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Chaos Buster is a powerful Chaos Energy technique, invented by Statyx the Hedgehog and inspired by ki-based abilities.


Due to the fact that his body is unstable and created from several different sources, Statyx's body is unable to channel ki; scouters and scanners set to read power levels on that setting would set Statyx at below-average. Because of this, "wild techniques" like the Kamehameha and Galick Gun are forever beyond his reach. In order to compensate, Statyx decided to create a technique similar in concept, but instead uses an energy source Statyx is far more capable of using: Chaos Energy.


The Chaos Buster technique is very simple in concept: the user focuses Chaos Energy to a single point in the palm of their hand, then compacts the Chaos Energy into a single orb, the size of which varies depending on the amount of energy used: the size can be from that of a small pebble to being equal to that of a moon or small planetary body. The energy then must be given time to stabilize, which can be near-instantly or take several minutes, depending on user capability and size of the attack. Using the attack prematurely makes it unstable, thus making it easier to deflect and even giving the attack a risk of prematurely exploding.

Upon compacting and stabilizing the energy, the user then launches it at the target by throwing the orb of energy. The attack is then sent careening at the target, the speed of the technique relative to the size. When the attack hits something, it releases a powerful explosion (either spherical or directional) with an appearance similar to flames. The explosion is powerful regardless of size: a pebble-sized attack is capable of injuring average-sized opponents and affecting larger opponents, while the average-sized technique is capable of large explosions that can tear up houses. Larger attacks can likewise cause similar damage in scale. This attack is typically meant for long-range use, but can just as easily be used in mid or close-range, so long as the user is able to avoid the resulting explosion.





Due to the explosive power of this technique, relative versatility, and basic concept, this technique is rated as a B-Rank technique.


This technique was inspired by the ki-based techniques from the Dragon Ball franchise, both in-story and in real-life.