A Chaos Affinity is a special ability in SatAM Retold.


Chaos Affinity is a special power gifted to certain Mobians. These powers use Chaos Energy as a source of power (like Chakra in Naruto or Ki in Dragon Ball). If a Mobian doesn't gain one by the time they are 10, they can never gain one. Two Mobians can't have the same affinity at the same time, but, should a Mobian die, their affinity will be transferred to another. Overlanders can't have a natural affinity.


  • Manipulator: Chaos Affinities that involve manipulating or controlling a certain element.
  • Enhancement: Chaos Affinities that enhances the users' natural Abilities.
  • Transformation: Chaos Affinities that allow to user to transform and shapeshift.

Manipulator Type Users

  • Sonic (Wind: Allows Sonic to manipulate the air around him)
  • Dr. Robotnik (Magnetism: Allows Robotnik to control magnetism, but, it only effects iron, nickel, and cobalt) (Artificial)
  • Sally (Light: Allows Sally to manipulate Light)
  • Antoine (Fire: Allows Antoine to manipulate fire)
  • Cat (Quiet: Allows Cat to lower the volume until silence)
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