Chaos Eraser is a powerful Charge up energy Chaos Energy based Energy Wave attack invented and solely used by Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon. It is his signature attack


Turbo puts his hands back and charges both negative and positive energy into his hands which creates a pure Chaos green formless mass that quickly forms a sphere of Chaos of the same color which is Cloaked in a harsh light. At this point, the occasional burst of battery-charged blue bio-electricity covers Turbo. When charged enough, Turbo puts his hands infront of him unleashing a large beam of Chaos Energy capable of Leaving horrible burns, incinerating strong metal alloys and Punching holes through mountains. Usually used in the air.

Eventually, Turbo started to improve Chaos Eraser. He added many shape varients to it, including volleys, spheres, blades, spears, cones, clouds, and many others.


This attack takes time and lots of energy to perform. Plus, it very destructive so Turbo need to be careful. (Not really a weakness, considering how reckless he is with it) He can't move his arms if he needs to dodge either; if he does, the attack will backfire and hurt him.


Chaos Eraser has many "varients", which are really slightly edited or powered-up versions that Turbo and tested on Trolls that he fought over the years.

Double Chaos Eraser:After charging the attack, An energy beam comes from both hands instead of from in between them. Double the power, speed and energy drain.

Triangle Chaos Eraser:Turbo puts one hand foward and forms three sphere of energy bonded by energy lines forming a Triangle of energy (similar to Tri Attack) which flashes several times then spins unleashing three beams of Chaos Energy at the the target(s) a great speed. Triple the power, speed and energy drain.

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