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Chao World
CW Cover
Pet Simulator
Wii U
Release Date
July 12th, 2016 (USA and Japan) September 1st, 2016 (Worldwide)

Chao World is an interactive pet simulator game developed by PlatinumGames, the people behind Bayonetta and Transformers: Devastation, and published by Sega, all under the guidance of Mac the Writer. The objective of the game is very simple: A player chooses either a boy raiser, a girl raiser, the player's Mii, or any Sega characters unlocked, and raise Chao to see them interact with each other, play instruments, learn new lessons, etc.


Raising a Chao

Chao reincarnation

The gameplay of Chao World is heavily inspired by the Chao Garden of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. The main objective of the game is to raise your Chao and make sure they stay happy from life to rebirth. If they're unhappy, they die at their last year and will never be seen again. Like in the previous Chao Garden, a Chao has a first evolution and a second evolution. A first evolution is when a Chao grows to an adult after around 4 hours of lifetime in the Garden. A second evolution, however, is more about a Chao changing form naturally instead of turning to a cocoon, indicating it aging throughout the "years".

Changes from the Adventure games

There are a lot of differences from that to the Chao Garden of the Adventure games.

  • A full year in a Chao Garden is now calculated by 5 hours instead of 2 or 3 hours.
  • Each Gardens can now hold up to 24 Chao instead of 8, and they're a lot bigger, too.
  • Chao are now capable of regularly interacting with each other, and can interact differently depending on their personality, what they learned, and how they grow.
  • There are certain toys that can now be bought from the Black Market instead of just the Chao Stadium, although there are some of them that can only be unlocked in the Chao Stadium.
  • Speaking of which, the Chao Stadium now has some new games in it, but more on that later.

Playable Characters

These are characters that the player can use to raise their Chao. At first, the choice is very limited, with only three playable characters at the beginning. However, depending on the actions the player or their Chao takes, there will be more and more characters unlocked.

Start-Up Characters

Images Characters

Male Raiser

One of the three start-up characters. The male raiser is as basic as it sounds. He's just a raiser who's a boy.


Female Raiser

One of the three start-up characters. The female raiser is as basic as it sounds. She's just a raiser who's a girl.



One of the three start-up characters. If a player prefers a closer connection to their Chao, they can choose their Mii as a raiser.

Unlockable Characters

Images Characters
Sonic Art Assets DVD - Sonic The Hedgehog - 9
Sonic the Hedgehog
Miles "Tails" Prower
Sonic Art Assets DVD - Eggman - 2
Dr. Eggman
Amy Rose with hammer
Amy Rose
Shadow the Hedgehog Archie profile
Shadow the Hedgehog
ASR Aiai
A Billy Hatcher
Billy Hatcher
Ristar full by elesis knight-d5y99az
ASR Beat
Ryo Hazuki
Alex Kidd
Space Harrier
Space Harrier
640px-CG Gilius
Dynamite Headdy
Cereza Bayonetta 2 render
673px-ASR Opa-Opa
Sammy Sonic
Sammy Classic Sonic Fan (Joke Character)
Mario (Guest Character)
Mega Man (Guest Character)
Virtua 11
Virtua (Guest Character)

DLC Characters

Images Characters
Werewolf Beast
Sonicchannel metal)(
Metal Sonic
163842 182327408463351 181989708497121 557713 1798228 n
Thomas Rogan
Classic sonic from sonic generations by angelicagarcia-d54gai7
Classic Sonic
Akira (Virtua Fighter character)
Akira Yuki
Knuckles The Echidna (1)
Knuckles the Echidna

Chao Gardens

Unlike Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, the Chao Gardens in Chao World are a lot bigger. There's also a lot more Gardens in this game than in previous ones, more of which can be unlocked. Each Chao Garden can hold up to 24 Chao, and can have a total of 5 toys per Gardens. When a player visits a Garden for the first time, there will always be one Chao Egg in each new Garden, with the exception being the Neutral Garden, where there's two Chao Eggs. The Chao Gardens from the Adventure games returns as basic Gardens, but Sega-themed Gardens can be unlocked, as well as a few third-party-themed Gardens.

