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The Chaotix are a group of detectives that make recurring appearances in BearfootTruck's Sonic stories. Although they haven't appeared in every story, their members play an important role in the stories that they do appear in. In spite of the mish-mash of personalities going on, they somehow prove themselves as competent problem solvers.



One day, Charmy Bee, Espio the Chameleon, Vector the Crocodile,Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel met in the Kingdom of Mobius, then a part of the Eggman Empire. One day, while having fun, they encountered a new theme park in the middle of nowhere. They all elected to check it out, except for Ray, who had a fear of rollercoasters. Upon reaching the park, however, they were all imprisoned by Dr. Robotnik, except for Espio, who was saved by Knuckles the Echidna at the last minute. Together, the two would go on to save the others, and after this, the Chaotix would be formed, vowing to take up arms against the Eggman Empire.

Sonic Journeys

In the wilderness to the east of San Santos, Charmy Bee met up with Espio the Chameleon. The two soon became friends despite their differences. Later, they met Vector the Crocodile, who had swam all the way around the world from Hancock City. United by a common desire to figure out the mysteries of the world, they agreed to form the Chaotix. Their path would lead them to run into a blue hedgehog who was bound to be a legend.

Sonic War Zone

With the Great War between the Kingdom of Mobius and the Roseinian Empire going poorly for the former, Vector the Crocodile deserted the Mobian Marine Corps and conducted guerrilla warfare against the Roseinian Armed Forces on his own terms. His travels led him to Charmy Bee and Espio the Chameleon, who had fled Angel Island. Drawn together by a common background of fleeing from reluctant circumstances, they formed the Chaotix as a mercenary group dedicated to fighting Roseinian oppression.

Base of operations

The Chaotix' base of operations varies depending on the story. In ASMW, they have a small, dingy office in an obscure corner of Eggopolis, somehow managing to go undetected from the local authorities. In Sonic Journeys, they have a nicer and somewhat larger office on Wyman Boulevard in the Brookline neighborhood of San Santos, right next door to a Solyanese BBQ restaurant. In Sonic War Zone, they don't really have an office, but from time to time, they will conduct planning in Knothole Village when they need an area that's free of Roseinian influence.


The Chaotix are defined by Vector's number-one policy: finish whatever job they started. Another important policy they have is never to get involved in anything illegal, especially if it involves Robotnik. Though they operate on a standard fee of 200 dollars a day plus expenses, they'll take on cases for free if they feel like it, such as finding children’s lost toys. The use of firearms in the official performance of duties isn't explicitly forbidden, but Vector expects his employees to abide by local firearms laws wherever they go. This is obviously overlooked in Sonic War Zone, where Vector wields an M60 machine gun.


The Chaotix have very flexible tactics, but they do have a few constants. First of all, Charmy and Espio are often put on the front lines for recon work because their skills and abilities render them harder to detect than Vector. Second, when the time is right, Vector will muscle in with Charmy and Espio to finish off the case.

Appearances in other stories

Sonic's Weird Birthday

The Chaotix pool their resources together to restore a 1970 Chevy Camaro Z/28 for Sonic's birthday. Though initially reluctant to drive a car, Sonic gives in soon enough, and the Chaotix go for a ride. Their reactions are varied: Vector is frightened out of his skull by Sonic's crazy driving, Espio is unfazed by it, and Charmy has a very good time and even wants to go for another spin. At the party, when two FCC agents show up to arrest Sonic and co. for illegally singing "Happy Birthday", Espio knocks them out with sleeping darts, which Vector mistakes for lethal poison darts. Charmy is saddened when he doesn't get pancakes at the party, so Vector promises to take him to IHOP afterwards.

A Dark Birthday

Once again, the Chaotix pool their resources together for somebody's birthday, this time Shadow and Rouge's birthday. Despite Sonic's insistence, Vector refuses to get high-performance cars for either Shadow or Rouge. At the party, their gifts presumably go over well with Shadow and Rouge, and when Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Rouge decide to have a motocross race, Charmy films Tails and Rouge's portion.

Sonic Wave

Espio is the only member of the Chaotix to show up. Initially, he posits himself as a loyal member of "The Wave". However, when Shadow suggests using lethal force to deal with The Wave’s opponents, he sneaks into Sonic and Tails' house to warn them as well as Rouge and Silver of the danger they're in. He disappears just as a group of gang members perform a drive-by on the house. Later, during the San Santos PD's raid on the high school, Espio risks his life to evacuate hostages from the school without attracting the attention of Shadow, though Shadow still suspects him of funny business. After The Wave is dissolved, he feels good about the lives he’s saved, but still feels a distinct sense of wrongdoing for joining in the first place.