Not to be confused with Chaos City, a larger city that is not located in the F.R.E..

Chaos Lake is a community located in Chaos County. The city is located about 8 miles from Emeraldsville.

About the City

Chaos Lake is a tranquil city located on a lake. The crime rate here is much lower than the county average. No serious crime (murder, etc...) has ever hit the city since 2007, and no crime has hit the city since the 1980s. Because of the tranquility and low crime rate in Chaos Lake, a lot of people live in the suburb.

Points of Interest

Along Main Street

  • Buddy's Tavern - Chaos Lake
  • Oak Farm Market
  • TTMarket Center - Chaos Lake
  • City Hall
  • Chaos County Superior Court - Chaos Lake
  • Chaos County Library - Chaos Lake
  • County District Office - Northeast
  • Bellisimo's Bistro
  • Downtown Deli - Central Chaos Lake
  • Parks' Fun Center
  • Manning's Boutique
  • Many other markets
  • Rogers Mill Park
  • Tiger's Bar
  • MobiMart - Chaos Lake


  • Leopard Auto Sales - Chaos Lake
  • Chaos Lake Car Wash
  • Plantino Restaurant
  • Folton Karate
  • Many supermarkets
  • Many gas stations
  • Tails' Stay n' Play Hotel - Chaos Lake

Lakefront District

  • Many homes
  • Many gas stations
  • Chaos County Library - Lakefront
  • Viva Hills Apartment Homes
  • Vilmer Park
  • Eddington's Pier


In Chaos Lake, almost 98.9% of the population is educated. Some of the country's best schools are located here. The following public schools (operated by the Chaos Lake Area School District) are listed here:

  • Bennett Elementary School
  • Felton Mill Elementary School
  • Farmer Elementary School
  • Central Area Elementary School
  • Park Creek Elementary School
  • Brooks Magnet Elementary School
  • Westside Middle School
  • Lakeside Middle School
  • Chaos Lake High School
  • Mitchell Park Secondary School for the Gifted

Chaos Lakefront Community College is located inside the city limits.


Chaos Lake is located inside the Emeraldsville-North Coast media market, so all television services come from Emeraldsville. All radio stations also come from Emeraldsville except for WLKE-FM 101.5 (The Lake). The local newspaper is The Pier.


Emeraldsville-Chaos County Transit serves the city. The city is also accessible from Route 35 (Exit 64). Main roads include:

  • Route 36 (Main Street)
  • Bedford Rd
  • Palmer Street
  • West Park Blvd
  • Old Emeraldsville Rd
  • Route 95 (Wilkins Drive)

Background Information

  • The city's name is in contradiction with itself, as there is no "chaos" in Chaos Lake.
  • The population was 23,995 (as of January 1, 2010).
  • The city could be considered a suburb of Emeraldsville.
  • Chaos Lake's schools are among the best performing in the county.
  • Chaos Lake became a city in 1925.
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