This is an article about Chaos Realm, a location created by Frozen Scorpio.

The Chaos Realm is a vast dimension of chaotic energy that all who will eventually enter the void will be forced through. It's a wonder how this place even exists, with a mad woman like Xahlia as the goddess of this realm and how relatively impossible it is to get here.


As their is no truly consistent climate of any kind here, almost no life at all is ever produced in the Chaos Realm. Xahlia Vhan can only create life in there by converting minor things in the flow to the Void into troops for the Void Army, and even then those have a difficult time surviving in this dimension for long, so the weaker ones are either sent into reality or to the Void of Memory. Xahlia and other chaos-infused beings are the only things that can truly thrive in this area. Another thing to note is that it's nearly impossible to enter the Chaos Realm unless you are a being of high-enough chaos energy.


Due to the lack of physics and the chaotic nature of the Chaos Realm, there is never an exact ecology to this dimension. All variables contributing to such a thing constantly shift and can never be properly charted. The only things of any consistency are that the Chaos Realm always seems to have lots of dark clouds floating around but never any rain or lightning, and large amounts of chaos energy constantly blanket this world, which is the cause of the distortion this world constantly suffers and the chaos-corruption of Xahlia Vhan.


When Sartorius Vhan had merged with the Void Orb, this dimension was created from the clash and eventual merge of the two powers. Originally starting out as small slits in space-time, the Chaos Realm had quickly expanded into a full dimension once objects and people had started to move through it on their way to the Void. Between then and now, Sartorius had appointed Xahlia Vhan as ruler of that dimension, and now, an uncountable amount of years later, the Chaos Realm has expanded to nearly the same size as the Void of Memory, and it too has begun to affect reality. Xahlia now uses it as her domain, creating troops for the Void Army while having slowly absorbed the chaotic energy from the area, corrupting her even further the same way the void has done to her beloved Sartorius.

Significant Populations

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