Chaos Magic is a fairly powerful Chaos Power, effective at all ranges.


The user focuses and concentrates Chaos Energy to a specific point within their surroundings, invisible to all others. The user is capable of moving this invisible concentration of Chaos Energy, and with a signal (such as snapping one's fingers), the energy is released in an invisible explosion, resulting in a momentary yet explosive tear in the fabric of space-time. This explosion looks similar to the depiction of a galaxy with a white sphere in the center, and has enough force to launch most opponents back or into the air. Due to the Chaos Energy being invisible and unnoticeable, the resulting explosion is nearly impossible to dodge or defend oneself against. However, moving fast enough may prevent the user from accurately concentrating and positioning the Chaos Energy (though masters can do so within an instant). Hiding oneself from the user can also keep the user from accurately targeting their opponent. This technique also does not allow the user to view or keep track of their surroundings beyond their natural vision, so without a separate ability or prior knowledge of their surroundings, the technique can be set off inside an object or part of the user's surroundings.



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Difficult to block or dodge and with near infinite range, as well as moderate explosive power, this technique is a B-Rank attack.

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