Chaos Pulse is a very powerful Chaos attack that has become the signiture ability of Transford the Hedgehog, but has seen use by others.


The user stores energy in their fists and then releases it upon contact with the ground. This creates a devestating shockwave that knocks away anything within its path. The more energy that the user puts into this attack, the larger the the shockwave.


Transford the Hedgehog


The user must have at least some control of Chaos energy. It is possible to use the energy from a Chaos Emerald if the user cannot use Chaos energy without, but the attack will not be as effective. 

Significant Variants

  • Transford the Hedgehog has learned to fuse his electric abilities with this attack. As well as creating a shockwave, he creates a current that electrocutes everything around him. This can even short circuit machines. Because his variation of Chaos Pulse has seen more use then the actual attack in recent years, it is often mistaken for being the original version. 

Weak Points

This attack is completely ineffective against airborne enemies. If the user attempts to use this attack by punching their enemy, its power would be dispersed between the user and the "victim", sending them both flying back and leaving them vulnerable. This could possibly provide an advantage for the user's oppenent, especially in they are faster or larger then the user. 

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