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This is an article about Chaos Mobius, an alternate future created by Julia Finitevus.

Chaos Mobius is an alternate universe version of the Prime Zone. It is ruled by a mysterious dictator known as "The Flame" who is prophesied to one day be defeated by an Hedgehog from the Prime Zone.


Chaos Mobius's history is identical to that of the Prime Zone up until a "Great Divergence" millions of years ago. Because of this "Great Divergence", Chaos Mobius became a world that was so different from the other alternate futures of Mobius that most thought it was a different planet entirely. Early into its existence, the Ancient Walkers ceased to exist, as well as Aurora and Enerjak. It is unknown how this was so, but this was the most pivotal point in Chaos Mobius's history, as seen much later on.

Another pivotal point in the history of Chaos Mobius was the "Forgotten War", which in this alternate future ended with the Albion Knights losing the struggle against Mammoth Mogol and the entire Echidna species being genetically altered significantly due to reasons unknown. For several hundred years afterwards Chaos Mobius was under the tyrannical rule of Mammoth Mogol (since he was immortal) until the throne was usurped by a male Echidna named Tobor. Tobor was eventually assassinated and this left the global empire of Chaos Mobius completely disjointed until it collapsed entirely, eventually replaced a few decades later by the Ceres Republic.

The "Great Divergence" is actually a break in the space time continuum. Due to unknown means, a person known as "The Flame", somehow tapped into the anomaly in the space time continuum, feeding upon the energy from it. And because the Ancient Walkers no longer existed, there was no one to stop her from absorbing the energy from the anomaly. But this was merely the first step towards her reign of terror and misery. "The Flame" became even more mentally twisted to the point where she planned on destroy ing the Ceres Republic, conquering Mobius, and claiming the planet all her own. Her plans succeeded and the rebellion (the Nova Resistance) formed by former lawyer Jana-Su had been crushed entirely, leaving Jana-Su's fate uncertain. 

However, it was once prophesied in ancient legend that a saviour would come and free Chaos Mobius from "The Flame's" rulership. "The Flame", alarmed by the prophecy, sent troops across several worlds to hunt down and kill this individual. Eventually, Chaos Mobius split apart into several pieces due to another early awakening of the Dark Gaia. It was prophesied that Chaos Mobius would remain this way until "The Flame" was defeated once and for all, but this would not occur unless the Lunar Phoenix legend came true on Light Mobius.

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Chaos Mobius has many cultures, most of which lean towards scientific research and the expanding of technology. Few of them lean towards the prosecution of criminals, which is a major cause of issues involving the law. Most of the cultures also discriminate those who wield Chaos energy- thus, most Chaos Force adepts keep their powers hidden. However, some have chosen to embrace their powers rather than hide them- examples include Jana-Su and the being known as "The Flame".

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  • Chaos Mobius was originally planned to be an alternate universe entirely, but it seemed more interesting to have it as an alternate future.
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