Chaos Dagger is a variation of Chaos Spear, and one of Statyx the Hedgehog's signature moves. It is a counter-attacking move, used to counter incoming Chaos Techniques.


Statyx starts this move by negating a Chaos Technique within the vicinity. While these are usually techniques aimed at him or his allies, he can also negate his own attacks. The attack is 'shattered' into a large amount of small balls of light. While the negation has only been displayed against Chaos Spear, it can supposedly be used against other Chaos Techniques. After cancelling the attack, Statyx raises his hand into the air, causing the lights to freeze in place. Statyx then points his hand at the target location, which causes the lights to sharpen into small blades, aimed at where Statyx's hand is pointing. Statyx then states the comman "Chaos Dagger", sending the small blades flying at the target(s) in a rapid, machine-gun like style. While these blades are incredibly weak in raw power, they have immense piercing power, able to cut through virtually everything. Because of this, the attack can cause serious injury if enough of the blades hit.



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