmy and the N.P.C. Omni-Viewer reach Dr. Magic in his final base constructed in the mountains. He appears fully prepared in his newly built robotic mech ready to attack them and steal the Golden Epics from Vector.

Boss 6: The Wizard (Charmy, Mighty, Vector)

The heroes successully defeat Dr. Magic once again. Upon his defeat, Dr. Magic regains his sanity and apologizes for all he did. Vector, as a detective, concludes that Dr. Magic had been brainwashed from the start to collect all of the 4 Golden Epics. The question is, who was the true mastermind behind this and what were his intentions. He calls the G.U.N. forces to secure the area and arrest Dr. Magic. Team Chaotix's story ends as a cliffhanger on what was the true nefarious mind behind this scheme and what did he want with the Golden Epics? And more importantly, how did he know of their existence?


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