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Channel Mobius is an extended-universe and roleplay created by Austin Bison and loosely based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Channel Mobius itself takes place in an artificial satellite known as “Station DW10” (standing for Station Digital World 10). This large satellite, orbiting Earth is a giant, electronic server that stores thousands of different “.sho” files, where footage and data is recorded, scanned, and digitally sent from Earth to DW10 to be archived.

Players assume the role of a Host, a Mobian who collects .sho files to build their own small, virtual-reality world (notated as a .scn file on the DW10 computer) stored on the station. They can explore and traverse the different .scn through the form of an avatar created and built by a host. 


Channel Mobius takes place of an alternate universe of Planet Earth, where Mobian animals take the place of humans. It begins in the year 2120, just as a scientific coalition between the United States, Canada, Japan, and The United Arab Emirates unveil their newest creation. This team of scientists and programmers were tasked with creating a new, self-contained version of the internet that can exists without the influence or possibility of hacking or program manipulation. The internet, while widespread and vastly present in everyday life had become expensive to keep up and protect from cybercrime.

Thus, an alternative in the form of a DW10, a satellite hosting a supercomputer and its own internal server, was developed. Governments around the world saw this as a new way to “have their own cake and eat it too”, as it provided a virtual-world with nearly all of the freedom and creativity the internet bolsters with the same scrutiny as real-world entertainment.

Even though each individual person is able to create their own SCN’s and SHO’s, there was very little security when it came to traversing the various different locations and finding SCN files. This system was comparable to the real world. Unlike the internet, where each computer could be pinged and tracked from the IP address, one could not track which SCN files a person kept from simply visiting a different file. Just like in real life, you would need to knowingly give a person or source your unique address to access your files. Of course, just like delivering goods as well, your local government could track and assess the different types of SHOs and data you put in your SCN too, thus monitoring any suspicious or illegal activity.

Of course, complaints about freedom and privacy rang from some of those curious or doubtful of the project, but a good many took interest and decided to try anyway. It would be easy enough to keep their personal lives and this new virtual world separate anyway. That wasn’t the main concern, at least a few years after DW10 was already in operation. No, the problems began when dollar signs began to appear in the hosts’ eyes.

It turns out, that many of those on Earth loved to tune into some of these different “channels”. More and more people began to watch the network, thus leading to more and more people setting up channels within DW10. Eventually, space became limited and hierarchies formed, with the more popular channels gaining far more precedent when it came to space. Many within the network began to complain that they were losing viewers by way of overshadowing them with the bigger, well-funded “shows”. In response to these complaints, DW10 repossessed many of the inactive and unwatched channels in their network (about 30% of the total storage capacity) to convert into an enormous “mega-channel” known as Channel Mobius.

Channel Mobius is a world within itself, about the size of a small country, and while most of this area is currently undeveloped wilderness, the main attraction of this channel is Signal City. The city itself is an inorganic, high-tech utopia whose landscape exists on two levels: the roads and streets on the ground and a network of ethereal bridges that connect the skyscrapers to each other. The web of roofs hosts the “Mobius Battle”, a competition where representatives from other channels battle to gain either attention from the public or property in Channel Mobius, thus gaining a share of profit and wealth accrued from DW10.

Anything goes in this everlasting contest, and none of the competitors are safe, thus participants must stay on the lookout and prevent themselves from their data being wiped and being eliminated during battle hours

The Structure of Signal City

The first rule of the city is that no violent conflict can take place on the base level. Signal City is not a fancy background or design plastered upon an arena. It is a living, breathing urban center (regardless of it being a part of a computer program), and many of those who aren’t interested in conflict have simply chosen to move and live within the various apartments, condos, and houses near and around the city. This costs real world money, however, due to the average citizen not being able to create new buildings or territories from scratch (which they’d be able to do in their own channel).  Thus, it is better to simply let the average citizens enjoy their time in this digital world and not involve them in unrelated conflicts.

The second rule is that once you are eliminated, all your territory within Channel Mobius is taken back and a participant must re-enter and start from scratch. Any new personal powers, abilities, or personal items that were gained during their time in the competition is kept though, as not to set the participants too far back.

The battles themselves are “capture the flag” challenges Where the goal of a participant is to mark a specific area and defend their territory from others who would try to eliminate you and claim the territory for themselves. At the end of the night when the sun rises, the competition is over and the one with the most territory is given a piece of “land” outside of Signal City and a share of the profits from that night’s ratings. The bottom three with the least amount of territory are eliminated. Outside of these challenges, if anyone is out on the roofs during the day, they are at risk of being eliminated by means of their data being wiped (more commonly called “death” by most). Anyone who “kills” another competitor on the streets during the day gains no territory, but will eliminate the competitor regardless, thus minimizing competition. Killing a non-competitive citizen is strictly forbidden and will result in an immediate elimination and permanent ban from Signal City.

Story Arcs

Arc I: Intrusus

The champions of the first round of fighting are Vivia and Celsus Barre. This win secured a vast amount of airtime for their show, Castle Mendacium. The executives of Channel Mobius also granted them their own studio outside of Signal City to more conveniently produce and broadcast their work on the channel.

Thus, the Barres continued their work for the next few days peacefully, satisfied with what was given. Shortly after, however, More and more castles started appearing and slowly taking up a vast portion of extra space within the area, so much so that many people (including DW10 moderators) suspected foul pay. A “door” was discovered in the coding of the palace that would allow someone to teleport to and from Vivia and Celsus’s home channel. All current evidence pointed towards the victorious couple. The two were arrested in the real world and taken to a prison facility. They were hooked up to a machine that intravenously provided food. water, and induced the two into the digital server indefinitely to extract information as to how they pulled off such a feat.

Despite their capture, the show continued operations, broadcasting new episodes at the same rate as before. Many have even witnessed lights within the bastion-like studio and individuals patrolling the site. Some even claimed that the palace was still growing as well (at a much smaller rate than before). The heads at Channel Mobius took note of this but decided that simply investigating and solving the incident themselves wasn’t nearly as profitable as they could be, thus a new branch of the Mobius Battle was born. Every night, new and some former competitors are sent into the bastion to search for answers about the studio.

As before, however, anything goes. Only one person, the sole agent who discovered why and how the castle appeared, can win air-time and riches. 

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