Chantrea Moldest

Biographical Information
  • Moldest Family - Extended family
AliasOfficer Moldest
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Purple, w/ red streaks on her quills
  • Hair: Brunette w/ blond highlights
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Grey Bow
  • Grey tank top
  • Dark gray shorts
  • Black gloves with the tips cut off, metal plates on back of hand
  • Dark gray shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Colt M1911 Pistol
  • Police Baton
  • Handcuffs
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Flashlight
  • Taser
  • Possesses the genetic ability Fake
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Stealth skills
  • Advanced combat skills
Other Information
American V.A.Tara Strong
Japanese V.A.Wendy Lee
Theme Song(s)Pending

Roleplay:Everwinter/Part 1


Original Creator


Rapidthehedgehog (current owner)


A female hedgehog with purple fur streaked with red, Chantrea has hard, silver eyes unlike a large number in her family, plus a dark grin whenever she catches her target.


Typically, Chantrea travels around in her undercover uniform - gray tank top, dark gray shorts & shoes, black gloves with a metal plate on the back and a gray bow in her hair. However, when pushing her combat limits or she needs increased firepower, the twenty-two year old has been known to take the tank top off, revealing a white sports bra with extra guns, in order to use more weaponry.


Born into a family of police officers, Chantrea took interest in helping people as well as the law. She studied hard in school and never really did anything bad. When she was in 8th grade, her school was under a lockdown. A armed robber entered the school. Chantrea's justice came out. She ran out the classroom and ran after the robber. She tackled him and held him for police to take over. In high school, she earned a job in her family police force. She took it seriously. She also had to do her school work as well, putting strain on her. She currently has balanced work and life successfully.


As a member of the Moldest family, Chantrea has the genetic ability Fake. This allows her to create a complete doppelganger to protect her from an attack, followed by a three-minute cooldown time, essentially blocking it's use to a single shot each match. Alternatively, she could use it to create a new set of limbs or body parts for ten minutes or until the doppelganger form is used.

Chantrea is an inquisitor, leading her into the area of spying and counter-intelligence. As such, she is the second in command of the secret police of Stoneview City, the organization that performs counter-intelligence works alongside The Strike Force. She has a passion for close-combat, and loves to bring the fights in close.

Elementless Abilities

  • Big Yawn - A yawn that makes her opponent drowsy as well as herself. A risky, last resort move.
  • Collect
  • Tackle
  • Take Down

Chaos Powers

  • Chaos Control
    • Chantrea must have a chaos emerald to do so.


Chantrea is a quiet, but sweet girl. She is understanding on a personal level. However, in uniform she in energetic and confident. She will do whatever it takes to take down her target. As a police officer, she puts her job before anyone else.









  • Any targets she is ordered to take out

More soon to come



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