Chaos Babylon is the first stage in the Final Story of Sonic Shockwave Riders. It is unlocked by completing the story of all other 4 teams.


After the 6 Babylon Gardens have risen, Atticus and Lavinia are ready to depart for their home planet. However, Eggman's battleships start bombarding the Babylon Gardens as an act of revenge and to get his hands on the Shockwave Keys. He sends troops to get them but one Shockwave Key is shattered into million pieces causing itself to lose its energy. This causes the Babylon Gardens to take their battleship form and connect with each other. Eggman keeps firing the Babylon Gardens and its up to Team Heroes and Team Babylon to save them.


The race takes place in the 6 floating Babylon Gardens while being connected and bombarded by Dr. Eggman's battleships. The sky is bright blue with few clouds and many of Eggman's ships. The race begins on floating debris. The player starts the race and immediately makes a free fall into bigger and bigger debris while avoiding the missiles, finally reaching the 1st Babylon Garden. The player races on one Babylon Garden which is slowly destroyed. The race is similar to Babylon Garden from the first Sonic Riders. Next, the player enters a turbulence which takes him up to one of Eggman's battleships where he takes a missile and launches him to another Babylon Garden. Near the end of the stage, the player races on a bridge which slowly collapses, leading the character where he started.


Unlike all other stages in the game, this stage does not feature a standard number of racers. Instead, SR-4X robots keep marching in the race and pursuing the player whose mission is to destroy up to 20 of them. You can chose to race as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave or Storm or Amy who are all in the race.

Mission Destroy 20 SR-4X and finish under 2:15 minutes.
Characters Sonic or Tails or Knuckles or Jet or Wave or Storm or Amy


  • This is the only stage in the game where there is no standard number of racers.
  • This is the hardest stage in the game.
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