Start-Up Gardens

Images Gardens
Neutral Garden
Neutral Garden
Station Square Garden
Residence Garden
Mystic Ruins Garden SADX
Mystical Garden
Egg Carrier Island
Egg Island Garden

Unlockable Gardens

Images Gardens
Hero Garden
Hero Garden
Dark Garden SA2
Dark Garden
Screenshot 252414
Green Hill Garden
Jungle Island Garden
Carnival Town Garden
240518-330883ss1 502w
Nightopia Garden
Albatross Garden
Fantasy Zone Garden
Black Comet
Black Comet Garden
Shibuya Terminal Garden
Mushroom Kingdom Garden
Dr Wily's Castle Platform
Dr. Wily's Castle Garden
PDVD 019
Tokyoto Garden

Chao Kindergarten

The Chao Kindergarten is where players can name their Chao, learn about them, have them attend classroom, learning about the Chao World mechanics, or buy new items. There are a few changes from the original Adventure Chao Garden, but it's mostly the same.

Black Market

This is where the player can buy new items for their Chao.

Purchasable Items

Items Price
Regular Egg 250 Golds
White Egg 400 Golds
Blue Egg 500 Golds
Red Egg 500 Golds
Green Egg 500 Golds
Yellow Egg 500 Golds
Pink Egg 600 Golds
Orange Egg 600 Golds
Purple Egg 600 Golds
Sky Blue Egg 800 Golds
Brown Egg 800 Golds
Grey Egg 1000 Golds
Lime Green Egg 1500 Golds
Black Egg 2000 Golds
Shiny Regular Egg 2500 Golds
Shiny White Egg 4000 Golds
Shiny Blue Egg 5000 Golds
Shiny Red Egg 5000 Golds
Shiny Green Egg 5000 Golds
Shiny Yellow Egg 5000 Golds
Shiny Pink Egg 6000 Golds
Shiny Orange Egg 6000 Golds
Shiny Purple Egg 6000 Golds
Shiny Sky Blue 8000 Golds
Shiny Brown Egg 8000 Golds
Shiny Grey Egg 10000 Golds
Shiny Lime Green Egg 15000 Golds
Shiny Black Egg 20000 Golds
Apple Hat 2000 Golds
Sonic Hat 2000 Golds
NiGHTS Hat 2000 Golds
Stump Hat 4000 Golds
Beats Headset 4000 Golds
Black Doom Hat 4000 Golds
Mario Hat 6000 Golds
Mega Man Helmet 6000 Golds
Virtua Helmet 6000 Golds
Red Wool Beanie Hat 8000 Golds
Blue Wool Beanie Hat 10000 Golds
Black Wool Beanie Hat 20000 Golds
Round Fruit 80 Golds
Square Fruit 80 Golds
Triangle Fruit 80 Golds
Neutral Fruit 120 Golds
Hero Fruit 120 Golds
Dark Fruit 120 Golds
Skill Fruit 300 Golds
Heart Fruit 300 Golds
Round Seed 300 Golds
Square Seed 300 Golds
Triangle Seed 300 Golds
Neutral Seed 400 Golds
Hero Seed 400 Golds
Dark Seed 400 Golds
Strong Seed 500 Golds
Ball 10000 Golds
Rubber Duck 20000 Golds
Radio 40000 Golds
Television 60000 Golds
Sega Dreamcast 80000 Golds
Seaman 100000 Golds



  • Instruments
    • Bell
    • Castanets
    • Cymbals
    • Drum
    • Flute
    • Maracas
    • Tambourine
    • Trumpet
  • Dances
    • Gogo Dance
    • Shake Dance
    • Spin Dance
    • Step Dance
    • Swing Dance
  • Exercise
  • Singing
  • Drawing

Chao Evolution

Like in previous games, a Chao can evolve into different forms, depending on its stat distribution and its alignment. Once a Chao undergoes its first evolution, its newfound form becomes permanent until it undergoes rebirth. However, it can change its form slightly throughout the Chao years depending on the Chaos Drives or Animals given to it.


Like Sonic Adventure 2, a Chao can become either a Neutral Chao, a Hero Chao, or a Dark Chao. However, unlike Sonic Adventure 2, in order to lean a Chao to a certain alignment, it no longer requires a player to give it some love during its childhood phase. Instead, a player has to give it either a Neutral Fruit, a Hero Fruit, or a Dark Fruit to lean it to an alignment. Contrary to Sonic Adventure DX, once a child Chao eats one of the three fruits, it instantly changes into one of these forms, but doesn't officially become said form until its first evolution.

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