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Project Mega has been stopped and he has had a slow life since then...

Project Change The Hedgebot's History

He grew up the first years of his life in a cave in chao form. In that cave, he learned to use his powers. They became much stronger and his creator was surprised at how strong he had become. He was not allowed to go into his creator's lab because he was working on a big project, Project Mega. His creator then told him to go off somewhere else for a bit to train his powers in new environments. A week later an accident happened in his creator's lab and his creator was never heard from again. He then met, while he was away from home, Renee, Sakura, and many of their other friends. When he met them he learned how to turn into hedgehog form. That is most of his life so far.

Project Change's Info

Powers: The ability to change into anything with his robot powers, nuke rocket lanchers put into him (to help stop Mega), and the power to take the energy to regenertate when he explodes.

Creator: Professor John

Theme song: His world

Side: good

Friends: Anyone if they aren't trying to destroy him or the world.

Enemies: (add if you have one)

Lysark (Change's oppisite)


Main sayings:
  • Normal Change
  • Super Change
  • Hyper Change
  • Project Nano
  • Project Spike
  • Nano-Change
  • Nano-Spike-Change
  • Project Alpha
  • Dark Change
  • Upgraded Project Change

"You ok?"~For some reason he says that a lot

"Prepare to die"~When going Ultimate

Project Change's forms

Primary form: his normal form

Changed forms: his main three form he changes into is the ant, hawk, and chao forms

Upgrade Project Change: this is his newest form and is much stronger then his old form

Super,Hyper,Dark,etc.: any of those he can turn into

Ultimate Change: His strongest form which can destroy a lot

Fun Facts

Change's childhood hero is Bob the Builder (Don't ask me it was the 1st thing that came to me)

His 1st name he had was Bob (Not from Bob the Builder -_-)

His upgraded form wasn't originally sppossed to be as strong was it is now. It was all Project Alpha's fault (He smashed the computer and it went haywired and teleported him away)

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