Chaos Doritos

The Chaos Doritos

Chaos Doritos are the inspiration of the Chaos Emeralds. It's tasty and give you power, but not healthy.


The Six (not seven) Chaos Doritos are very powerful mystical artifacts that grant incredible powers to those who consume it. It is usually used by Sanic the Hegehog (not Sonic) to kill his hunger. Although Sanic is the most famous user, other people have already used them.
Super sanic

Super Sanic


  • Sanic the Hegehog
  • Taels the Fokz
  • Knackles the Echinlada
  • Shadou the Hegehog
  • Sulver the Hegehog
  • Amee Rosi
  • Dr. Pingas Robuttnik
  • Waluigi
  • Wario
  • Methal Sanic


All those who eat Chaos Doritos become Super: Super Sanic, Super Taels and Superman. That is, your powers are increased 300 times. But be careful! eating too much Chaos Doritos makes you fat and hallucinate.


The Chaos Doritos were created by the God MLG, who created the entire MLG universe. For a long time, Dr. Pingas tried to take the Doritos for himself, but was always stopped by Sanic, who always ate the Doritos before Pingas could do anything.

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