Chaos card magic


The user forms a number of small controllable balls of chaos energy in there hand. The stronger the user the more orbs can be made but 3 or 5 at a time is the usually number.The orbs aren't that strong but they are easy to control unless the user made a lot of orbs, which makes it a great attack to counter other attacks and swarm foes.


shadow the hedgehog

Melvin the ?????? (his lack of nature chaos energy makes him require a chaos emerald)

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to use this attack you most have an strong pool of chaos energy like shadow or an chaos emerald. If the user makes a lot then you will need a lot of focus, as you could easily loss track of which orb is which.

Significant Variants

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Weak Points

Again the orbs don't pack much of an punch and swarming isn't the best move to use on people like speed types so it may not always be the most effective move.

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