Chaos Light is an immensely powerful Chaos Art that is only usable in an ultimate Super Form. This is the only Chaos Art without a Big Bang variation.


Variation A

The user charges pure Chaos Energy, coating itself in pure white Chaos. When sufficient Chaos Energy has been charged, time stops in a similar fashion to Chaos Control. At will, or upon contact with any solid object, the user emits a huge white dome shockwave, similar to a Chaos Blast. This variation is less powerful than variation B, but also requires less Chaos Energy.

Variation B

The user charges pure Chaos Energy, causing two white flashes of pure Chaos to form in its hands. When sufficient Chaos Energy has been charged, the user raises the flashes above its head, merging them, then throws the merged flash towards a target at the speed of light. Upon contact with anything solid, the flash transitions into a white rift of pure Chaos Energy, wraps the target in pure Chaos, and tears it apart. Due to requiring an immense amount of Chaos Energy, this variation of Chaos Light is usually used only during an adrenaline or tension spike.

Cross Chaos Light - Not Recommended

On the rare occasion that two users should activate Chaos Light simultaneously within the same vicinity, or a total madman should utilize Chaos Cross with Chaos Control, the result is deadly, chatastrophic, and potentially multiverse-apocalyptic. The two users will be frozen in place as a white rift surrounds them. At that, the entire universe is usually enveloped in a white rift of pure white Chaos that tears it apart from the inside's inside out. The users are spared until the last nanosecond, then torn apart.

So basically the entire universe is in saiaku no jōkyō.


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Chaos Shadow

Specter Zyx

Ultimate Shima

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