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Shadow uses the technique to save two of his disobedient subordinates.


The user invokes the power of Chaos Control to create a barrier; users can change its properties at will, altering its size and shape among other things. It is this versatility that makes it virtually indestructible.



Users must be able to mold chaos energy into a sturdy wall between themselves and their opposition.

Significant Variants

These shields vary depending on the user's skill level; beginner, intermediate, and mastered. Beginners have frail shields that defend a small area of the body, at best they can deflect one attack. The intermediate users can generate multiple shields that are large enough to envelop multiple people; they can also alter the barrier's properties, forging armor and allowing it to negate most forms of attacks. Masters of this technique can create barriers by distorting space around themselves, this high level of spacial manipulation essentially makes the user invincible.

Weak Points

This varies depending on the user's skill level. Beginners will have frail and relatively small barriers, they can be overpowered or out maneuvered quite easily; those at the intermediate level can be bypassed through teleportation or some sort of molecular manipulation. Master level barriers have even less conventional weaknesses, hence why the users are often regarded as invincible; mid to advanced level space-time powers are required to effectively counter these types of barriers. Ranging from inter-dimensional teleportation to higher-dimensional attacks and weaponry.


Creating and sustaining these barriers requires a relatively high amount of mental effort, especially when they're being attacked; rapidly draining the user's stamina, this results in fatigue.

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