Chaos Lance is an upgraded version of the iconic Chaos Spear, first used and possibly invented by Shadow the Hedgehog.


Chaos Lance is a much stronger variation of the Chaos Spear. While Chaos Spear is primarily meant to stun enemies and cause some relatively minor damage (relative to the power of the user), Chaos Lance is capable of not only stunning enemies but also causing serious damage by exploding on contact. This allows the user to attack and damage their enemy from a distance to great effect. However, Chaos Lance is a very power-intensive attack, and typically requires the use of Chaos Boost before one can make use of this attack. Those with a greater connection to the Chaos Force or their own reserves of Chaos Energy however, may be able to use the attack without first using Chaos Boost.



  • Chaos Lance: Original attack.
  • Dark Lance: [Useable by Saren] (Has levels of one to six)


Due to higher destructive power than Chaos Spear, in addition to its stunning and power intensive properties, Chaos Lance is an A-Rank attack.

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