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Chaos Patrol(Team)

Chaos Patrol was first found and name by eight kids with Black Arm blood from their father.Years later,the eight kids started their own families till,Black Doom took their children,making the eight go to save them.The 1st eight,had to use their powers to send the Black Arms home to space,leaving their children to fend for themselves.The kids got along peaceful,till one day the one who controls dream,turned and attacked the land,leaving his friends to fight him.They fought him till it was only the controller of light,his closet friend to fight,and user his last power,he seal all of them together in eight emeralds.Years later new members were born and went out to balance both worlds before they both are in ruin,one task after the other made them stronger and each put their trust in each other.Soon after fighting Black Mind,they founded peace and soon each member started a family.And together,they help those in need.


Their kids

Chaos Patrol(Band)

Chaos Patrol is a band formed by Annamaria,along with her four human friends.It starts when Sparkle Starlight found Anna out cold at the beach,and helped her out,and when Ann woke up,she made friends with Sparkle and her band.During practice Sparkle notice that they need a singer and a name,then Rock heard someone singing in their band room,so they all went to check.Once there,they heard and saw Anna singing a song,once Ann stop her song,she saw her friends and they asked her to sing in their band,to which she agreed,they still couldn't think of a name until Anna said 'How about Chaos Patrol?' and with that,they made CDs and did a few concerts,but they are still friends.Then when the time came for Anna and her friends to return home,they did a farewell concert before that day,and shared a tearful hug and watched as Anna entered the gate.Six years later,they kept the band together and the memory of Anna in their lives.


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