Chaos Kill is a frightening one-hit KO technique recommended only to be used as a final strike.


The technique possesses two variations. The first form takes on the appearance of an extremely thin energy beam, designed to sever the target's consciousness from their body, causing the body to die and the spirit remaining to become a Chaos Phantom. However, the technique has four very major drawbacks. One is the energy required, with the required power level easily being higher than what most could manage to create. The second is the energy leveling, which has to be very precise. Too much energy, and upon a successful hit the user can cause the same effect to happen to their own body, killing themselves. Too little energy, however, and the technique does absolutely nothing. The third issue is the strength of the opponent, which can serve to protect them from a move like this if they are stronger than the person using it. Some beings, who possess the genetic ability Sturdy or use the technique Endure before being struck by this technique can also survive a hit from this technique, but in the process taking extreme damage to their body. Finally, the technique is prone to missing the target, with its accuracy being described as having a 30% chance of striking the target, making the move essentially a risk too great for many Chaos Masters to bother considering.

However, the second variation of the technique was created by the demon Rageik, who is believed to have both recorded how to perform it in a small Technomage holographic journal, which is hidden somewhere on Mobius. Nicknamed Form Two, the technique is actually a lot more practical, but lacks the insta-kill property of the original. The technique is a close-combat strike, often a simple finger jab but could be any form of physical strike. Upon contact, the technique manifests itself as a very brief flash of Chaos Energy around the impact zone, but without major obvious effect. However, the technique creates a Chaos Virus within the body of the user, causing the same sort of effect as the original, but over a prolonged period of time, with cases lasting from anywhere between two weeks to even twenty years, depending on the strength of the victim and their skill with using their own Chaos Energy to hold the virus at bay. Due to being created of Chaos Energy, the technique cannot be healed by most techniques, with only a handful of Chaos healing techniques able to slow the progression of the virus. The cure, recorded on Rageik's journal, was a simple matter - using Chaos Energy in a surgical form, to purge the virus joule by joule until the person is cured, a task only a team of heavily trained healers could perform as healing these kind of viruses could take up to twelve hours. Form Two was regarded as Chaos Kill's ultimate evolution, with its need for extreme energy management, it's low accuracy and the blocking power of those stronger than the user all negated, with the only requirement being that the user learns the art of Chaos Virus as a prerequisite. The use of Form Two disappeared with Rageik, but with his return and position as leader of the Trolls, it may just return...

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Both forms of this technique bear S-ranks, although Form Two is also commonly regarded by Chaos Masters and those who study the use of Chaos Energy to be a dead art.

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