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Chaos Fireworks is a powerful mid to long range attack, and variant of Chaos Snap.


The user of this technique first sends their opponent into the air. The opponent Chaos Controls after the opponent, but instead maintain a good distance. This is followed by the user throwing a Chaos Spear at the opponent, using Chaos Control immediately after throwing the attack. The user then appears at a different location around the enemy and attacks again, this time launching an elemental attack at the opponent, followed by Chaos Control immediately after launching the attack. This process is repeated as it quickly picks up speed, bombarding the opponent from all sides with a combination of Chaos Spears and elemental attacks almost simultaneously. After battering the opponent, the user Chaos Controls directly in front of or behind the opponent. Charging one hand with Chaos Energy, and the other with elemental energy, the user then locks their hands together, combining the energies, then slam their hands directly onto the opponent's head, sending the opponent slamming into the ground in a bright explosion.


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