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The Chaos Emeralds' backstory are shrouded in mystery, and they are known to have existed for thousands of years, along with the larger Master Emerald. The games and comics have revealed that both the Echidnas and Babylon civilizations that existed thousands of years prior to the games knew about the Chaos Emeralds, along with the Black Arms, who have visited Earth for at least 2000 years. The civilization that created Emerl over 4000 years prior to the games is also known to have been experimenting with the Chaos Emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds were named such by the remaining Echidnas due to their connection with Chaos, who destroyed their civilization. Interestingly, Chaos Emeralds not only works for heroes and villains alike, it also works on vehicles as well, whether it is close to them or come upon contact, thus bringing it to life and behave like any other Mobians would, although vehicles do not have arms, legs, eyes, arms, or any other working limbs.

History in Fanon

The Sorcerer Cats

10000 years ago, a civilization of cats existed on Earth, they were witchfolk, using simple magic to help with daily life. At the same time, the Black Arms were the most powerful species in the universe, they owed their success to the Chaos Emeralds (But they weren't called the Chaos Emeralds back then) and some other more powerful Jewels. The Black Arms had Earth in their sights, and initiated their cunning plan; they launched the Chaos Emeralds down to Earth, inside spores of the Black Comet, upon landing, the spores started sanitizing the Earth, so the Black Comet could feed on the planet. But the Cat civilization found the spores, and cracked them open, to reveal the Chaos Emeralds. With these they started using powerful magic, and this caused the fall of the Black Arms. The sorcerer cats now live on the original sky troops, which they placed at the other end of the galaxy, guarding the Magic Diamonds.

Sonic Angels

Chaos emeralds
In Sonic Angels, the chaos emeralds are portrayed in a similar manner as time gears from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, or rather "space gears." They apparently have some connection with angels ang devils, as they triger Fuchsia and Shadow's dimesional scream abilities when they first meet each other. They can as also function like time flowers, but this ability can only be activated by angels and devils. The move, Prisma Fly, can only be used when all seven chaos emeralds are acquired.


Sonic the Hedgehog Anime

The Chaos emeralds are used for going super or reviving.

Characters revived:

  • Sonic - Killed by Mephiles, killed again by Cole, then killed again by Scourge and then was hit by Shadow's Chaos Rift.
  • Tails - Killed by Mecha Sonic
  • Knuckles - Killed by Shadow so Finitevus would die, but failed to kill Finitevus, then was killed by Ultimate Eggman 4
  • Amy - Killed by Ix
  • Shadow - Killed by Gold, killed again by Scourge, then was killed again by Metal Overloard
  • Rouge - Killed by Shade on accident
  • Blaze - Killed by Snively
  • Silver - Killed by Coconuts, killed again by Scourge, then killed by Ultimate Eggman 3
  • Chaotix (Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, Heavy and Bomb) - Killed by Black Doom and the Shadow Clone
  • Jeff - Killed by Ultimate Eggman 2
  • Dana - Killed from Brute's powers
  • Luna - Killed by Arjar, killed again by Nightmare

The Soon-to-Be King of Mobodoon

The Chaos Emerald form the seven parts of the Mobius Crystal, a gem of great power owned by the House of Hedgehog. They were separate sections of the Mobius Crystal, which came apart when Queen Aleena and King Jules sealed away Dr. Robotnik's greatest warriors, during the attack on the city of Mobotropolis. Their colors were: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Not all of the Chaos Emeralds fell into Robotnik's hands; Prince Takeshi and his siblings managed to obtain some of them. However, ultimately the minions of Dr. Robotnik got the crystals the Sonic Underground possessed, so that Eggman and the Hedgehogs had all of them between them.

Robotnik challenged Sonic to a fight for his Emeralds, with the winner taking possession of all seven. When Robotnik sent a secret attack at Amy's back, Sonic took the hit for her and was mortally wounded. Amy cried a single tear, which gathered the power of the Emeralds and reformed them into the Mobius Crystal.

Fast The Hedgehog series

In the Fast series, the Emeralds serve the same purpose in the canon Sonic timeline. Although they rarely appear in the newer series, they were trigger happy in the classic series.

Fast twinsanity series

In the Fast twinsanity games, they are scattered around the levels. Collecting them unlocks concept art.

Fast Twinsanity 2 Beta Stuff

Although in all 3 games, they serve no purpose in the plot, in fast twinsanity 2 there was going to be an extra 2 phases at the end of the final boss:Regular Fast and Super Fast. The Mechahog would explode and fast would be played On Foot, and then finally he would turn super and defeat The Nega Twins.

06civic68pa's Universe

The Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emeralds exist in this universe. While their creator(s) are unknown, the emeralds are the physical embodiment of the "Chaos Force", the all-composing force of the universe. Their function remains the same as the canon timeline.

Sargon's Prodigy Universe

The Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald, and the Rubaiyat Diamond exist in this universe. Their creator(s) and when they were created are currently unknown. While the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald have been in Mobius since their creation (the latter was in the possession of the Echidnas for thousands of years while the former was hidden in many locations in Mobius), the Rubaiyat Diamond was discovered in Ancient Egypt and went through owners such as the Bonapartes and even Hitler himself before it became under Myles McCloud's possession in 1945. The only people that knew the existence of all of them since their creation were the Echidnas, and the McCloud family.

World of Gaia

The Chaos Emeralds are six nuggets of tremendous power. Forged into nuggets by Chaos after Time and Necessity hatched the World Egg. Over in the millennia, the Babylonians had used the Emeralds to fortify their state. However, the Persian Empire was able to defeat them, and take the Emeralds for themselves. It is unknown what happened after that, but it was then located in a ancient temple on Avalon by Dr. Eggman 3000 years later since the Great War in 2077.


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