Chaos Zero Emerald Hedgehog is a ordinary Speeding Hedgehog that shares his other dimension brother "get it done" attitude and shares the cocky "addicted to action" that Sonic does.

Chaos is a resident of the Sol Dimension and child hood friend of Blaze.


In 1995, Sonic was captured by Robotnik and held in the Death Egg. Suddenly, a green streak of light whooshed past Sonic and cut the bars. Sonic saw what he called the Green Blur the hedgehog came to Sonic and said "Come on". In 2005, Chaos fought the devil and was suddenly sent to the Sol Dimension and met his Childhood friend, Blaze


Chaos can fly and use Telepathy to move through the Sonic World. He also can use The Chaos Emeralds to turn Super, Hyper, Dark. He also can turn into a WereHog.

Special Abilities

Chaos has all the regular abilities of Sonic but with a twist, He can cut through Anything even metal. He can use Chaos Control to stop major events. Chaos Has Fireballs that paralyzes a foe.


He learned Karate during his High School years. He also learned to make fire from is crush, Blaze. He learned many things from Silver as well.


Like Sonic, Chaos can't swim and is weak to his own fireballs. When he turns Dark he can't run 'till he heals. He can't defeat Chaos Zero without the emeralds this is due to his Flashbacks he's had with Chaos Zero.

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