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Chaos Shatter is a Chaos move created by Statyx the Hedgehog, unique to him (it is one of his signature attacks). It is his most powerful Chaos-based move, though it carries great risk with every use.


Statyx begins this move by charging up a lightspeed attack, then charges right at the target. Before impact, Statyx uses Chaos Control. The sheer speed of the move causes a paralyzing sonic boom to be released, stunning anyone in the vicinity. A green orb of energy forms in front of the target (similar in style to the rasengan). Statyx then hits the target at full speed, creating a giant tornado of Chaos Energy that blasts the target away, causing incredible damage.


By using Chaos Control during a Lightspeed Attack, Statyx's speed multiplies, so much so that he actually rips space. The orb of energy is Statyx, returning to space. Upon reentry, the target is hit full-force with Lightspeed Attack, coupled with a concentrated blast of Chaos Energy. The combined power is enough to easily kill an opponent, and if used at the right angle, can wipe out whole armies.


This move is not without its risks. The sheer speed and chaos energy required for this move can drain Statyx even with his armbands off, and can render him unconscious if he uses it with the armbands on. The biggest risk that this move comes with is that because of the sheer amount of speed, Statyx can't slow down for an instant, or his body would be ripped apart. Because of this, Statyx can't hesitate during the move for an instant, so he must be absolutely sure of his target and his trajectory. The reason for this is because, since he can't slow down, he also can't change direction.


As a move of his own invention, Statyx is the only user of this move.